All about child development at 11 months of life

The first year of life is nearing its end. Child development at 11
months is notable for new indicators in physical development,
the emergence of emotional and personality traits. At eleven months
the child can please you with the first word or the first step. With
this he continues to develop emotionally and consolidate

The content of the article

  • 1 What’s new in physical development?
    • 1.1 What a baby can at 11 months:
    • 1.2 What’s new in mental development:
    • 1.3 Child development test at 11 months
    • 1.4 Child development by months – 11 months video
  • 2 How to feed children in 11 months?
  • 3 Mode – sleep and wake
  • 4 How to help your baby grow

развитие ребенка в 11 месяцев

What is new in physical development?

For this month, the baby can add from 300 to 400 g and grow to
1 – 1.5 cm. At 11 months the child has a weight of 8.5 – 10.5 kg (± 1 kg),
height 72 – 76 cm (± 3 cm).

таблица прибавки веса и роста детей до года

What can a child in 11 months:

  1. A child of 11 months can stand confidently holding a support
    or for your hand. Can walk, hold on to a rolling toy or
    wall. Some children can stand on their own or even make
    a few steps, holding a toy for balance.
  2. The baby is still struggling, but already sits down from a standing position.
  3. A baby at 11 months is crawling confidently on all fours,
    for a long time sitting confidently.
  4. With хватании предмета, ручка раскрывается в соответствии с его
    by size
  5. Able to point with a finger at an item of interest.
  6. At eleven months ребенок может держать ложку в ручке и
    pick up her food. Holds a cup with two hands.
  7. Baby fully mastered the grasp with two fingers, can lift
    very small items. Trying to put one cube on
  8. Most children in eleven months have 4 teeth:
    lower and upper central incisors. The first pair can start growing
    molars below and above. But some children may not have
    still teeth – it’s not scary, do not worry and wait until the year.
    If in 1 year they will not be – consult with the pediatrician.

Подробно: что умеет ребенок в 11 месяцев

What is new in mental development:

  1. The baby utters the first simple words in which he puts
    generalized meaning, for example, calls all food: “am,” under the same
    word implies a desire to eat. Baby in 11 months knows
    a few words, repeats new parents.
  2. Baby began to realize that mom can be manipulated.
    For example, realizing that it comes to crying faster and becomes
    kinder, a child may begin to whimper on purpose. With этом вы
    will notice some trick in the eyes, in the absence of
  3. A child at 11 months already understands much of the conversation
    parents. He responds to requests: give, take, show, throw,
    eat Can shake his head as “no” and “yes.”
  4. The kid is persistently able to achieve his goal several times.
    repeats if desired does not work. Doing something waiting
    approval and praise.
  5. When you play with a baby, he tries to make you happy.
    their behavior or even laugh. Now the child understands that
    �“Hide and seek”, “goat horned” are games.
  6. The kid became quick-witted: he can shove with one thing
    another from the chair, flip the box of toys to get everything
    right away
  7. Children at eleven months show signs of the simplest
    storyline game: shakes the doll, feeds the bear.

Child development test at 11 months

  • A baby at 11 months should be able to sit well, stand at the support,
    crawling on all fours.
  • Show the child a toy box, open it several times.
    her. Then hide the toy. The kid should notice the disappearance
    subject and express surprise.
  • The child should be able to use some items on
    purpose: drink from a cup, eat with a spoon, bring a comb to
    head, repeating the movements of adults.
  • Show your baby how to build a tower of cubes. Baby must
    be able to put at least 2 – 3 dice on each other. Pyramids bye
    difficult for the baby, but to put on big rings on the stick he is already
  • A crumb already knows how to distinguish objects according to common signs
    for example, ask him to show him cars or dolls, among
    several toys. Baby must пальчиком показать на них.

Child development by months – 11 months video

How to feed children in 11 months?

The time for feeding has passed, and the child can join the general
table under certain cooking conditions: it must be
boiled or stewed, contain a minimum of salt, sugar and seasonings.
Mom can now not cook separately for the baby, but only
grind for him cooked food for all. Per day child in
11 months eats about 1 – 1.2 liters of food – this is without
fluid. Meals remain five times, so it will be about 2
years old. All major products have already been introduced, but you need to be careful with
allergenic: oranges, mango, tomatoes. You can not give mushrooms,
chocolate, honey, nuts, tea, coffee and cow’s milk.

If the baby is breastfed while getting breastfed
in the morning and in the evening before bedtime, as well as at night on request. Some
moms getting ready to wean the baby at 1 year old to 11 months
reduce the number of feedings to a minimum: once a day before
a dream. But if you plan to feed for a long time, then continue
give the baby a breast when he wants.


Mode – sleep and wake

The baby began to sleep more calmly at night, even if you continue
breastfeed Now he can ask for milk at night up to 2 times,
and this is really a gift for mom who had to
wake up to 5 times per night. Many children can sleep up to 10 – 11
hours at night. During the day, there are also two dreams for 1.5 – 2 hours.
The mode of each child is different: children who love to sleep
longer, respectively, later go to bed during the day, and vice versa.
Mom should adapt to the biorhythms of the crumbs, since the slightest
Changes in the regime may deprive the child of appetite or negative
affect the psyche. You need to teach the crumbs to schedule
of the day

How to help your baby grow

  • Continue to take the baby if possible. Despite
    that the little goon will soon go and creeps beautifully, he doesn’t care
    needs psychological intimacy with the mother.
  • In every way support the development of speech. If the child pronounced
    some incomprehensible word, try to understand what it is and with
    him to find this item. Play speech games:

    • Collect different toys in a bag and call them when
      get out of there in front of the baby. Well, if the toys are close to each other
      to a friend thematically, for example: a machine and a wheel, a doll and a cot.
      In the bag you can put any household items: spoon, thread,
      a book, that is, everything that the baby comes in contact with daily.
    • Show themed Doman cards.
    • Children remember words best when they do something,
      therefore, the best way to learn is to play. Comment on
      all actions during the game, focus on nouns –
      they are the first words.
    • Play out of life with speech patterns
      for example: “on, take”, “give, please” – stretch or give
      object, “bye-bye” – wave your hand, “hello!” – shake
      a hand. Scenes need to be carried out slowly, somewhat stretching
      the words.
    • Pay attention to the baby’s cooking process.
      Tell me what and what you cook from, how you do it:
      clean, wash, put, cook, hot, cold, tasty,
      bitter, sweet.
    • Often, babies who speak poorly also eat poorly. Related
      this with a weakness of the jaw apparatus. Let the baby nibble
      rusk, carrot.
    • Read the picture books together.

Speech development is interconnected with fine motor skills, poet
continue with the child activities that develop activity

ребенок в 11 месяцев

  • Pour the oatmeal into one small cup and show
    baby, how to pour them into another container. Same thing can
    do with water while swimming. Exercise develops muscles well
    hands and trains synchronicities in movements.
  • During the water treatments can offer the child to catch
    dipper various small items. For realism buy
    plastic fish and play fisherman. The game will develop well
    visual and motor coordination.
  • On a tray, evenly pour fine cereal or flour. Take
    Finger child in his hand and draw. Then let the baby
    self draw something.
  • Take кольцо, в которое пройдет ваша рука. Put on first
    on hand, then – the child. Then have the baby wear you
    or a ring on your hand, while helping him for the first time, lead
    his hand in the ring. The skill of hitting the ring is acquired with
    2 – 3 classes.
  • Spend classes with a child modeling and painting. Do not buy
    the kid has thick markers and pencils, better choose the small ones and
    Thin, with a minimum number of colors included.

For modeling while will be enough 1 – 2 pieces of clay.
Make a sausage out of it, then cut it with a crumb
equal parts and make small peas. Show your child how
attach them to a board or sheet of paper.

It often happens that children who have learned well
crawl, start to walk later.
It happens because
the child finds the easiest and fastest way to travel and not
tries to take a vertical position. In fact it is not
badly. Scientists have found that such babies are better and start to
talk, they have good posture. So don’t worry about
straight walking, it will not go anywhere from you, but through an important
Unfortunately, not all children go through the crawling stage. Not
force the baby to walk by force only for the reason that
Some of his peers in the yard had already taken the first steps.
Eleven months is no time limit for this.
Keep going
do gymnastics and massage, and everything will come as usual.

At the end of the eleventh month you can start preparing with
significant event. Exactly in a month your baby will be 1
year: first birthday, first cake, first friends. Think
how to make this day unforgettable for you, interesting and not
tedious for crumbs.


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