About hygiene of newborns

Excellent health, no problems with the skin,
good immunity in a newborn depends on whether
Mommy properly carry out hygiene.

Гигиена новорожденного – это необходимый,
A daily baby care step that includes several
mandatory procedures.

If a не поддерживать чистоту тела новорожденного, то обязательно
there will be problems with health and skin, to solve which
will have to with the help of a doctor and medication. Look after
baby’s skin needs to be constantly, some procedures are needed
проводить в утренние часы, другие throughout the day.

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  • 1 Newborn’s daily toilet after waking up
    • 1.1 Video: Morning Treatments
    • 1.2 Hygiene throughout the day
      • 1.2.1 Diaper change. Washing away
      • 1.2.2 Nail care
      • 1.2.3 Bathing
    • 1.3 Средства гигиены для самых маленьких
      • 1.3.1 More care related links:
  • 2 Video: hygiene and care for the newborn
Ежедневная гигиена новорожденного

Ежедневная гигиена новорожденного

Ежедневный туалет новорожденного после пробуждения

After the baby woke up in the morning, he needs to rinse
to remove mucus from the nose, remove dirt from the ears,
to wash away The most imperative is cleanliness.
Mother’s hands – wash them thoroughly with soap, preferably
so that the nails were short, otherwise you risk injuring the delicate
baby skin. Предметы гигиены для ежедневного ухода
you need to choose in advance, selecting the highest quality, safe and

  • Caring for the eyes. It is necessary to cook warm boiled
    water in a small container and cotton swabs, use cotton wool in
    pure form is not recommended, as villi remain after it.
    We swab the tampon in water, gently squeeze and wipe the eye,
    moving from outside to inside. For каждого глаза нужно
    use a separate swab. If a вы видите, что малыш
    wakes up with copious secretions then you can use to
    eye rinse decoction of chamomile, calendula, or filtered tea
    brewing light color.
  • Care of the nasal passages. For the night in the nose of the newborn
    mucus accumulates which prevents it from breathing normally. If a
    liquid secretions, then use cotton cotton shoes to remove them,
    soaked in sterile vegetable oil. Rotational movements
    Turundum injected into the nasal passage and also remove it from the nose.
    Rotation helps to collect all the mucus, but at the same time deeply turunda
    should not be entered. The nasal passages are cleaned with separate flagella. If a
    the mucus is dry, then you first need to soften it using
    droplets with a base of sea water. They are completely harmless and not
    cause allergies. Learn more about how to clean the spout.
  • Care of the ears. Only the external ear should be cleaned.
    the baby’s ear canal is too tender and any
    careless movement can turn into painful sensations for
    crumbs. It is safer to clean the auricle with a cotton wool moistened with water.
    discs, you can use and soft sticks for ears with
    special clamps. Detailed article how to clean ears
  • The face of the baby is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in warm
    boiled water. Be sure to wipe brow, cheeks,
  • Ежедневная гигиена новорожденного после пробуждения
    lies in the washout of the buttocks and genitals. Washing away
    hold with warm water, then the skin and folds must
    thoroughly dry and process baby powder or special
    cream under the diaper. Talc contained in such means
    absorbs excess moisture and prevents diaper rash.
  • In the first days after the baby is born, you need to exercise
    regular care of the umbilical wound. Would need 3% перекись
    hydrogen solution of brilliant green and cotton swabs. In peroxide
    moisten a cotton swab or tampon and moisturize the area well
    navel, it is advisable to wait one or two minutes in order to
    the crusts softened. Then carefully remove the backward dry
    crusts. Again with a clean cotton swab with peroxide we wash the navel.
    Dry with a clean swab and process Zelenka. Not necessary
    lubricate the skin around the umbilical wound with antiseptic, firstly, it
    it is not advisable, secondly, will not allow to notice color changes
    skin. And the appearance of redness and an increase in temperature in this place
    speaks of inflammation, when fixing such phenomena you need
    Be sure to call your pediatrician. Usually the umbilical wound heals
    in less than 10 days, slight bleeding during this period is also
    is a variant of the norm. Article about the care of the umbilical wound

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Video: Morning treatments

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start brushing your kids teeth (how to clean them properly. + Lots of

All day hygiene

After each act of defecation, you need to wash your baby dry his skin and treat the folds with talcum powder or baby cream

After each act of defecation, you must have a baby
wash, dry his skin and treat folds with talcum powder or
детским cream

Уход за младенцем не ограничивается только утренними
часами, личная гигиена новорожденного должна соблюдаться
throughout the day.

After each act of defecation, you need to wash your baby
dry his skin and treat the folds with talcum powder or baby

After feeding it is necessary to make sure that the area near the mouth
clean, food debris quickly leads to the appearance of small-dots
pink rashes.

Diaper change. Washing away


Nail care

Подстригаем ноготочки

Подстригаем ноготочки

Многие родители панически боятся подстригать ноготки на ручках и
legs of the baby, for fear of hurting him. Safe and fast
You can cope with the grown nails, using the tips

  1. It is necessary to purchase safety scissors with thin blades and
    rounded tips with protective caps. Some moms
    more convenient to use special tweezers, such devices
    produced especially for babies – they are comfortable
    built-in magnifier that increases the area of ​​the nail edge in
    repeatedly. Using such knipserami, you will not be afraid
    cut the nails.
  2. Cut nails best when baby sleeps – sleep in
    newborns are strong and they absolutely do not feel cautious
  3. It is necessary to cut marigolds regularly – a child may have long nails
    scratch your face, because the baby still does not know how to control

Подробная статья: Как правильно
cut nails to newborn baby

During the day you need to monitor the condition of skin folds on
neck and interdigital spaces. These places quickly accumulate
small villi from clothes, you can remove them with a wet swab or
special baby wipes.


купание baby

With проведении гигиены в домашних условиях самым
the main ritual in the evening is considered bathing a baby, this
the procedure should not be neglected and preferably in the first weeks of life
spend it every day. Bathing в теплой воде не только очищает
baby’s skin from accumulated toxins, biological residues
fluids, sweat, but also soothes and relaxes, which guarantees
restful sleep at night.

How to bathe a child:

  1. The first thing you need to decide on a room for swimming. If a
    the bathroom is too small, you can bathe in the bedroom, but
    you need to heat the room and check if there are drafts. For
    bathing will require a bath, water temperature up to 37 degrees,
    a thermometer to measure it, a jug of warm water for
    rinsing, diaper, towel.
  2. In the prepared water gently dip the baby (in order
    so that the child is not afraid, you can pre-wrap it in
    thin diaper, it allows the baby to adapt more gently to
    altered conditions). First, the legs are immersed, then gradually
    whole body. It is necessary to ensure that the head and ears are not under
    water sold special slides and rollers that hold the body
    baby Remove the diaper.
  3. For мытья нужно использовать специальный детский шампунь, не
    irritant and baby soap. Bathing в первый раз длится
    5-7 minutes, then the time gradually increases. After bathing
    rinse the head and body with the prepared water, it is necessary to pour
    thin stream.
  4. Babies are taken from the bath, wrapped in a towel and put on
    changing table or bed. Now you need to carefully
    dry all the folds and process them with special creams.

Bathing articles:

  • In what water to bathe a newborn baby
  • Bathing baby в травах
  • Baby is afraid to swim

Средства гигиены для самых маленьких

Средства для гигиены

Средства для гигиены

Средства для гигиены новорожденного нужно особенно
carefully selected, they should be designed to care for
body in the first months after birth. Would need
some of the most sought after in the first weeks:

  1. Baby soap without fragrances.
  2. Talc. Special children’s talc is produced in liquid form. With
    applied to the skin it neutralizes moisture well and is not going to
    into lumps.
  3. The shampoo should be marked “without tears”.
  4. Wet wipes.
  5. Cream irritation Bepanten or D – Panthenol. For ухода за
    skin without irritation choose a simple moisturizer.

По теме: ТОП-10 средств для ухода за вашим
little one.

Buying baby hygiene products for
новорожденного обязательно обращайте внимание на срок годности
and quality. Determine the reliability of the manufacturer can be clear
inscriptions without errors, detailed instructions, well
visible expiration dates.

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Video: hygiene and care for the newborn

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