Agusha: advantages and disadvantages of Russianinfant formula

Almost 70% of Russian women suffer from dairy secretion decline
glands – these are the results of medical research. Doctors say:
far from all young mothers are aware of the need for feeding
infants with special adaptive nutrition and use normal
baby products. Incorrect replacement of breast milk may
cause a baby disease, so parents need to be well
understand the types and composition of liquid milk substitutes. Analyze
this question on the example of “Agushi”.

Agusha – made in Russia


�Agusha has been present on the market since 2001, all products
produced at the Lianzovsky plant in Moscow. Since 2005, the composition
Baby products produced here are developed with input from
Nutriciologists, Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
Each mixture is tested in state medical

Different food for different ages


«Агуша» предлагает две линейки infant formula, исходя из
age of the child. Products for babies up to six months have on
packing number 1, food for kids over this age
marked with number 2. For both age categories are issued and
liquid, and dry breast milk substitutes.

In addition, baby food brand “Agusha” for each age
divided into fermented milk and fresh. Pediatricians advise starting
prikarmlivanie baby with fresh, and then move on to
fermented milk food, gradually bringing it up to half of the daily

Fermented milk mixtures “Agusha” provide prevention
dysbacteriosis. They contain bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, necessary
for normal operation of the stomach and intestines of both weakened and
healthy baby.

Liquid food is available in ready-to-eat form, their
it is enough to pour into a bottle and sterilize by heating
on the stove. Dry substitutes must be diluted with clean water.

The composition of the mixtures

молочко агуша

The composition of the mixtures «Агуша» выглядит следующим образом:

  • whole (or skimmed) milk;
  • lactose;
  • maltodextrin;
  • a mixture of vegetable fats;
  • cream;
  • whey protein concentrate;
  • mineral premix;
  • vitamin premix;
  • bifidoacidophilus starter;
  • nucleotide premix;
  • water.

Pros and cons of “Agushi”

Parents of babies are generally positive on forums
reviews about this brand of nutrition. Among the pluses are called pleasant taste and
низкую цену infant formula. Disadvantages: sugar, which is included in
the composition of some substitutes may cause allergies in the child;
cans with dry mixes are supplied with a very rigid lid.

Agusha prices

In online stores, dry breast milk substitutes are in
an average of 267 rubles for a package weighing 350 g. The price of liquid mixtures
averages 35 rubles for a 200 ml capacity

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