A roller coaster is dangerous for children -increased risk of stroke

Update: February 2019

In Pediatric Neurology (Pediatric Neurology) recently was
published an article about the case of stroke in a 4-year-old child
after the amusement park, namely riding on the American

In recent years, American physicians have expressed concerns in
due to the occurrence of cases of acute disorders
blood circulation of the brain in children, the trigger mechanism of which was
катание на американских slides.

The authors of the article are children’s neurologists from Chicago (Medical Center
Loyola University) are not concerned about the safety of such popular
attractions in the US. This is quite dangerous entertainment for children,
since sharp braking and acceleration with weak muscles of the neck in
children can lead to vascular catastrophe.

Before visiting the amusement park, the injured boy developed
OK, there were no health problems. Together with his parents he
rolled on 2 roller coasters:

  • the first was 225 meters long, with a maximum speed of 40 km / h and
    lifting 9 meters
  • the second was – 350 meters, 64 km / h and a rise of 16 meters

The next morning, the victim began vomiting, paralyzed
the left half of the body and face, examination in the clinic established
diagnosis – ischemic stroke. Doctors concluded that
cause of stroke steel overload during riding. Swift
set speed and sharp turns and braking lead to inclinations and
bends of the head, overstressing the neck muscles. This provoked
boy’s carotid artery bundle, and a formed blood clot led
to ischemic stroke.

Children under 10 are very vulnerable to such injuries, since
large enough head, neck muscles are not strong enough.
In addition to this incident with a 4 year old boy, similar tragedies are known.
when stroke occurred in healthy children – a 13 year old girl and 11
year old boy after visiting roller coaster.

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