About sucking reflex: weak or absentsucking reflex

The vital activity of the organism of each person, including
newborn, determine the reflexes.

Reflexes of the newborn – a response to stimuli
from the internal and external environment of the body. Congenital reflexes
laid down in the nervous system before the birth of the child.

Подробная статья об основных рефлексах

сосательный рефлекс у newborns

Сосательный рефлекс у новорожденного — это
the ability to suck the breast of the mother or the nipple on the bottle with
artificial nutrition, nested in the mouth. No one teaches a child
sucking This is not a habit, but one of the important reflexes. is he
formed in the intrauterine development process. And in the future
It has an impact on the formation of the psyche in early childhood. With
помощи сосательного рефлекса новорожденный утоляет свой

is he возникает впервые часы жизни и относится к врожденным
reflexes, which ensures the survival of the baby. This is the very first
and the most important unconditioned reflex. During feeding, when
there is a touch of the sky, the baby begins to suck milk from the breast
mother or bottle, sucks it.
Выраженность сосательного рефлекса у
newborns определяет голоден или сыт ребенок. After
еды сосательный рефлекс ослабевает. But after an hour
again makes itself felt. Very well soothing baby rhythmic

Ответственными за рефлекс сосания являются 5 пар
cranial nerves. It’s fun for a kid to suck on a dummy and
very hard work sucking milk from mom’s breasts.

By 12 months the sucking reflex weakens, and by 3-4 years

Проверить сосательный рефлекс у ребенка очень легко:
you need to stroke your cheek or touch your lips. Child
opens his mouth and slides his tongue as if he wants to suck.


Weak sucking reflex

Weakness or lack of sucking reflex is determined by the method
feeding Healthy children immediately and vigorously take the breast of the mother and
greedily suck. В отличие от здоровых малышей, новорожденные со
сниженным сосательным рефлексом засыпают во время кормления,
sluggish, swallow very rarely, and often refuse from
chest Weakened and premature babies are discharged from the hospital,
when the baby can suck on its own.

These are the reasons why the sucking reflex is most often the case.
and it’s very easy to check – you need to put a finger in your mouth
baby, in the absence of deviations, he instinctively sucks a finger.

The main reasons for reducing sucking

  • severe somatic conditions;
  • hypoxia during pregnancy or childbirth;
  • paresis of the facial nerves;
  • mental retardation;
  • sometimes stomatitis, acute respiratory infections, SARS.

In cases where the baby has a weak sucking
рефлекс и полноценного питания ребенок не получает, необходимо
decant the milk and feed the baby with a bottle or spoon. Feed
A child needs every two to two and a half hours, and possibly
more often. Self diagnose and treat the baby
categorically impossible. As soon as any deviation is noticed,
help is necessary to consult a doctor. Such states are necessary
observe in dynamics. Также причиной слабого сосательного
рефлекса может быть и неправильная форма сосков, или ребенок
not actively and intermittently sucks a cold with a stuffy nose,
or sleepy baby.

Lack of reflex

Если отсутствует сосательный рефлекс, то это первый признак
damage to the central nervous system, namely the trunk
brain that is a bad neurological sign.
With полном отсутствии этого рефлекса у newborns шансов на
no survival. Feeding such babies occurs through a probe.

Затруднение сосания, и отсутствие сосательного
рефлекса является следствием родовой травмы. To tell that
�”Baby is lazy to suck” inappropriate. Indeed, in this case, it’s not
laziness, and possible damage to important centers of the nervous system.

Withчиной отсутствия сосательного рефлекса является
neurological pathology:

  • weakness of the chewing muscles;
  • circular muscles of the mouth;
  • language.

Trauma to the neck or neck and neck area causes damage
medulla oblongata and, as a result, to reduce sucking
reflex. Such injuries slow down the development of the child.

The presence of reflexes indicates the health of the child, the state of his
nervous system. With их формировании происходит более гармоничное
development of the baby.

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newborn helping him survive and grow

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