About hair is not the body of a newborn baby

У вашего новорожденного ребенка на теле волосы в чрезмерном
quantity? Young parents are always afraid of this symptom.
extremely. However, many doctors warn in advance about
opportunities for their development. These hairs are quite thin,
compared with those on the body of an adult, and they are given
особое название — лануго. They can be located
both on a back, and on ears, shoulders of the child. With this hair
are tough enough, because of what moms decide that they
are the root of sleep problems and poor baby’s appetite.

новорожденный с волосиками на теле

The reasons

The development of lanugo hairs on the body of a baby begins in the womb
mother, about the twelfth week. Gradually, as
fetal development, some hairs die off and are replaced by others, more
thin and almost invisible. In fact, lanugo is not
pose no danger, quite the contrary. They are called
protect the child. These hairs retain a substance that
excretes the body of the baby, being in the womb, so that a small
the body is fully developed.

For reasons of excessive hair
include the following:

  • Если у новорожденного на теле есть волосы и их
    quite a lot, then, most likely, the whole thing is in heredity and
    the predominance of the hormone responsible for hair growth –
  • Anomalies in the development of hair, which are called
    stigma The reason for their occurrence, based on the full
    examination of the child, will be able to identify only the doctor.
  • Birth prematurely. Since the child is premature, lanugo is still
    did not have time to fall out completely.
  • Pathology. You can talk about it if lanugo is not
    disappeared a few months after the birth of the baby into the world.
    In this case, it is necessary to visit doctors and conduct
    treatment courses to be prescribed.

Ways to get rid

Doctors recommend some measures to be taken.
направлены на удаление волос, если у новорожденного они есть.
They are quite simple, so follow them much effort not
make up.

  1. Be sure to bathe the baby regularly;
  2. When bathing it is important to use a soft sponge or washcloth, while
    care which careful massage movements will be possible
    wash hairs;
  3. Constantly turn the baby, change its position

It is not necessary to cut, and especially shave lanugo. Razor can only
to hurt the baby’s tender skin.

If, after applying creams and baby powders, aimed at
избежание появления раздражений кожи, волосики скатываются в
small bunches, they can cause additional discomfort and
sometimes even pain. In this case, you need to bathe the baby daily,
maybe even twice a day if the need for it
really is.

Lanugo: Are they dangerous?

Still, reassuring many moms can be difficult, even if their arguments
leads a qualified doctor. Fear for the child is much stronger
than wanting to understand medical terms. Important
clarify the following points:

  • Lanugo is just hair that did not fall out
    when the baby was in the womb. After a month or two of life they
    finally fall out or be erased.
  • The hairs on the body of the baby in no way can cause
    any problems. Even if hormone levels are elevated, it is
    Lanugo is absolutely not dangerous.
  • Do not use on the child a variety of recipes from
    народной медицины
    , якобы позволяющие избавиться от
    unwanted hair. Best to wait a bit. (The only thing,
    that will be useful for the kid from the recipes of traditional medicine –
    baths with the addition of various medicinal herbs.)

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