A large bump on the child’s forehead


  1. Treatment
  2. First aid
  3. Severe injury
  4. Other reasons
  5. Conclusion

A bruise, an abrasion, a bruise, a bump are invariable companions of a child, who cognizes the world during the period of growing up. Most often injuries arising after a fall, gradually disappear without a trace, but sometimes Do not do without the participation of doctors.

The child fell, a bump on his forehead ─ what to do, how to render the first help and when is it necessary to seek medical help? If the child hits his forehead, the bump is the result of edema. soft tissues of the bruised area. More often than not, she appears on the head.

From bursting vessels, injured tissues are filled with blood, forming a hematoma protruding over the skin. And just grow on the forehead the biggest bumps, because there are many small blood vessels. Fast and competent adult response instead of panic, it will help speed up the healing process.


If you fall or run into the sharp corner of the furniture, child stuffed a bump on his forehead or other part of his head to reduce swelling, urgent preventive measures must be taken.

  1. First of all, it’s important to stay calm, because it’s too mom’s emotional state is immediately transmitted to the child, and then it will be difficult to calm him down.
  2. If a child has a bump on his forehead, bleeding from a blow on the skin abrasions, there is a wound with torn edges, they must be disinfected any antiseptic and provide the baby with complete peace.
  3. To reduce edema, you can for 10-15 minutes. attach to the cone a cold compress wrapped in ice towel, frozen prefabricated from the refrigerator. If the baby fell on the street, you can use a bottle of cold water, a copper coin. Apply it is necessary to tightly and surely wrap the compress in a dry cloth, to avoid hypothermia. Such a simple measure relieves pain constricts blood vessels. Remember, if a child hits his forehead, a big bump of cold water that some parents pour on baby’s head, it won’t become smaller. And to provide him with a cold like this way is quite real!
  4. All these measures are only first aid and advice. the doctor will not be replaced.

First aid

How to anoint a bump on a child’s forehead? If the bump is big, her can be treated with one of the special ointments that relieve soft swelling tissues. In any home medicine cabinet there is a “Bruise-off”, “Ambulance help “,” Troxevasin “,” Lyoton “,” Aibolit “,” Traumeel S “or “Lifeguard”, which are available without a prescription in a pharmacy. The classic body remedy for bruises is also heparin ointment, iodine-based mesh.

If a child has a bump on his forehead, what to do when a pharmacy no money at hand? Folk remedies will help here: applying to the swollen area of ​​leaves of burdock, plantain or cabbage, in extreme cases, ─ grated raw potatoes.

Grind plantain or burdock, beat off the cabbage leaf and attach to the bump by wrapping the drug in a bandage. Fix all with a gauze dressing, and the antiseptic properties of these plants will remove swelling and inflammation.

Usually bumps, abrasions and bruises with minor injuries go beyond a few days. Swelling at the site of a previous injury may be due to cicatricial changes in injured soft tissues. It is impossible to influence this process, ointment will help to reduce manifestations “Kontraktubeks” softening scars.

By the end of the third week, the hematoma resolves, and if not, then The issue of puncture and removal of content may be discussed. More important bumps at this moment the state of the child, which must be constantly control. If the child does not have a bump on the forehead or there were complaints of well-being, do not delay the visit to to the doctor.

Severe injury

Bumps on the forehead are less dangerous than injuries on the temples. and in the parietal part of the head. If the blow is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Constant pain;
  • Cramps, nausea, and vomiting;
  • Bleeding (nasal or from the ears);
  • Continuous and prolonged crying of the child (15 minutes and more);
  • Instead of a bump on the forehead, the child formed a cavity;
  • Unusual behavior of the baby (he is too excited or too much calm, inhibited, talking with difficulty);
  • Loss of consciousness (even short-term or intermittent);
  • General weakness, pale skin, blue lips and severe breathing in a dream;
  • Poor orientation in space;
  • Pupils of different sizes first noticed strabismus.

If even one of the listed symptoms is observed, it is necessary urgently call an ambulance. These symptoms may indicate brain concussion.

In infants of the first year of life, head injuries are especially dangerous, since the baby’s skull is still forming, and not always the baby can clearly explain what exactly bothers him.


After the fall of such a child, even from a small height, his must be examined by a surgeon and a neurologist. You may need to do an x-ray or an ultrasound. The consequences of the injury can manifest themselves in a day and later, sharply worsening the condition of the child, so it is better to be safe.

Severe and neglected cases require special conditions for treatment. Late diagnosis ─ this is a lost time prolonging recovery period and increasing likelihood of occurrence complications.

Other reasons

Sometimes a large bump on the child’s forehead does not appear from a blow, but for no apparent reason. Most often, such defects of danger do not represent, they are associated with individual characteristics anatomical structure of the skull (with the exception of craniostenosis). If it is a hereditary form of the skull, then over time these bulges will become less noticeable.

In another embodiment, the occurrence of bumps in the forehead area is explained development of a benign neoplasm. Such a tumor may increase in size over time, change shape and structure. Typically, such cones are wen (lipoma, atheroma), arising due to blockage of the sebaceous glands.

Types of wen differ in growth rates and the clinical picture diseases – atheroma, can cause suppuration and inflammation. If not from hitting a bump on the child’s forehead, what should I do? Tumors of this kind eliminated by surgical methods.

They are also treated with cryodestruction, destroying the wen with a strong the cold. You can not self-medicate or ignore the problem: the cone grows, it becomes dense, when pierced, you can pick it up dangerous infection. If clogged pores are avoided, competently caring for skin, eliminating black spots in time, you can avoid the appearance of like cones.

To benign neoplasms include fibroma, which occurs in different parts of the body, including on the face. Reasons for them appearances are not fully understood if the cone is small in size and the baby doesn’t interfere, a simple cosmetic defect and not delete.

If the child fell, the bump on the forehead may not be from a blow. If it is soft to the touch and blushed noticeably, it can be an abscess. The accumulation of pus can be located quite deep, on top, on skin resembling an ordinary bump. The type of inflammation is determined by the pediatrician, he He also selects a course of treatment. Vitamins, antibiotics are usually prescribed. and other restorative therapy. If such treatment is ineffective, possible participation of the surgeon. What are the most effective ointments for bruises and bruises for children.

What to do if the baby has a lump behind her ear.

A practical guide for mothers – at what age is a newborn begins to crawl. A lump on the child’s forehead after a stroke may be not a simple hematoma, but a hemangioma, and even melanoma. Such cases a favorable outcome guarantees only timely started treatment.


The life of any normal child, if he is not a baby, is tight wrapped in diapers, impossible without bumps and abrasions. Care young children involves constant monitoring of their behavior and condition.

From an early age, when the baby learns the world, it is important not to hide from it’s all, threatening: “Do not run ─ you will fall, do not climb in ─ you will get dirty”, and constantly monitor, conduct conversations about safe behavior on the street, during games, at school breaks. If still a child hit his forehead, bump ─ what to do? The main thing is not to lose the situation control, and to provide competent first aid will help these tips.

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