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Update: October 2018

Afobazole is a popular drug,
tranquilizer that has a slight activating
effect and suppresses increased anxiety. Afobazole is in the group
selective non-diazepine anxiolytics that
characterized by a mild effect, do not cause addiction and syndrome
cancellation at the end of treatment.

Afobazol is prescribed for adults with stress,
neurasthenia, anxiety states that are caused by different
traumatic situations as well as for the treatment of mental
disorders such as general anxiety disorder, depression and
etc. The drug is well tolerated and is
quite effective.

Фармгруппа: Транквилизаторы (анксиолитики).

Composition, physico-chemical properties, price

Afobazole is available in one dosage form – tablets.
white-cream or white, having a flat cylindrical
form, with chamfer, for internal reception.

Active ingredient: morpholinoethylthioethoxybenzimidazole
dihydrochloride 5 or 10 mg.

Auxiliary components: microcrystalline, cellulose,
lactose, magnesium stearate, potato starch, povidone.

Packaging: pills placed in a flat cell or
glass jars in cartons of 10-100 pieces.

Price: 10 mg № 60: 330-416 rub.

pharmachologic effect

инструкция по применению афобазолаActive substance
The drug is derived from 2-mercaptobenzimidazole –
non-antagonistic selective anxiolytic
benzodiazepine receptors. This means that the medicinal
the drug does not act on the benzodiazepine receptors of the brain
the brain.

The drug prevents the development of membrane-dependent changes in
GABA receptor. Provides anxiolytic and mild activating
action, while eliminating the development of a hypno-sedative effect.
In addition, there are no negative effects such as depressant
effect on attention, memory, and also muscle relaxation. After cancellation
Afobazole is not drug dependent and does not form.
withdrawal syndrome characteristic of many tranquilizers.

The therapeutic effect is realized in the form of a combination of two
effects: anti-anxiety and light stimulating action.
About 5-7 days of continuous treatment are noted:

  • reduced anxiety, which manifests itself
    concern, apprehension, bad feelings,
  • the elimination of stress, namely, getting rid of fearfulness,
    restlessness, insomnia, fear, tearfulness;
  • getting rid of somatic (muscle, cardiovascular,
    respiratory, sensory, gastrointestinal symptoms), vegetative
    (sweating, chills, dry mouth, dizziness) and cognitive
    (weakened memory, difficulties in perception of information)

The drug eliminates anxiety well and improves mood, but
does not inhibit the activity of the central nervous system (there is no lethargy, drowsiness,

The maximum effect is realized after 4 weeks of treatment.
The effect lasts for 1-2 weeks after
complete the reception of Afobazole.


The instructions for use of Afobazol indicated that the drug
is non-toxic. Quickly and well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and falls
into the bloodstream.

Cmax —  0.13±0.073 мкг/мл. On average, it lingers in
the body at 1.6-0.88 h, the most actively distributed to the organs
with good blood supply. The half-life is 0.82 h (displayed
with feces and urine).


The drug is especially indicated for the treatment of people with predominantly
asthenic individual traits that manifest
anxious suspiciousness, lack of faith in yourself, vulnerability,
emotional instability, a tendency to stress. Afobazole with
menopause is also given quite often, allowing you to eliminate
unpleasant symptoms of hormonal changes in the female body,
which are often manifested by nervousness and anxiety, vegetative


In general, the indications for the appointment of Afobazol are any
Anxiety states in adults, such as:

  • general anxiety disorder, adaptation disorder;
  • somatic conditions that may also be accompanied
    anxiety and depression (bronchial asthma, systemic red
    lupus, arrhythmia, hypertension, oncopathology);
  • sleep disorders;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • premenstrual tension syndrome;
  • withdrawal during smoking cessation;
  • alcohol withdrawal syndrome.


Afobazole is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. also in
list of contraindications individual intolerance to any
component of the drug, lactase deficiency, galactose intolerance and
age up to 18 years. Contraindications к Афобазолу при всей его
Security is strict and should be observed.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are possible, especially in patients with
individual hypersensitivity, sometimes – phenomena
dyspeptic character.

One of the unusual side effects is an increase in sexual
attraction However, the direct relationship between the components of the drug and libido
not observed, rather, it is the result of eliminating anxiety.


The drug is administered immediately in a full therapeutic dose.
(for example, many tranquilizers require a gradual increase
doses). You can also abruptly stop taking Afobazol, without fear
development of withdrawal syndrome, while most anxiolytics
should be abolished gradually, reducing the dose.

Таблетки Afobazole withнимают внутрь, после еды, целиком, запивая
plain water. Single dose – 10 mg, daily dose not
should be more than 30 mg, in severe cases, the dose is increased to 60
mg / day The drug is taken 3 times / day.

The duration of therapy is 2-4 weeks, in severe cases –
up to 3 months Repeated course can be assigned only in a month


With a significant overdose (40 or more times higher than
therapeutic) may develop increased drowsiness and
sedation without muscle relaxation.

special instructions

The drug does not affect the ability to drive,
complex mechanisms, therefore, does not require the abolition of activities
associated with increased concentration of attention.

Afobazole and alcohol

Afobazole is often prescribed to eliminate withdrawal symptoms.
syndrome that develops after alcohol abuse:

  • relieves severe mental symptoms (guilt, anxiety,
  • envelops the gastric mucosa (due to the starch in
  • binds and then removes toxic decomposition products
    alcohol (povidone and cellulose);
  • stimulates the central nervous system, eliminating inhibition, anxiety,

10-20 mg should be taken to eliminate hangover.
Afobazole 1-2 p / day.

Drug interactions

Afobazol does not affect the narcotic effect of ethanol and does not
enhances the hypnotic effect of thiopental with joint

In combination with carbamazepine potentiated anticonvulsant

With simultaneous treatment with diazepam – it increases
анксиолитическое act.

In the transition from Afobazol to other drugs with
a similar action should be remembered that this tranquilizer
remains effective for 1-2 weeks, therefore
wait for this period to adequately evaluate the therapeutic
action of a new drug.

Doctors reviews about Afobazole

Indisputable advantages of the drug are its relative
safety and the absence of a negative, depressing effect on the central nervous system,
as well as withdrawal syndrome after discontinuation of treatment. That is why
Afobazole becomes the drug of choice (even the drug first
groups) for patients experiencing anxiety. but
the severity of the therapeutic effect of this drug is lower in
compared with benzodiazepines, so with insufficient
efficiency, or the lack thereof, has to be prescribed more
�”Heavy” tranquilizers.

Analogs of Afobazole

A similar composition of the drug is only Neurofazol,
which is used as an injection.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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