A touching story: why is a crying child -a sign of a good mother

When a baby cries, the mother’s heart bleeds. Which one
Should mom’s reaction to baby crying? And is it true that children
Constantly naughty and crying only bad mothers?

Famous blogger and mother of three “difficult” children Jordan Harrell
shares with its readers a touching story that
helps to look at baby crying from a different angle. She is convinced
that crying is the only way for children to communicate with
by adults. The most important thing is to react to it correctly.

ребенок плачет

Here’s what Jordan Harrell tells other moms:

First colic, then teething, then allergic
reaction. All day and night, my baby was bursting with crying. I
I realized that a little more – and I would have to drink a sedative, I
I felt that I was going crazy. It seemed to me that I can no longer
endure sobs and I begged my baby to shut up even for
a minute

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: как понять причины плача
newborn baby

Sometimes, when my nerves could not stand at all, I roared in unison
with your child, and it was not clear who would get tired first. I была
I am sure that I am the worst mother in the world, because all three
my children in infancy behaved the same way.

Everything changed in a flash when I remembered my story
own mother.

When my brother Justin was born, my mother was still very young. is he
He was also a “difficult” child, constantly capricious and did not let go
Mom from myself not a step. He was very difficult to calm and lay down.


Familiar, is not it?

One Sunday morning during the church service at Justin
there was another hysteria. Mom had to go outside to
reassure him. In the courtyard of the church she met a woman in her arms
which a baby slept peacefully about the same age as
Justin. And then my mother asked the woman what the
is her secret why her baby is so calm.

The woman smiled sadly and said that she is not native
boy’s mother. Before she adopted him, little one
months continuously cried. But on his cry no one paid
attention, and in the end he fell silent. is he слишком долго плакал, и
now almost never cries.

�“What is your secret? Why is he so calm? ”, Asked my

«Это не мой родной сын, я его приемная Mama. is he провел первые
a few months of his life, crying non-stop, and his crying
always remained unanswered. is he слишком долго плакал, а потом
stopped and now almost never cries. “

After this story, something changed in me. How hard it would be for me
there was no matter how many sleepless nights I sat around the nursery
cots, I recalled the words of this woman and reminded myself:
Your baby’s cry is good. It means that
my son believes me, he calls me and knows that I will
I will come.

Moms “difficult” children, be grateful to them for

is heи не плачут, потому что ты плохая Mama.

is heи плачут, потому что ты — хорошая

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