A new means for losing weight – holevacids

Update: February 2019

Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) distinguished itself
the sensational results of a new study headed by
Dr. Laura Velasquez. Желчные acids способны помочь людям с
overweight in burning adipose tissue.

Obesity in most cases due to the mismatch
receipt and consumption of calories in our body. It is wide
distributed among the population and associated with a variety of endocrine
and cardiovascular diseases. It makes obesity treatment
the most important goal of modern medicine, however, so far this is possible with
by work

  • The best “cure” for excess weight is regular.
    hypocaloric diet in combination with the dosed physical
    loads (see diet for obesity). Patients are not always
    agree to adhere to a similar lifestyle, especially age
  • Another option is taking medications that
    slow down the absorption of fats in the intestinal lumen (ezetimibe). But also
    this method is not always approved among patients with
  • Increasingly, people resort to surgical methods of mass correction.
    body that is not always safe and much more expensive than standard

Новое исследование показало, что желчные (холевые) acids –
potentially effective in the treatment of obesity. As known,
bile “breaks” the fat that comes from food into many tiny
spherical particles in order to make them available for processing
pancreatic enzymes. Холевые acids, как было выяснено
scientists are also able to repurpose adipocytes (fatty
cells) in the so-called “fat burners”.


When activated, the specialized receptor “TGR5” on
the surface of adipocytes with the help of bile acids starts the process
transition of the original cell to the fat burner. In updated cells
increased number of mitochondria and energy metabolism in the direction of decay
fat Now fat reserves are becoming the main energy
source for the functioning of the whole organism.

It is on this effect of bile acids that Laura’s conclusions are based.
Velazquez. To start fat burning processes enough
even a small concentration of cholic acids. it
circumstance will allow you to control the pace of weight loss by increasing
or lowering the dose of the drug. Today preparations of cholic acids

  • first of all, ursodeoxycholic (Ursodez, Ursofalk)
  • и хенодеоксихолевая acids (Хенохол, Хенофальк).

These drugs have a number of contraindications (for example,
X-ray gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder,
intestinal disorders of the pancreas, liver, kidneys),
therefore, should be prescribed only by a doctor according to indications.

At the moment, studies are not completed and it is unknown when
new medicine with small doses of cholic acids will be
included in global clinical treatment guidelines

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