A new drug for coronavirus has been developed

In Russia, they developed a new drug for the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was told by the Minister of Health M. Goosebump on meeting of st. Putin, which took place on April 13, 2020 года.New medicine against coronavirusДанное лекарство раньшеtested in other countries, but Russian specialists managed create an analogue. The company has already produced the first batch for clinical trials that will begin in 10-12 days. Mikhail Murashko expressed gratitude to the government for quick response to a situation with a lack of individual funds protection and drugs in Russia, as well as reduction registration deadlines for medical devices. Scientists from japan claim that coronavirus reproduction may block antiviral drug “Nelfinavir”. Mostly combining with other medicines, it is used to treat HIV. Also, by According to scientists, Favipiravir is markedly different from other antiviral drugs. It was used to treat Ebola and some other serious viral diseases. According to statistics, people infected with the coronavirus on April 13, 18352 people, of whom 1473 recovered and 149 died. New cases have been identified during many regions of the Russian Federation. Pandemic continues to spread Russia and around the world. In this difficult period for all, WHO recommends strict observance of the self-isolation mode so as not to catch Covid-19.


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