Abundant yellow discharge during pregnancy

Update: December 2018

Every woman is unique and inimitable, and during pregnancy
the woman becomes even more interesting, touching, vulnerable. AT
period when a woman is expecting a child the processes occurring in
body, are reflected in all organs and systems. That’s why
shade, and the amount and consistency of vaginal secretion in
women can also change. At the same time, normal discharge is not
must be accompanied by no discomfort. Usually,
the volume of whiter in a woman increases slightly before menstruation,
during mid-cycle ovulation, with hormone therapy, and
also during pregnancy and lactation. It is considered not to
normal, pathological any bright color changes –
gray, green, dark yellow discharge during pregnancy, especially
if they are accompanied by an unpleasant smell (discharge with smell
fish), burning during urination, itching in the vagina, pain. ATо
during pregnancy a woman undergoes a grand reorganization
the whole body. AT этот период естественные защитные силы организма
women weaken somewhat, but in our time, when few can
to boast of good health, it can even be significant
reduced immunity. And the appearance of such discharge can be as
normal and pathological.

Yellow discharge in early pregnancy

Changes that occur to a woman after conception, mainly
the hormonal changes in the body, namely
there is an increased production and accumulation of progesterone, with
the disadvantage of which, the preservation of pregnancy is at risk.
In addition to protecting the baby, this hormone also influences changes.
discharge from a woman, they become more viscous, and their number
increases slightly.

Желтые выделенияWhen a yellow discharge appears in
early pregnancy can be both a sign of infection and
considered a relative norm. With a white-yellow secret when he
leaves only light yellow spots on linen, are not accompanied
other unpleasant symptoms, this should not
however, in any case, you should inform your
doctor, pass the standard tests.

However, a natural decrease in immunity, possible
allergic reactions to intimate hygiene products, synthetic
underwear, other adverse factors may contribute
more intensive reproduction than usual outside of pregnancy
conditionally pathogenic microorganisms in the vagina. Growth
E. coli, staphylococci, streptococci, fungal agents,
may disrupt the natural microflora of the vagina, causing
colpitis, bacterial vaginosis, gardnerellosis. Then appear
dark yellow discharge, often combined with an unpleasant smell,
itching, burning in the vagina and other symptoms.

Abundant yellow discharge during pregnancy – what

It is clear that during this period the woman’s production increases
vaginal secretions due to high levels of progesterone as well
thickening of the uterus and its increase. But if they become very
viscous, abundant yellow or yellow-green, it can be
a sign of exacerbation of any diseases that “slumbered” to
pregnancy, and worsened while waiting for the child:

  • Fungal and bacterial infections

Most often abundant yellow discharge during gestation.
child arise from bacterial and fungal infections. Besides
color changes, they also have an unpleasant smell, putrid,
sour, cause severe itching and burning in the vagina and external
genital organs also often appear pain with

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

ATыделения становятся желтого цвета по причине накопления в слизи
waste products of pathogenic microorganisms and impurities
pus. If the smell of fish joins the dark yellow discharge,
there may be bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis that have
adverse effect on the course of pregnancy.

  • Only on the basis of analyzes, the gynecologist can determine the exact
    diagnose and prescribe the necessary safe course of therapy

When detecting unusual changes in texture, color,
smell, you should immediately contact your obstetrician-gynecologist. Not in
In no case can you use any candles yourself, or
drugs inside.

Without accurate diagnosis during pregnancy can not be taken
no, even proven methods of treatment, especially contraindicated
douching (it’s all about douching, why is it undesirable to do it
at all).

AT то же время нельзя откладывать визит к врачу, лечение инфекции
should be carried out as quickly as possible. Test results will determine
the causative agent, and the doctor will select the safe means – antifungal
or antibacterial drugs.

What should be a normal discharge during pregnancy?

Нормальными принято считать выделения  без посторонних
inclusions, without lumps, flakes, color from transparent to
milk, the consistency similar to egg white. If you comply
rules of intimate hygiene – the smell of discharge should not be. The most
the main thing is that the vaginal secret should not be accompanied
additional discomfort – reddening of the skin, the appearance of spots
or rashes should not cause irritation of the skin and vagina, but light
yellow hue of discharge may be one of the normals.

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