Adding sea salt to food can becomedangerously

Update: February 2019

We all know that any human impact on nature
reflected in the result on the people themselves. So, for example, that plastic,
the hit of which in the world ocean is not warned, returns
to us in the form of food.

It is not even about large plastic containers, bottles, etc.
There are microscopic plastic particles in the ocean that are not
filters none treatment plant. Sea dwellers taking
such particles for food, swallow them. And then “useful”
seafood gets on the table with pieces of materials from
plastic. But the harm is done not only to the inhabitants of the seas. Salt out
seawater is now also “poisoned” with plastic.

There is information about a large-scale study of 16 products of marine
salt, which is mined in countries such as:

  • Australia;
  • Malaysia;
  • Iran;
  • New Zealand;
  • Japan;
  • France;
  • South Africa;
  • Portugal.

Scientists from Putra (Malaysian University) filtered all
samples and determined the infection of almost each of them with foreign
material. The exception was the French salt brand. In general, in
The salt under study was found 72 particles. Of them:

  • 30 microplast particles;
  • 4 dust particles;
  • 17 previously plastic pigments;
  • 21 pieces – without identification.

Scientists reassure that the current plastic content in the world
low waters. Consequently, there is no threat to public health.
However, if the situation with pollution by household waste
getting worse, sea salt will really become dangerous for
human well-being.

It should be noted that today scientists are researching
Mariinsky Depression (with a depth of 10,994 meters below sea level)
at a depth of 4900 meters they found a tin and beer can, and
also plastic bag. So the human factor
already affects one of the most inaccessible places of ours
the planets.

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