Adult Flu Symptoms – Swine Flu,bird flu

Update: November 2018

Influenza is a viral disease that is known even to
people distant from medicine because it is the most famous and frequent
airborne illness when talking,
sneezing, coughing from a sick person to a healthy one. In our time, the flu
began to be attributed to one of its very dangerous complications

But a few decades ago it was enough for him
frivolous attitude and doctors, and the population. Flu not
caused such anxiety to parents, as now, children are enough
it was easily tolerated, and complications were very rare.

It was especially frivolous in the epidemic of Spaniard in 1918,
when mortality was 50 million people (about 3 percent
Earth’s population). Symptoms of influenza in adults were most often mild.
pronounced, and for the most part tolerated the disease, that
называется «на ногах»,  ходили на работу, не выдерживая
pastel mode and especially did not bother themselves with treatment, after 3-4
day a strong body easily suppressed the virus and recovery occurred
very fast.

What is happening today? Every year appear
new strains of this virus, there are atypical species
diseases that are difficult to treat and provoke very
terrible complications, the mortality rate of the population from influenza increases
the whole world.

Симптомы гриппа у взрослыхPoor ecological
the situation on the planet, the abundance of low-quality harmful products
food, various chemical unsafe substances in life,
increasing radiation load on a person – all this reduces
the protective forces of any organism, decreases the overall resistance.

People have become harder to tolerate any viral infections, while
and the recovery period is delayed, and the number of
complications after the flu. How to distinguish signs of influenza in adults from
common cold? What are the signs of typical pork or avian
the flu?

Symptoms of typical flu

The most important sign of influenza is a sharp deterioration
state of health, weakness, temperature rise to high numbers,
tickling, sore throat, dry cough and aching joints. In contrast
from cold, the flu begins very sharply, suddenly, moreover with
cold body temperature rarely reaches 38C, when with the flu
she usually 38-40S. Also for colds seldom strong headaches.
pain, with the flu the pain is intense, concentrated in the area
forehead, temples. Flu headache caused by severe
intoxication, which with a cold is insignificant. Colds
people suffer from diseases more often than the flu and they go
much easier and faster without causing complications. Main
Distinctive features of the manifestation of influenza in adults:

  • High temperature 38-40C, chills, weakness
  • Intense headache, dizziness
  • Photosensitivity, pain in the eyes
  • Loss in the joints and muscles throughout the body
  • Heavy sweating
  • Tickling and sore throat, dry mouth, dry, strong
  • Excessive nasal discharge, sneezing
  • Less common is vomiting and nausea.

К тому же при простуде обычно не очень сильный cough, при
flu is significant. Influenza as a more serious disease
undermines immunity, often aggravates existing ones
chronic diseases in humans.

Swine flu and its specific symptoms

It is worth noting that information on such forms of influenza as swine
and the bird is somewhat “bloated” in order to impose vaccines on us or with
a different purpose, we are not voiced. Complications from this flu
develop in weak people (elderly people, pregnant women,
often ill children). And pneumonia may develop already
second day from the first symptoms of the disease.

Signs of swine flu are identical to typical symptoms.
human flu strain. Like ordinary swine flu
accompanied by a headache, and high fever, and aches
in joints, weakness, cough, increased fatigue. Pork
flu causes vomiting and diarrhea. If to the usual symptoms
the following ailments join, then you should immediately
seek medical care:

  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, inhaling or exhaling
  • Thoracic pain
  • Stomach ache
  • Fever not knocked down by antipyretic drugs
  • Sharp dizziness
  • Nosebleed
  • Prolonged vomiting or diarrhea

If you have all the signs of flu, you should
be at home throughout the treatment, exclude any contacts,
to maximally isolate from others, and not become
source of virus infection, especially if it is swine or avian

Avian influenza in adults

Источниками bird flu признаны дикие птицы, когда больная
the individual is in contact with healthy as well as carriers of the virus can
serve rats that are not susceptible to this disease, but may
be carriers of the infection on your coat. For human source
most often are poultry, their droppings, and also the virus can
transmitted through objects, things, shoes.

It is proved that the virus of this flu enters the body through
eye mucosa and airway from a sick person with close
contact. Основная доля всех известных вспышек bird flu
It was recorded in people who had contact with sick households.
birds, objects surrounding them. Since the virus is already dying
70C chance of infection when eating infected birds
минимальна, единственный источник попадания гриппа through продукты
food – it is raw eggs, used in food.

У симптомов bird flu практически нет отличий от типичного
гриппа, та же лихорадка, cough, насморк, но если после 5-6
days of illness the state of health worsens, then as a complication of such
type of flu appears atypical pneumonia.
Of all
известных случаев вспышек bird flu, которые удалось доказать
laboratory tests, 50% of patients did not survive due to severe
course of pneumonia. Therefore, with the onset of clinical deterioration
condition, the appearance of respiratory failure, prolonged
knocked down fever, you should call an Ambulance.

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