A rare change of nightwear provokes cystitis andskin diseases

Update: February 2019

Specialists from the UK (experts hygienists) found out
that nightwear, pajamas, peignoirs are the real “bacterial
bomb”. That is the rare change and washing of pajamas increases risk
development of cystitis in women, skin and other diseases caused by
E. coli or Staphylococcus aureus.

It turned out as a result of a survey of 2400 Britons, like men,
and women 18-30 years of age. Scientists from the London School
hygiene and tropical medicine found that on average 
the average man in the UK does not wash his pajamas 13
days, and the woman sleeps in one pajamas 17 days.


Why it happens? Almost half of the respondents believe that
since nightwear is not the body only 6-8 hours and you can
to say “does not get dirty,” then it often does not make sense to erase it.
Moreover, 70% of men do not wash their things on their own, this
do women and men have no idea how often should
night clothes are being washed.

Hygienist experts consider this approach to personal hygiene
unacceptable and warn that prolonged use (more
6-7 days) underwear is harmful to health. Night cloth
pajamas in contact with the skin, a man, though not significantly, but
sweats at night and does not always take a shower before bed, so
tissue can accumulate a large number of germs during these
8 ocloc’k.

Most bacteria are considered opportunistic, but with
the presence of provoking factors can lead to infectious
diseases. In the existing on the body abrasions, microtrauma, cuts
Staphylococcus aureus may enter and cause
suppurative skin diseases, and penetration from the skin into the urinary
ways of Escherichia coli, especially in women – to provoke the development
cystitis. In recent decades there has been an increase
microbial resistance to antibiotics, and is becoming increasingly difficult
treat infectious diseases. Therefore, experts recommend
wash nightwear at least once a week.

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