Alcohol symptoms and treatmentpolyneuropathy

Update: December 2018

Alcoholic neuropathy is a disease caused by
toxic effects of alcohol and its metabolites on structural
elements of the peripheral nervous system. Interesting Facts:

  • every second person suffering from alcoholism has symptoms
  • women are sick more often than men
  • the risk of developing the disease increases dramatically when consumed
    per day over 100 grams of ethanol

5 причин, приводящих к развитию алкогольной polyneuropathy

  • Reason number 1. Immediate negative dose-dependent effects
    ethanol to peripheral nerves, leading to impaired
    conducting nerve impulses. This is due to a violation of transport.
    trophic (nutrient) substances, slowing metabolism.
  • Reason number 2. Acetaldehyde negative effects –
    an intermediate product of alcohol exchange – for peripheral and
    central nervous system.
  • Reason number 3. Lack of thiamine and other B vitamins
    due to impaired absorption in the small intestine, which
    characteristic of patients with chronic alcoholism.
  • Reason number 4. Liver dysfunction (hepatitis, cirrhosis), often
    observed with prolonged systematic use
  • Reason number 5. Impaired immune system function, which leads to
    the formation of antibodies aimed at destroying your own
    nervous tissue.

Only given all five of the above reasons, you can
most effectively carry out the treatment of alcohol

Typical case

This clinical case reflects characteristic symptoms.
diseases. Patient M., 55 years old, works as a mechanic. Turned on
Admission to a neurologist with the following complaints:

  • pains in the legs, worse in the evening
  • burning sensation in the plantar surface of the foot
  • decrease in strength in the lower limbs

Considers himself ill for 2 years, notes progressive
течение diseases. Of past diseases, notes acute
viral infections, chronic pancreatitis. Allergy to
drugs denies. There were no operations. Composed on
have been registered with a narcologist for 7 years about the syndrome
addiction to alcohol. Consumes about 200 grams daily
ethyl alcohol.

Objective examination: pale pink skin. No rash.
Lymph nodes are not enlarged. Low power. Thyroid
gland without seals. The muscles of the lower limbs are atrophied.
Gait broken. When walking staggers. With eyes closed
can not move – falls. Violated (reduced)
sensitivity in the lower limbs.

Based on an objective examination by a doctor diagnosed
�”Alcoholic polyneuropathy of the lower extremities”, to confirm
Diagnosis appointed further examination – electroneuromyography.

Main symptoms

Так как в основе развития polyneuropathy при алкоголизме лежит
several causes, the disease is characterized by variability
(variability) of the clinical picture. So, below are the leading
симптомы алкогольной polyneuropathy:

  • pains in the feet and legs that are burning in nature,
    accompanied by painful muscle spasms in the calf
  • paresthesia – feeling of “crawling goosebumps”
  • weakness of the muscles of the lower limbs, which leads to frustration
  • violation (decrease) of sensitivity in the feet
  • amyotrophy
  • discoloration of the skin
  • disequilibrium due to collateral damage
  • autonomic nervous system function disorder that may
    manifest by frequent urination, impotence (see review
    drugs to increase potency) level fluctuations
    blood pressure

Often, alcoholic polyneuropathy can occur subclinically.
(asymptomatic), in such cases the correct diagnosis may be
exposed only on the basis of electrophysiological

A little bit about diseases – chameleons

It is necessary to “know by sight” pathological conditions that have
similar clinical picture with alcoholic neuropathy. Such

  • chronic inflammatory demyelinating
  • диабетическая polyneuropathy;
  • hereditary forms of peripheral nervous lesion
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome.

When making a diagnosis of “alcoholic neuropathy” is important
remember the above diseases.

Early diagnosis

Electroneuromyography is the main method that allows
подтвердить диагноз polyneuropathy, является электронейромиография
– a method that is based on the registration of bioelectric activity
neuromuscular fibers.

Nerve fiber biopsy – in difficult diagnostic cases
A biopsy of the nerve fibers is performed. This type of research
used in situations where it is necessary to exclude
polyneuropathy of a different origin – diabetic,


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! In no case should the patient hide from
doctor episodes of systematic alcohol use since this
leads to an erroneous diagnosis. Accordingly, the treatment will be
assigned incorrectly.

A little bit about delusions

it occurs only with prolonged use ethyl

WRONG! Toxic alcoholic neuropathy may occur
after a single use of ethanol;

alcoholic neuropathy, the symptoms of which are confirmed
electroneuromyography is incurable

EVERYTHING ABOUT! In the event that the cause of the disease served
vitamin B deficiency in alcoholism, possibly complete

avoiding alcohol leads to recovery

NOT! Уменьшение или прекращение приема alcohol способствует
stabilization, that is, clinical symptoms are not
is progressing. However, the absolute recovery does not occur.

How to treat alcoholic neuropathy?

The basic principles of treatment:

  • refusal to drink alcohol
  • full balanced nutrition (food should
    contain large amounts of protein and vitamins of group B)
  • vitamin therapy: intravenous and intramuscular administration
    vitamins of group B – thiamine, pyridoxine, folic acid.
    The effectiveness of treatment increases with the use of fat-soluble
    forms of vitamin B1 – benfotiamina – for 2 months.
    Alcoholic neuropathy, which is treated with
    focus on drugs benfotiamina, due to a 95% deficit
    B vitamins
  • magnesium deficiency correction
  • the use of physical therapies aimed at
    strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities and preventing development
  • struggle with pain – for this purpose use
    antidepressants and antiepileptic drugs long
    by course

World Medicine News

European scientists have proven the role of genetic factors in
формировании алкогольной polyneuropathy. Predisposed to
Mongoloid representatives of the peripheral nervous system
races whose probability of illness is about 80%.
The reason – a defect in the gene responsible for the activity of the enzyme
ацетальдегидегидрогеназы, участвующего в метаболизме ethyl


Achieve a positive effect and even complete extinction.
All symptoms are possible only in the case of:

  • total abstinence from alcohol
  • normalization of food regime
  • taking drugs containing vitamins of the group
  • regular observation by a neurologist and a narcologist

AT тяжелых случаях течения алкогольной polyneuropathy пациент
may become completely immobilized, will need to be a stranger

Traditional medicine does not sleep

  • The centuries-old experience of traditional medicine is based on the use of
    лечении алкогольной polyneuropathy таких растений, как
    yarrow, wormwood and St. John’s wort.
  • Some herbalists recommend using to combat
    Thyme creeping disease combined with juniper berries.
  • An effective method to cope with pain and feeling
    burning in feet, – baths with sage and motherwort.

Frequently asked questions to the doctor

Why is pain management prescribed for the relief of pain

При алкогольной polyneuropathy присутствует нейропатический
pain syndrome that is not relieved by conventional painkillers
drugs. American scientists have proven that high
analgesic effect is observed when taking antidepressants and
antiepileptic drugs.

Does trophic disorders (particularly ulcers) form in AP?
on the legs, or is it a symptom of another disease?

Ulcerative lesion of the skin of the legs and feet in this disease
rarely observed, most often the cause is varicose
varicose veins of the lower extremities and diabetes mellitus.

Can the AP cause the death of a person?

Not. The cause of death may be other manifestations.
алкоголизма – энцефалопатия ATернике, острая алкогольная

Can it be accompanied by dizziness, headaches

Not. ATышеперечисленные симптомы характерны для алкогольного
lesions of the central nervous system.

Can AP be accompanied by alcoholic epilepsy?

Not. Alcoholic epilepsy is an independent

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