According to the state of the language, internaldiseases

Update: February 2019

In general appearance, color, moisture, density, etc.
characteristics of the state of the language can assume the presence of
иного diseases не только полости рта, но и внутренних органов и
determine the state of human health in general.

Specialists from the University of Rajalakshmi in India have developed a method
express diagnosis of human diseases in the appearance of the language. AND
today with the help of a special program in which
Many of its parameters are taken into account.
establish a diagnosis of 14 internal diseases (Crohn’s disease,
bronchial asthma, food poisoning, intestinal diverticulosis,
sinusitis, allergies, flu, bronchitis, streptococcal infection, etc.),
over time, this list can be replenished.

Many diseases leave peculiar traces in the form of color,
plaque, swelling, cracks, folds on the tongue, so it is considered
a kind of “barometer” that is sensitive enough to the deterioration
human health. ANDзвестно, что:

  • sores on the tongue indicate Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • with iron deficiency anemia appear on the surface of the tongue
  • при ВANDЧ-инфекции, грибковой инфекции на фоне приема
    antibiotics – the tongue may turn black
  • longitudinal grooves in the tongue can signal the presence of
    syphilis, etc.

Therefore, a new invented test system based on the analysis of all
parameters gives a preliminary diagnosis of the most likely
pathology. For the diagnosis is taken into account:

  • density
  • dryness or moisture of the tongue
  • color, presence of bloom
  • general form
  • the presence of complaints and symptoms of the patient

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not suffer from
30-40 годам несколькими хроническими diseasesми, особенно
digestive system that can not affect the state

Today everything is an unfavorable ecological situation.
pathologically proceeding pregnancies, aggressiveness of viruses,
infections, leads to the fact that everything – from infants to the elderly
people take periodically or on an ongoing basis mass
medicines that can not be considered normal (especially
concerns immunomodulators and antibiotics), since any
drugs have side effects and disrupt the natural processes in
the body.

AND сейчас даже у малышей, школьников, у которых не должно быть
chronic diseases, you can often observe a white patina
tongue, yellow patina, cracks in the tongue, bad breath,
cracks in the corners of the mouth, dry mouth, which may indicate
the presence of diseases not only in the oral cavity, but also on the internal
disturbances and general adverse condition of the body.

New automated pathology diagnosis system
the state of the language includes an assessment of not only its parameters, but also
takes into account the symptoms, discomfort, that a person complains about.
ANDнтересно скоро ли такая тест-система будет доступна для
diagnostics Russians?

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