A new look at the causes of cancer

Update: February 2019

Researchers at the Scottish University of Dundee in collaboration with
colleagues from Heriot-Watt University, University of Edinburgh
и  Института Кюри выдвинули новую теорию возникновения рака, в
the basis of which is the aging of the immune system.

Today, the leading causes of cancer are gene mutations,
lifestyle, environmental influences, and an increase in the incidence
with age due to the number of accumulated mutations. However in
the course of the study proved that the aging immune system plays
not the last role in the development of oncology. If this theory will
confirmed by further research, the approach to prevention and
Cancer treatment will be changed radically.

The main cause of aging of the immune system is a decrease in
the function of the thymus (thymus gland), which produces T cells,
killing altered and alien cells. Natural aging
the thymus begins at about the same age, then through
every 16 years the size of the gland is reduced by 2 times, respectively
the production of T cells is also reduced. As proved, between growth
Some types of cancer and a drop in the T-cell population have a direct

  • The hypothesis of immunological observation is that
    cancer cells occur in the body constantly, but the immune system
    effectively destroy them before they can cause
  • If there are fewer T cells, the chances of surviving cancer cells
    greatly increased.
  • Another confirmation of this theory was that women
    the increase in the age of cancer is slower –
    thymus gland shrinks not as fast as

An experimental model of oncology development has been tested by
data from the US National Cancer Surveillance Program (SEER)
in USA. The results showed that with the aging of the immune system
Many types of cancer are associated.

The conclusion of scientists – the need for a serious attitude to the immune
system in cancer research. Future for artificial improvement
функции тимуса —  трансплантацией, контролируемой регенерацией
and in other ways allowing to increase the amount
T cells.

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