Active pregnancy: all about the benefits of swimming withof pregnancy

Many future moms understand that going to the pool is useful, but
Sometimes they are surprised to learn that they need permission to do so.
attending physician. In fact, the question of whether or not
плавать во время of pregnancy, решается индивидуально в каждом

  • Swimming is an excellent variant of activity for future mothers. it
    training muscles and many body systems, eliminating
  • Nevertheless, it is impossible to go to the pool at risk of interruption.
    of pregnancy, предлежании плаценты, любых выделениях из
  • You can also swim in natural waters, but only in those
    where there is enough clean water and there is no ban on swimming. Anyway
    You should first consult with your doctor.

плавание во время of pregnancy

The benefits of swimming for pregnant women

Classes in the pool improve the future mother’s immunity, increase
endurance, provide a moderate load on the whole body and
help keep weight under control. Like any physical
workouts, swimming also uplifting and charging

More classes in the pool develop and strengthen different muscle groups.
Strong back muscles make it easier to carry the child and help
cope with the load due to the growing belly, and the trained
the muscles of the pelvis, pelvic floor, abdomen, perineum – the key
successful delivery.

An important plus of swimming is a beneficial effect on the heart and
vessels that experience high loads when
of pregnancy.
Swimming lessons stimulate
blood circulation, as a result of which blood and lymph accelerate,
improving nutrition of internal organs. it обеспечивает профилактику
stagnation of blood in the legs and varicose veins, helps to reduce

Water helps to remove the extra load from the spine and all
muscle groups, so a pregnant woman relaxes, gets rid
back pain and lower back pain. When swimming, well trained
respiratory system – it is important to prepare for childbirth. With
proper breathing and proper ventilation of the lungs blood is better
saturated with oxygen, which means that it is sufficient
comes to the unborn child.

If the mother swims regularly, it also helps the baby.
take the correct position in her belly.
With проблемном
in front of the doctor even recommend that patients go to the pool
to help the baby roll over. Still do not forget that when
all the benefits of such training, there are certain conditions, with
which they are prohibited.



Categorically you can not swim with the threat of interruption
of pregnancy, так что вопрос о посещении бассейна важно обсудить с
a doctor The reasons for the ban are also abundant discharge and
placenta previa.

If there are no contraindications, the expectant mother can safely go to
pool, and it is better to start swimming as early as possible so that
с первых недель of pregnancy готовиться к родам. Do not be afraid
infections. Efficient systems are used in modern pools.
water purification and special chlorine-free products that absolutely
are safe.

Можно ли будущим мамам плавать в реках и озерах?

If it’s summer, and you want to swim in the open
pond, swim to health, but do not do it in
prohibited places. Do not enter the water immediately – first evaluate,
how clean is it.

Pregnant women are very useful to swim in the sea. Salt water is rich
trace elements that are beneficial to the skin. Only if
the bottom is rocky, do not forget to wear special shoes.

На каком сроке of pregnancy можно ходить в бассейн?

Expectant mothers can swim until childbirth. With этом лучше
give preference to special group activities for
pregnant women. The main thing when visiting the pool is to listen to
your body. It is important to enjoy the process. Not
swim through the force – it will not benefit either you or the baby.

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