A newborn baby groans and strains

When a newborn baby groans and strains, from parents
there is an alarm for his condition. After all, any sound made
baby, immediately attributed to signs of health or illness

A newborn baby groans – is it normal?

новорожденный ребенок кряхтит и is straining

In most cases grunting and straining are not
signs of any disease. There are several reasons why
Newborn babies groan:

  1. The accumulation of gases in the intestines.
  2. The desire to burp the air that entered the stomach during
  3. The need for bowel or bladder emptying.
  4. An expression of discontent with something.
  5. The desire to talk.

A newborn baby groans and strains при опорожнении
bowel and bladder, as well as getting rid of accumulated
gas in the intestine or stomach because the muscles of its abdominal wall
still weak. In addition, the work of the systems of digestion and urination
not yet established. Accordingly, for successful implementation even
the easiest actions for a child are to make an effort.

Grunting newborn with displeasure and desire to communicate
due to the fact that he still does not know how to express his feelings and
emotions are different. The kid can’t talk yet,
gesticulate and use facial expressions.

What to do if a newborn baby grunts

First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of such sounds and
take action depending on what is bothering

  1. If the child constantly groans before going to the toilet,
    This will help daily massage tummy. Massage will facilitate a discharge
    gas and feces will help strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal
  2. If after grunting usually follows belching, it is necessary
    find out if you put the crumb to your breast correctly. With
    artificial feeding should pick up the bottle and pacifier,
    which will prevent the ingestion of air during feeding.
    After feeding, the crumbs must be put in a “column” to
    the air came out of the stomach.
  3. If a newborn baby groans and it is not related to
    feeding and emptying the intestines or bladder, then
    need to check whether he has dry diapers, whether on clothes
    rough seams or other discomforting elements in a convenient
    whether the position is baby. Perhaps the child wants to draw on
    yourself your attention and play around.

What to look for if an infant grunts and
is straining

As a rule, grunting is accompanied by reddening of the face and this is not
is a sign of pathology. But if while straining your child
cries and legs with feet, and also constantly naughty or looks
lethargic, it is a sign of intestinal problems.

One of the most frequent reasons why newborns
groan, are intestinal colic. It is also worth assessing the baby’s chair:
if it is hard and looks like balls, then the cause of grunting is
constipation and its treatment is required. Another sign of the disease
there will be a child’s refusal to eat, or vice versa are too frequent at night and
daily food requirements. In all of these situations is required
Consultation pediatrician.

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