A drugы для улучшения мозгового кровообращенияin children and adults

Update: December 2018

For modern medicine, extreme relevance today
represents the preservation and restoration of cerebral circulation,
since it depends on how adequate it is
comfortable life in youth and a clear head in old age. Of course
most important is the correction of cerebral blood flow acquires
transitional moments of human life.

Early childhood

In early childhood, after suffering birth trauma, drops
pressure at Caesarean section and other oxygen starvation
(in utero or during labor) cerebral blood flow may suffer in
varying degrees. With этом требуется восстановительный период,
which is usually limited to the first three years (with
successful outcome of postnatal encephalopathy) or may last
all life, for example, after hemorrhages with vascular lesions
cysts, vascular epilepsy or cerebral palsy.

Pupils, teenagers

For students and adolescents load on cerebral blood flow
increases with increasing intensity of the educational process and
changes in hormonal levels, which can lead to deterioration
conditions of cerebral blood flow (vascular spasm).

Adult working population

In adults, cerebral blood flow most often suffers when
osteochondrosis, which squeezes blood vessels that feed the brain, head tumors
and neck, atherosclerotic processes and endarteritis, as well as from
acute cerebral artery thrombosis on the background of injuries or operations.

Elderly people

Older people are most likely to suffer from strokes.
(hemorrhagic or ischemic), cerebral atherosclerosis
blood vessels and brain tumors. With этом процессы могут
proceed as acute (stroke) or chronic (atherosclerosis).

Drug therapy

Drug therapy нарушений мозгового кровообращения
held in all ages, but with different
duration and effectiveness. The price of the issue is also different.

Just want to focus on the fact that all without exception
drugs that directly improve metabolic processes in the brain
cells called nootropics work only pathologically
altered tissues and have no effect on tissue

Therefore, a large area of ​​use of these funds for
stimulation of mental activity of children, youth and healthy

  • when preparing for exams
  • during intense workloads
  • children who started school
  • or badly doing in it
  • and even more so for preschoolers

can be safely attributed to the TRYUK PHARMACEUTICAL CONCERNS by
conspiracy, increased indications for the use of these drugs and
receiving huge cash from gullible but
uneducated buyers.

The greatest role in the development of cerebral blood flow disorders play
vascular spasm or thrombus formation in the arteries. Therefore, the most
relevant groups of drugs that improve brain
bloodstream, become vasodilators and drugs that interfere
bonding platelets in the formation of blood clots.

Cerebrovascular Vasodilator Drugs

Vasodilators are a group of drugs with different
mechanisms of action. Their main disadvantage is
non-selectivity of action, due to which they expand not only
arteries of the brain, but also other vessels, often giving a drop
blood pressure at which cerebral blood flow is even greater
getting worse.

This moment is especially unpleasant for the elderly, the arteries
who are severely affected by atherosclerosis. They are often on the background
vasodilators may occur orthostatic hypotension
(darkening in the eyes with a sharp rise) and development risks
ischemic strokes.


Antispasmodics расслабляя гладкие мышцы сосудистой стенки,
expand the lumen of blood vessels. It is as soft and relatively
safe drugs, these include tablets and injections:

  • Но-шпа (60 tab. 220 руб)
  • Дротаверина гидрохлорид (100 tab. 50 rub.)

A drugы плохо работают на сосудах, пораженных атеросклерозом.
They can also steal diseased areas of the brain by redistributing
blood flow in favor of healthy areas due to better preservation there
vessels. Therefore, this group of drugs is little used in
older patients for whom the following drugs are preferred

Calcium channel blockers

Calcium channel blockers, cerebral vessels dilate not in
damage to the rest of blood circulation. Mostly improved with
this is microcirculation. The main side effect of these drugs is
drop in blood pressure.

These include: Адалат, Кордафен, Брейнал, Норвакс, Арифон,
Grindeke, Diakordin, Cordaflex, Diakordin, Cortiazem, Lacipil,
Логимакс, Нафадил, Notмотан, Нимотоп, Плендил, Стамло, Форидон,
Cinnarizine, Tsinedil, Nifekard, Cinnasan.

Nimodipine (Nimotop)

Withменение: Nimodipine применяют для профилактики и лечения различных
circulatory disorders of the brain. Nimodipine release tablets
weighing 30 milligrams. One pack contains twenty,
fifty or one hundred pills. It can also be purchased in the form of 0.02%
solution for infusion (in plastic bags or bottles of 50

  • Nimodipine is treated after hemorrhage under the meninges, and
    also with strokes for five to fourteen days.
  • For the prevention of the drug is prescribed in tablet form,
    two tablets every four hours, a total of three hundred and sixty
    milligrams per day.
  • Patients weighing less than seventy kilograms and unstable
    blood pressure, the drug begins to be administered at a reduced dose
    (for example, from half a milligram).

Side effects: the risk of side effects of the drug is higher with
intravenous. Pressure may drop sharply. At reception
tablets are frequent digestive disorders in the form of nausea, diarrhea.
Contraindications: pregnancy and the simultaneous use of infusion and
tablets of this drug. Care must also be taken.
with intracranial hypertension, renal failure. Price: 100
tab. 1100 rub.

Cinnarizin (Stugeron)

Produced in tablets of 25 mg (packs of 30 or 50
tablets) is used for course taking (from three weeks to
half a year) 1-2 tablets three times a day. Indications and
contraindications are similar to nimodipine. Today, the drug is strong
pressed vinpocetine. Price: Cinnarizine 50 pcs. 30-70 rub, Stugeron
50 pcs. 150-200 rubles

Vinpocetine (Cavinton)

This is a drug from plant materials (periwinkle). A drug
combines the properties of a vasodilator and a means
limiting thrombosis. Also vinpocetine is capable
improve metabolism in the brain tissue and make it more resistant to
oxygen starvation. Withменение: таблетки по 5 мг применяются по одной трижды в день после
food. Solutions are administered intravenously. Before ending
treatment dose is gradually reduced to the full abolition.
Contraindications: not recommended for combined use with
heparin (due to the risk of bleeding). Also with severe forms of CHD
and arrhythmias prohibited parenteral administration means. Because
the drug passes through the placenta and passes into breast milk
not recommended for pregnant and lactating. Devoid of the phenomenon
�”Stealing”. Analogues of Vinpocetine: Vero-Vinpocetine, Bravinton, Vincetin,
Vinpoton, Telektol, Kavinton Forte. Price: Cavinton 5 mg. 50 pcs. 250
rub., Vinpocetine 5 mg. 50 pcs. 40-80 rub., Korsavin 5 mg. 50 pcs.
70-90 rub.

The largest international organization in evidence-based medicine –
Cochrane International Cooperation does not recognize efficiency
Cavinton’s and does not include it in his Review, which allows him to talk about
proven effect of the drug. Because по нему не были проведены
double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

However, domestic neurologists and vascular surgeons repeatedly
published the results of work with this drug (including
cerebral circulation improvement confirmed by results
tomography of the brain and angiography of blood vessels) and continue
defend his position in the treatment of chronic cerebral disorders
blood circulation of varying severity. Traditionally in the program
management of such patients included course drip injections
Cavinton and courses Vinpocetine tablets.

Alpha blockers

Alpha adenoblockers simultaneously with the expansion of small vessels
improve metabolism in the brain tissue, reduces aggregation
platelet count. Shown in acute and chronic metabolic
нарушениях в головном мозге, в том числе при сосудистом слабоумии, преходящем кислородном голодании мозга на фоне
vascular spasm, and also against a background of arterial hypertension or
with atherosclerosis. These include:

  • Nicergolin – 5 ampoules 4 mg. 250 rubles, 30 tabl 350-400 rubles.
  • Sermion – 30 mg tablets. 30 pieces 650 rubles, 5 mg. 30 pieces
    450 rub.

Combination preparations, dilating vessels

  • Vasobral (alpha dihydroergocryptin and caffeine)
  • Инстенон (этофиллин, этомиван, гексобендин), 30tab. 200-250
    rub. 5 amp. on 2 ml. 250 rub.


These are drugs that prevent platelets from sticking together to form
blood clots, clogging the cerebral vessels. They improve
microcirculation, increasing the patency of capillaries, and show
properties of angioprotectors that reduce vascular fragility due to
improve metabolism in their wall.

By disaggregant include: Dipyridamole (Curantil), Vazonit,
Doxy-Hem, Pentoxifylline, Persanthin, Radomin, Trental,


These are tablets (25, 50, 75 or 100 mg), dragee or 0.5% solution
Dipyridamole for infusion. It is prescribed for chronic disorders.
cerebral circulation or dyscirculatory encephalopathy in
adults and children over 12 years old. Side effects: from the side
phenomena may experience nausea, diarrhea, muscle pain,
dizziness or fainting. Less common is urticaria.
Withменение: A drug назначается курсом. Tablets are taken for
an hour before meals or 2 hours after it three times a day. A drug
strengthens properties when taken with cephalosporins, anticoagulants
(increases the risk of bleeding). With simultaneous appointment with
antihypertensives can cause sudden drops in blood pressure. Аналоги Curantilа
(100 tab. по 25 mg 550-600 rub): Anginal, Tranocardium, Coribon,
Aprikor, Viskor, Persanthin, Parsedil, Vadinar.

A nicotinic acid

A nicotinic acid в виде ксантинола никотината в таблетках и
solution for intravenous drip. A drug, проявляющий
properties of deaggregants. Tablets give a very weak effect, and
solutions are not recommended today due to high risks
gastro-duodenal bleeding.


These are extracts from plant materials that improve vascular tone.
and strengthening walls of blood vessels:

  • Танакан 30 pieces 650 rub
  • Bilobil 20 pcs. 300 rub
  • Гинкоум 30 pieces 250 rub.
  • Memoplant z0 pcs. 550 rub.

This extract of Ginkgo Biloba – acts slowly and seriously
research in terms of evidence-based medicine these drugs are not
passed by

Microcirculation Correctors

Betagistin (Betaserc)

It is an effective drug that helps not only.
correct the blood flow in the capillaries, but also cleans
dizziness and unsteadiness of gait for chronic problems with
cerebral blood flow. Application: tablets of 8 or 16 mg
courses. The daily dose ranges from 24 to 48 mg in three doses.
Contraindications: pregnant or lactating, requires caution when
ulcer disease, bronchial asthma. Side effects: able
cause urticaria or digestive disorders. Price: Betaserk 30
PC. 650 rub, Бетавер 30 pieces 250 руб, Бетагистин 30 pieces 100 rub.,
Вестибо 30PC. 280 rub., Тагиста 30 pieces 100 rub.

For blood circulation and memory

Nootropic drugs – not approved evidence
medicine, but having wide circulation in practical neurology and
some positive practical experience in using a number of

The basis of these funds is the improvement of metabolic processes in
brain cells, resulting in improved memory,
learning ability, thinking (see medications to improve
memory). A drugы могут помогать при:

  • vascular dementia in the elderly
  • with encephalopathy in persons with vascular pathologies of the brain
  • but absolutely useless for healthy and young people.

The effects of drugs are realized through neurotransmitters,
stabilizing neurocyte membranes and increasing tissue resistance
brain to lack of oxygen.

Pirallidone Derivatives (racetam)

Piracetam is contraindicated in hemorrhagic stroke, severe
renal failure, pregnancy, lactation. Among the side
effects are described nervous and motor stimulation, nausea,
vomiting, stool disorders, urticaria. A drug применяется в
таблетках или инъекциях (60 tab. 30 руб). To derivatives
Pirallidone include: Aloracetam, Dragononol (Aniracetam),
Doliracetam, Fenotropil (Phenylpyracetam), Fazoracetam, Rolipram,
Rolziracetam, Imuracetam, Nefiracetam, Noopept, Pramiracetam,
Piracetam (lucetam, Nootropil), Brivaracetam. Stimulate the central nervous system,
therefore undesirable in sleep disorders and in the elderly with marked
atherosclerosis of arteries. With prolonged use may cause
anxiety disorders.


Cortexin – a complex of polypetides of the brain, produced in
ampoules for intramuscular injections. The course of the drug is from 7
до 14 процедур (10 PC. 700-1000 руб). Repeated courses are held
in three months or six months. Contraindicated in pregnant women.
Cerebrolysin, Cortexin, are polypeptides for injection, collected
of amino acids. They work similarly.

Other drugs

  • Aricept, Galantamine, Epsilon – blocking cholinesterase
    means, they prevent the destruction of the acetylcholine mediator,
    which improves nerve transmission.
  • Analux, Deanol, Lucidril, Nooklerin, Atsefen, Cerutil –
    acetylcholine precursors
  • Picamilon, Pantogam, Pantokalcin, Aminalon, Phenibut –
    gamma aminobutyric acid and its derivatives, they increase
    brain resistance to oxygen starvation, enhancing absorption
    sugar cells and the formation of proteins.
  • Glycine, Pikamilon, Biotredin – amino acids,
    stimulates the central part of the nervous system.
  • Mefexamide, Perneyron, Timodin, Ladasten, Memantine, Bromantin,
    Olimfon, Adrafinil, Aktebral, Tonobral, Bifimelan, Nadex, Mentis,
    Linopyridine, Demanol – adamantane derivatives increase
    nerve impulse transmission rate and slow down the aging process
  • Inotropil (Aminolon with Melatonin), Fezam (Cinnarizin with
    Piracetam), Osatropil (Piracetam with Aminalon), Thiocetam
    (Thiotriazolin with Piracetam) is a combination product.

In pediatric neurology, nootropics are widely used to conduct
children with postnatal encephalopathy, psychomotor delays and
speech development.

The use of large quantities (up to three to five drugs
at the same time) drugs of this series are not justified by anything,
besides the habits of pediatric neurologists and a number of publications and
clinical practices that do not meet evidentiary standards
medicine. It’s rather a soothing ritual for parents whose
children at the time of birth and in the first year of life have some
brain deficit.

By the way in Europe, where this practice is not common, but
also in lazy or careless moms, children are usually quite
self-compensated with mild consequences
oxygen starvation of the brain and by the age of three years they are fully drawn up to
average age level.

Semax – a drug from the class of regulatory peptides. This is a merchant
name drops for the nose, which consists of seven amino acids:
methionyl, glutamyl, histidyl, phenylalanil, prolyl, glycine, proline.
A drug рассчитан на закапывание в нос. Available in solutions
0.1 and 1%.

The evidence base on the effectiveness of the drug is collected only on
the territory of the Russian Federation. Independent evaluation outside the CIS has not been.
Russian scientific journals repeatedly published materials
trying to prove the effectiveness of an agent as
antioxidant, vascular protector, oxygen opponent
fasting tissue. Also Semaks is credited with neurometabolic
Effect. In terms of evidence-based medicine, these statements are not
backed up by a sufficient scientific base and not biased

Included in the group “from all for all” and has the widest
indications with a minimum of possible side effects.

Approved for use in children from the first week of life. Not
is addictive in no doses. Not взаимодействует ни с
what drugs except ethanol. With the latter so competes for
receptors that can delay the intoxication that expands the boundaries
drug use right up to the mass domestic

When instilled, it is sometimes able to irritate mucous membranes.
the nose.

Sanely excluded from standards and guidelines for
medical care for acute cerebral disorders
blood circulation.

Effective Medications for Stroke

Competent treatment tactics for acute cerebral disorder
blood circulation can not only save the patient’s life, but also
improve his prognosis for the recovery of motor, speech
functions and quality of life.

Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke – следствие закупорки сосуда тромбом или
embolus. The following drugs are used to treat it:

  • Means to reduce and destroy blood clots. Today is wide
    are not used (Prourukinase is used only in
    research centers, Streptokinase has not justified itself due to
    low evidence, actinor tissue plasminogen is not
  • Low molecular weight heparins (Fraxiparin, Clexane) allow
    reduce blood clots and reduce the risk of emboli after
  • Notпрямые антикоагулянты продолжают дело гепаринов через 3-4
    of the week. This is Warfarin, Syncumar.
  • Disaggregants begin therapy for the acute period of insclet (150
    mg of aspirin chewed at the first sign of a condition). With
    aspirin intolerances are connected tiklopedin, clopidogrel,
  • Low molecular weight dextrans: Reopogluglukin, reomacrodex
    increase blood volume and improve oxygen delivery
    to the brain.
  • Funds from high blood pressure. ACE inhibitors, blockers
    Calcium channels begin when blood pressure is greater than 180 to 105. It saves
    patients from repeated strokes.
  • Vasodilators Vinpocetine, Pentoxifylline and
    препараты, улучшающие микроциркуляцию (Curantil, Трентал).
  • Nootropics prescribed in the recovery period.

Hemorrhagic stroke

It becomes the result of breaking the vessel with the brain and
requires a slightly different tactic with mandatory use
antihypertensives and dextrans to replenish circulating volumes
blood. The most common hemorrhagic stroke is operated since
without surgical treatment, the mortality from it is quite high.

Instead of a conclusion: the problem of treating cerebral disorders
blood circulation, despite its relevance, is still not resolved
optimally and represents a wide field for clinical and
pharmacological searches. For patients, however, a sensible tactic
should be timely prevention of cerebral disorders
blood flow:

  • to give up smoking
  • balanced diet
  • physical activity, frequent outdoor exercise
  • timely treatment of osteochondrosis and neuroinfections
  • reduction of irrational visual loads and time
    stay at the computer
  • balanced treatment of drug treatment, with the refusal of
    a large number of unnecessary nootropics
  • attention to the recommendations of neurologists and

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