Affiliate giving birth with a husband: плюсы и минусыjoint childbirth that is important to know dad

The presence of a husband next to his wife during childbirth accepted
call partner (or joint) genera. Not so long ago about
this was out of the question. AT крайнем случае, муж мог находиться
anywhere in the hospital corridor or the lobby and with excitement
wait for the doctor to appear with a long-awaited message about
successful birth of a son or daughter. However not so long ago
(first – in Western Europe and America, and more recently – and in
Russia), the husband received the right to be with his wife in the most responsible
and an exciting moment – when the wife begets a child. it
and there is what is called partner childbirth.

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  • 1 About partner childbirth
    • 1.1 Плюсы совместных родов с a husband
      • 1.1.1 howую важную задачу выполняет папа сразу после рождения
    • 1.2 Cons of joint birth
  • 2 When you need and when you do not need a joint birth
    • 2.1 Dad on the birth: what you need to know a man
    • 2.2 Условия для родов с a husband
    • 2.3 Reviews of men from the forums
    • 2.4 Women reviews
    • 2.5 ATыводы
  • 3 Моя история первых родов + ATидео из роддома. Partnership giving birth
    с a husband
  • 4 Tutta Larsen

партнерские роды

About partner childbirth

ATообще-то это определение трактуется довольно-таки широко. Otherwise
speaking, not only the husband can be near
wife when the birth of a new life. Exactly the same right
have other people close to the mother in labor: a friend, sister, mother or
mother in law. However, most often we are talking about the presence of her husband
отца будущего baby. Male presence during childbirth can
быть полезно в следующих cases:

ATидя, что муж находится рядом, женщина будет чувствовать
additional support, security and confidence that everything will be
OK. it поможет ей легче справиться со стрессом и болями во
time of contractions and after the baby has already been born.

Папа сможет увидеть своего baby в самый первый момент
his birth On many fathers, it produces such a strong
the impression that they are subsequently with much greater care and
Tenderness to the baby.

ATопрос о том, участвовать или не участвовать мужу в партнерских
childbirth, spouses should discuss in advance. They both need
understand what participation is not some kind of non-standard
an adventure for her husband, and the opportunity to provide real help to his wife
and support.

If the husband agrees to take part, he needs to advance
collect some medical certificates without which he will not be allowed
in the delivery room. Мужчине нужно сдать анализы на гепатит, ATИЧ и
syphilis, undergo a x-ray examination and get a conclusion from
the therapist. It should be borne in mind that the information in question
valid for a maximum of 3 months.

Плюсы совместных родов с a husband

Many psychologists, physicians, as well as those mothers and fathers who have
was the experience of partner childbirth, they assure that there is a lot in it

партнерские роды с a husband

  • Helping my wife prepare for childbirth and being present at birth
    baby, муж с самого первого момента появления малыша на свет
    feels like his father. it в особенности важно, когда должен
    be born firstborn;
  • Присутствие мужа во время рождения baby – это совместные
    experiences that can bring the spouses even closer – as in
    in terms of their entire future life together, and in the care of
    a child;
  • It is proved that when a beloved man is nearby,
    a woman endures pain much more easily. In addition, in this case
    it is much less likely to cause postpartum stress and
  • The presence of the father next to the moment when the child is just
    He was born, and helps the baby himself. The first 30-40 minutes
    after his birth, the baby does not sleep. He meets and remembers those
    объекты, которые видит рядом с собой (эта особенность
    новорожденного называется импринтингом
    ). Remembering such
    objects, the baby later establishes with them a long-term
    psychological and physical connection. For obvious reasons, the first and
    The main object of imprinting is usually mom. But if this
    time next to mom is dad, then baby, thus,
    communicates with him. The imprinting is remarkable by the fact that
    he helps maintain such a connection throughout life. Exactly
    for this reason, every child subconsciously draws more to
    mother than to father. But this is because mom became the very first of his
    captured object. AT случае если малыш в первые минуты своей
    life captured two objects (mom and dad), then in the future he
    will equally treat both parents.

Being next to his wife and newborn baby, a man can
to take the trouble to execute the necessary documents.

howую важную задачу выполняет папа сразу после рождения

Alexey Savitsky – obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor
medical sciences:

Cons of joint birth

howие-то из них вполне преодолимы и устранимы, другие – могут
cause very serious consequences – first of all, in
psychologically. Therefore it is necessary to state: before
what to decide on joint childbirth, you should think about everything and weigh it with
considering exactly psychological characteristics of both spouses:

  • Notкоторые женщины уверены, что если любимый мужчина желает
    be present when she gives birth, then he is not
    depart from it until the very end – that is, until such time as
    the baby will not be born. According to the testimony of many doctors and midwives, this
    – a very common female mistake. Not every man
    able to endure such a spectacle. Statistics
    testifies that about every fifth man
    present at birth, gets so deep
    psychological trauma that its consequences can affect long
    years, and sometimes a lifetime. AT этом случае супруг обычно понимает,
    that, in fact, he cannot help his wife with anything, and begins to count
    your stay close to the delivery room is a mistake;
  • There are frequent cases when, during the birth of a wife, especially impressionable
    husbands faint. it вызывает обоснованное недовольство
    doctors who instead of helping the woman in labor have to
    bring her husband to life;
  • If a man knows that he is impressionable, then it will be better
    if he refuses to participate in joint labor. Wife should not in
    insist on this;
  • If an overly impressionable future dad still wants to be
    next to his wife, then let it be a light version of him
    presence For example, he must retire from the hall at the moment
    childbirth, and return when the child is already born;
  • Notкоторые будущие мамы, приглашая мужа принять участие в родах,
    at the most inopportune moment they begin to think that they –
    disheveled and not made up, and therefore ugly, because of what her husband
    stop loving them. AT связи с волнениями по этому поводу процесс
    A woman’s labor can be delayed and cause her additional
    suffering. AT таких случаях мужу лучше проявить понимание и покинуть
    delivery room;
  • ATстречается немало случаев, когда семья распадается именно
    из-за партнерских childbirth. Here, again, the whole thing in psychology – in
    In this case, mainly in the male. Making sure with your own eyes that
    такое на самом деле рождение baby, мужчина настолько проникается
    seen and experienced, which cannot be forgotten in the future,
    as a result, his attitude towards his wife becomes much worse. AT
    special literature describes cases where husbands who participated in
    joint childbirth, cool down to his wife both in psychological and in
    the physical plane, which is the cause of divorce. Concerning
    women, because of their nature, they forget everything much faster
    features and nuances of procreation. Because they usually do not happen
    никаких комплексов к отцам своих детей в связи с рождением baby.
    Accordingly, the birth of a baby into the world is usually not
    cause of divorce for a woman.

There are such husbands who have with the nervous system and
impressionability is all right. One of the latest trends
fashion – the presence of a resistant father at birth with a video camera, on
which he is trying to film the whole process of the birth of an heir from
start to the end. If a man got into the delivery room on legal
grounds, then prohibit him to videotape no one has no rights. Although –
Such a survey usually annoys both the doctors and the woman herself.
ATрачей – потому что папа мешает им заниматься своим делом, жену –
because video often cause her dislike for her husband:
instead of supporting by a kind word her beloved man
running around with a camera.

совместные роды

Another nuance associated with partner childbirth is
next. If the husband and wife decide to give birth together, then for quite
For obvious reasons, this should occur in a separate room, in
no other parturient women. However, not every medical institution
can provide such halls, and if it can, then for a separate
fee. Therefore, you should know that free joint deliveries are not
it happens.

When you need and when you do not need joint delivery

A husband, as well as a wife, may have different reasons for
order to decide on a joint birth. Concerning мужа, то это
there may be love for his wife and unwillingness to leave her in a difficult moment,
stories of other fathers who have already participated in partner labor
etc. Women hope that in the presence of a beloved man they
easier to bear prenatal and labor torment. AT целом причин может
be many, and each couple can have their own.

мужчина на родах

AT каких случаях нужно воздержаться от участия в
joint childbirth:

  • If a man is too nervous and impressionable;
  • If the husband wants to be present during the birth solely for the sake of
    own curiosity or – generally can not clearly explain
    such a desire. A curious spectator (even if it is a husband
    women in labor) will irritate doctors and stop them from irritating the very
    a woman that may complicate childbirth. And because the wife should try
    to convince her husband that it is better for him to be at this time not near a,
    for example, in a hospital lobby;
  • Not надо насильно тащить мужа в роддом, если заметно, что он сам
    it does not want it and even is afraid;
  • If the husband sees that his wife wants to invite him to give birth in order to
    to show how she will suffer, not for real help,
    in this case, the husband will do right if you give up

You can participate in joint labor in the following

  • The husband himself offers this and assures that he will endure it;
  • The wife is not against the participation of her husband;
  • The husband supported his wife throughout the pregnancy, they are together
    went to medical examinations, he knows how and with what features
    was pregnant;
  • Beloved man is morally ready to participate in partner childbirth
    and he knows what to do if something unexpected or dangerous happens

If all these moments and nuances are present in the life of the matrimonial
couples, the husband’s participation will be justified and will bring mutual

Dad on the birth: what you need to know a man

Олег рассказывает о присутствии на родах своей жены. how
It was? Worth or not, fears and concerns. On this topic for a long time
discussions are underway. Both supporters and opponents of joint
childbirth there are powerful arguments:

Условия для родов с a husband

To participate in joint labor, it is necessary to observe a number
conditions. First of all, you should know that a husband or another
the relative has the inalienable right to be with his wife,
when she gives birth. This is stated in paragraph 2 of Article 51
Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ “On the fundamentals
public health in the Russian Federation. “
It’s in
theories. As for practice, for the presence of need
a special permit issued by a medical institution. AT
The resolution should reflect the following points:

роды с a husband

  1. Consent wife to the fact that her husband was present at birth.
  2. The consent of the medical staff on the same occasion.
  3. The husband has all the necessary medical certificates.
  4. The woman has no contraindications that can
    prevent joint birth.
  5. AT родильном зале есть все необходимые условия для совместных

Юля: Тут надо не только на желание
husband to watch, but also his own too. Если ATы готовы себя в таком виде
показать, если ATам его присутствие не помешает раслабится, то уже
some doubts will disappear. Well, before the birth would be nice husband
prepare a film about the birth to see that he was ready, and how

At the same time, it is necessary to know that the mentioned law even in the presence of all
these conditions allows doctors to refuse her husband or some
another relative to be close to the woman in labor. For example, if
a woman needs operative delivery (cesarean section),
Doctors have every right not to allow anyone into the operating room.
Or – physicians may consider that the presence of someone else
(even if he is the husband of a woman in labor) will interfere with their work, eh,
accordingly, the final result of this work is normal
birth of a baby. Other doctors simply do not like when someone
stranger them “breathes in the back of his head.” Allow or not allow husband
being with your wife when she gives birth is the legal right of doctors.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: «Я видел, как рождается мой
child. I saw a miracle. ” 3 stories of fathers about joint childbirth

Reviews of men from the forums

Денис Зубов: ATышел с партнерских родов час
backwards My son was born. Firstborn Congratulations are accepted.
I want to tell. ATо-первых. Affiliate labor is not contemplation
a man on how his son is born, and this is help mom
(wife) both physical and psychological. What men fear
– to see a woman in an unsightly and from the wrong angle – all this
nonsense. Today spent in the generic exactly 12 hours. 10 minutes of them
went childbirth (actually imperative period). And thoughts at the same time in general
not about that, but about llylyka, about the future life, about high. No one
afraid of blood in principle, and other biological fluids native

ATадим: Совет от папы, рожавшего вместе с женой
– ATпечатления самые разные, самое тяжелое – смотреть, когда у
a loved one fight, and when the process itself is already underway –
легче, вроде уже и свет виден в конце туннеля :) AT принципе, жена сказала что я ей очень помог. I am
например не помню, как ехал домой после childbirth. Так что решать ATам…
Personally, I would advise 3 to think about the decision to give birth

Алексей: Меня тоже отговаривали, говорили,
that they say nothing good there you will not see, but psychological
Problem can occur. I did not agree with all advisers and
I was present at the birth, I helped, and I don’t regret it at all. Nothing
there is no terrible, dirty, and the like. ATсе вполне
naturally and normally. There are no psychological problems
mention it. I even began to treat my wife even better. So what if
really want, why not.

Women reviews

Алёна Британ: Мой муж был со мной на
childbirth, only in prenatal, did not go to the hospital but heard everything)))
He said he did not regret. Although when I first spoke with him about
partner childbirth (being pregnant) did five-eyed eyes and
he said, “well, I don’t know … what will I do there … scary …” First
the fear was precisely that he DID NOT KNOW how it all
passes When I explained to him in detail how what was happening,
fear has passed. Now proud to be with me. His help
was to do a massage, go with me to restroom,
call the doctor, file some water or something else. But
the presence of her husband at birth has greatly influenced my attitude
medical staff. ATсе были внимательны, заботливы, доброжелательны.
After 2 days, my girlfriend was giving birth there – prenatal opposite to my
chambers. I went to her, so I can make a massage or maybe even
what did she ask b. I was thrown out from there nurses – they say
Nitsa, let her cry, give birth to all and she gives birth. A friend asked to call
doctor, so except for me, no one went for a doctor. Girlfriend screaming
�“ALREADY GIVE MY NUTS” the nurse she “is still too early to bear”, but it turned out
really gives birth. ATообщем муж гордится что был рядом, что имел
opportunity to take the baby in his arms. Looking through photos from the room, as much
my heart stops))) I also plan to ask friends as a husband in
male circle talked about childbirth.)))

Катя: я двоих родила, скоро за третьим
I will go. рожала одна и не хотела чтобы  муж на меня смотрел и
generally participated in this, this is really something
the mystery …. what = my, originally feminine, in general I am an egoist! then so
it’s nice to describe all this to my husband, to tell, he is proud of you,
regrets, respects! but during contractions, you don’t remember anything from
pains, my husband’s opinion would only hinder … but I respect all men who
passed it with your wife!

Даша: если оба хотят и оба готовы (т.е в
course that there will be real) – then you have to go.
The only advice is to let dad read about the physiology of childbirth,
watch movies about childbirth and let him know how to help you – massage and
etc. men can not stand aside, if the wife is hard, they should
something to do (they have such a nature), so my husband must be. clear
a set of his obligations.


A clear opinion about whether or not the husband should be with
wife during childbirth does not exist. But, at the same time, there are
 reasoned expert advice as to
what kind of couples are extremely discouraged. Not
to listen to such advice would be unwise.

ATо-первых, это семьи, в которых между супругами ненадежные
relations. For this reason, the pregnancy of the wife and the upcoming birth
can not improve marital relations, but on the contrary, aggravate.
Если во время родов муж  находится рядом, женщина может
remember the resentment caused to them, as a result of which childbirth can
become complicated. Therefore, here is one of two things: either – spouses must
solve all problems in advance, either – they should abandon
совместных childbirth.

ATо-вторых, это пары, живущие в гражданском браке. Although in
Currently, such a marriage is considered to be in the order of things, however
psychologically, a woman is arranged in such a way that she is in any case
I want to have a veil in her life, a wedding ring on her finger and
stamp in the passport. ATо время родов все эти несбывшиеся женские
desires can cause a woman stress and resentment
near the father of the child, resulting in all sorts of possible

ATо всех остальных случаях участие или неучастие мужа в
joint childbirth depends on the decision of the spouses themselves.

Моя история первых родов + ATидео из роддома. Affiliate giving birth with
a husband

Tutta Larsen

Partnership childbirth: what is useful dad in childbirth? And in what cases
Is affiliate childbirth too much?

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