Acne of newborns (acne). How not to be confused withallergies

Your baby is only a few days old, he is absolutely tiny
and helpless, and a rash suddenly appeared on the little body or
little pimples? Parents, and sometimes even a pediatrician
find it difficult to determine if it is allergy or so-called acne
newborns. Therefore, it is important to know what acne is, how it is
It looks like how to distinguish it from allergies and how to treat it (and whether
generally treat it).

акне у новорожденных детей

What is acne?


Acne of newborns is manifested in the form of pimples, red, with
белой гнойной верхушкой, очень похожих на юношеские угри (см
фото выше)
. They can pop out on the cheeks, forehead, nose, head,
even the ears, less often on the neck and back. The rash does not itch, does not deliver
baby no inconvenience. Appears in 25 – 30% of children. Medical
название — неонатальный цефалический пустулез.

Causes of

Some parents think acne is due to
improper care for infants, non-compliance with hygienic
the rules. This is not true. The cause of acne is
a surplus of maternal hormones in the blood of crumbs, as well as
imperfect work of the sebaceous glands of the child, which are not
manage to cope with the increased load during hormonal
restructuring of the body.

Нужно ли лечить?

Newborn acne is not infectious or allergic.
disease (this is a hormonal rash), to treat it with nothing
need to.

Acne is not contagious.

Не нужно мазать появившиеся высыпания зеленкой, фукорцином,
chlorophyllipt, manganese and any other antiseptics. It is better
gently wipe the affected areas with a decoction of a string or chamomile
pharmacy. Keep your baby’s skin clean and dry.
You can smear acne “bepantin” a little every 3–4 days
(ointment will dry out the rash).

Обратите внимание: нельзя выдавливать гнойные
pimples. Recovery from this will not go faster, but inflammation
will increase, an infection may get into the wound. In place of extruded
прыщей после заживления могут остаться некрасивые рубцы.

Acne goes away by itself after maternal hormones
fully excreted infants, and his work
hormonal system will come back to normal. The healing process can
take from two weeks to one and a half months. After acne is not
no trace will be left (of course, if you haven’t tried them
squeeze out).

Consultation pediatrician is necessary in any case.
He will make the correct diagnosis, give recommendations for care and
treatment. It’s very easy to confuse acne with the manifestations of food
allergies or urticaria. And allergies and urticaria to treat

Не путайте акне с allergies

  • The appearance of acne with acne and allergies significantly
    is different. If you are allergic to the skin of the baby appear large
    red spots or small red rash, white purulent tops
    are missing. Acne is manifested by acne, red underneath, white
    purulent tips on top.
  • Allergy-inflamed skin itches, baby worries,
    combing acne, naughty. Rash with acne does not bother
    child, he behaves, as usual, eats well and sleeps.
  • Acne appears most often on the cheeks, forehead or baby’s head.
    Allergic manifestations can be seen as in some places (on
    buttocks, back, cheeks), and throughout the body of the baby.
  • If allergies may change baby’s stools, redness
    щек, шершавые пятна по всему телу, сильное
    газообразование, боли в животе, рвота.

Important! We read about food
аллергии (проявления, симптомы, лечение)

Как предотвратить аллергию:

If the baby has an allergy, treatment should
carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician.

In any case, the appearance of the rash should alert the parents
therefore, without delay, show your baby specialist.
Follow his recommendations, keep baby’s skin dry and clean.
show patience, and gradually purulent heads will dry up, then
the redness will disappear and the baby’s tender skin will again become clean and

Repeat!  Acne is not dangerous and
никаких неудобств ребенку не доставляет.

Keep in mind: in addition to acne in newborns (i.e. children with
рождения и до первого месяца), бывает акне, которое
появляется у малышей после трехмесячного возраста и
older Оно имеет ту же гормональную основу и может проходить
очень долго – даже до трех лет.

To compulsory study:

  • Skin care for a newborn baby;
  • Proper hygiene of the smallest (useful to know);
  • See what common skin problems are often
    occur in newborns;
  • About pimples on the face of infants –

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