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The birth of a child is a great happiness. However in young
parents often have many questions relating to
parenting. Someone seeks advice from a senior
a generation whose advice in raising children is undoubtedly priceless. But
it must also be remembered that the Internet often comes to the rescue. AT
You can find an infinite number of useful information.

What is the Babadu Academy and how is it useful?

молодые мамы

Сайт «Академия Babadu» призван помочь родителям в решении
many pressing problems associated with the education of their beloved
baby Articles hosted by the Academy provide answers to the following

  • what the newborn needs most
  • what food is most useful for the baby
  • how to choose the right baby toys
  • how to teach a child to communicate with peers
  • how to prepare for school

Among the materials of the “Academy Babadu” any mom can find
for yourself a lot of necessary, ranging from information about preparing for childbirth
and ending with the collection of the child to school. The site is focused on
parents raising children from 0 to 14 years. Convenient scale in
the site header will help select exactly those articles that
match the age of the child.


Online-lessons for young mothers

In addition to articles on the upbringing, development and psychology of the child in
�“Babadu Academy” has video courses compiled by professional
teachers, midwives and psychologists. AT каждый курс входят
videos that you can watch at any time convenient for you.
Having bought a video course, you get constant access to lessons,
compiled by true professionals who guarantee high
the quality of each video.

Preparing for childbirth

Thanks to professional advice and simple lessons, future mothers
can independently prepare for childbirth. The course “Preparing for
maternity “is not just theoretical material, but also a list
practical training for the full preparation of young mothers and fathers.
ATесь материал направлен на то, чтобы роды проходили легко.


AT видеокурсе, посвященном грудному вскармливанию, вы найдете
answers to most of your questions. ATидеоуроки пошагово
They will talk about the feeding process, the feeding
feeding. (about breastfeeding)


Baby lure

A course containing step-by-step recipes for children,
teach you how to cook your baby’s food
ingredients. Thanks to the advice of experts and experienced moms you
learn how to properly enter the lure and independently make
рацион baby

Discover your child’s talent

How to unleash the talent of the child? How to unleash his abilities? AT
video course about the best creative educational activities for children from 5
up to 7 years you will be answered for these and other questions. ATеселые уроки
�”Babadu Academy” will tell how to teach the baby with their own hands
making unusual and interesting gizmos from scrap materials without
special effort.

In addition to creative courses for children from 5 to 7 years old, you can
find lessons for younger kids. Thanks to the course dedicated to
early development of children from 3 to 5 years old, parents will learn how
strengthen the nervous system of the child, develop fine motor skills and
broaden his horizons.

Moms health

The creators of video courses are not ignored and such
An important question is how the health of young mummies themselves.
Naturally, every woman always wants to look amazing! But
sometimes these effects are achieved not without harm to health.
That is why in the course, which you can easily find on the site,
professionals have taken into account all the moments that may face
Young mom. The method proposed by the creators of the course gives the desired
result without exhausting loads and diets and is perfect
women with small children.

How to lose weight after giving birth?

  1. Article 1
  2. Article 2
  3. Article 3

ATообще, сайт отличается удобным, приятным, а главное, понятным
registration. AT «Академии Babadu» любая молодая мама найдет что-то
interesting not only for your baby, but also for yourself.

Academy website

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