Alcohol stimulates the growth of harmful bacteria inoral cavity

Update: February 2019

У людей, злоупотребляющих алкоголем, в oral cavity скапливается
many dangerous bacteria associated with diseases of the gums, heart
and cancer, as well as a low level of beneficial
microorganisms. Researchers at the New York School of Medicine
published this information in the magazine Microbiome.

Alcohol – the scourge of modern man, who is not called 100
% harmful.  Scientists’ statements about the positive impact of the couple
small glasses of good red wine on the heart led to
that drink is present on many on the table every day.

The study involved 1044 completely healthy people.
Caucasians, 55–87 years old. Of them:

  • 270 were non-drinkers
  • 614 – moderate drinkers
  • 160 people drink alcohol very often.

Each of them provided biological samples to specialists.
микробиома из oral cavity (мазок) и информацию о количестве
consumed alcohol.


  • drinkers found a greater number of potentially dangerous
    microbes (Bacteroidales, Actinomyces and Neisseria) and reduced
    the amount of useful flora Lactobacillales preventing the development
    diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • many drinking organisms have been found to have a lot of microorganisms associated with
    development of cancer, gum disease and heart disease;
  • all participants found a lack of bacteria
    останавливающих рост вредоносных microorganisms.

Thus, drinkers lose the natural protection of the cavity.

Перебалансировка некоторых типов бактерий в oral cavity чревата
development of dangerous diseases, whereas the change in balance
the right side can prevent these diseases. Research
in this area will continue.

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