A hygienic tampon can causeof death

Update: February 2019

Loud story associated with the use of tampons during
menstruation, befall in Northamptonshire (England). once
In the morning, fourteen-year-old teenager Molly Paulett awoke and
felt severe malaise that did not go unnoticed and
her mom, Sonia Paulett.

Assuming that the mysterious state of the girl is banal
cold, the family took up the usual things. However soon on the skin
Molly manifested a common rash. Mother promptly
reacted: having told her daughter to remove a hygienic tampon, she collected
essentials and headed along with Molly to

It turned out that the girl had developed a so-called syndrome
toxic shock from the fact that she used one very long and
same tampon during menstruation. This syndrome is
a set of symptoms caused by the action (most often)
staphylococcal microbes on the human body.


If the means for intimate hygiene, filled with blood, long
is in the vagina of a woman, it becomes an excellent nutrient
medium for staphylococci. Bacteria, multiplying and feeding, excrete
toxic compounds absorbed into the blood through the wall

Toxic shock syndrome include such manifestations.

  • heat;
  • stool disorders;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • weakness;
  • headaches;
  • rash.

Symptoms usually develop on the 3-5th day of menstruation. Molly’s
the situation was even harder: insufficiency began to develop
the work of many internal organs. The reason for this is sepsis (infection
blood microorganisms). The girl was placed in an intensive care unit.

Fortunately, Molly Paulett was a lucky woman, and doctors were able to
help her. Now the life of the girl is not in danger. And mom
the teenager encourages other parents to inquire in advance about
manifestations of this syndrome. �“Though I thought at first that this
only flu, ”says Sonya,“ intuition prompted me to carry
daughter to the hospital.

According to her, the tampon has been used for about 10 hours. ” Of course,
Doctors noted that this is an impermissibly long period of “wearing”
hygienic tampon, which could lead a girl to death
to the end For the future, doctors recommended changing this intimate tool.
hygiene every 3-5 hours.

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