Airbags in cars are dangerous topassenger’s eye

In the event of a car accident, pneumatic cushions
safety save lives for passengers and drivers, however they themselves
are not safe for human eyes.

This is not the first time that US ophthalmologists have come to this conclusion. AT
the last time such an opinion was made after the survey
car accident victims – young state girls

In the absence of a passenger airbag,
a person can lose his life, and when it is triggered – vision.

Severe injuries can be caused by the organs of vision.
the simple reason that with very rapid inflation
car cushion the hardest blow comes in the face and in
first of all to the most vulnerable and weak spot – eyes.

Не безопасные подушки безопасностиIrreversible changes in
organs of vision can cause blows to the pillows even when closed
eyes, which is fraught with the appearance of a rupture of the eyeball or
retinal detachment.

AT будущем после такой травмы человек может столкнуться с
cataract (see cataract: symptoms, treatment), loss of vision,

The last case occurred with a 17-year-old resident of the state.
Michigan, which got into a traffic accident.
The girl at the time of the accident did not have time to squint her eyes, sat at the same time
in the front seat. Very quickly the victim was taken to
the hospital, the main complaints were burning and sharp pain in

The girl was examined – diagnostic
fluorescein test, as a result, was found on the surface
The cornea imprint is a pattern of nylon fiber pillows. Damage
were superficial and after a day the pain and burning sensation decreased, and
after 2 weeks the hemorrhage resolved. It is clear that for
saving airbags are essential, however
themselves are also traumatic.

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