A drug gland with anemia

A drugы gland применяются в случае железодефицитной анемии
or for its prevention, with insufficient nutrition, with
pregnancy and lactation. Это гидроксид gland или соли gland,
которые восполняют в организме дефицит gland.

The modern pharmacological industry represents a wide
выбор препаратов gland при анемии в syrupе, жевательных таблетках,
капсулах, драже, а также в виде растворов для приема inside,
intramuscular and intravenous injections.

Causes of iron deficiency anemia

The main causes of iron deficiency anemia
The following factors are:

  •  The most common cause is chronic bleeding,
    приводящие к дефициту gland -80% случаев

This may be bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract with tumors, ulcers
diseases, hemorrhoids (see treatment of external hemorrhoids), erosive
gastritis, ankylostoma invasions, intestinal diverticulosis. And
anemia in women with endometriosis against the background of heavy and prolonged
menstruation, uterine bleeding, with uterine myoma. Nasal and
pulmonary hemorrhage, donation, urolithiasis,
malignant tumors of the bladder and kidneys (see symptoms of cancer
bladder), pyelonephritis, etc.

  • iron deficiency anemia in the face of chronic inflammatory

In the presence of chronic inflammation in the body occurs
депонирование gland и его скрытый дефицит. All iron is removed in
депо и его просто нет для формирования hemoglobin.

  • Increased need for iron

Occurs during pregnancy, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester and when
lactation, intensive growth in children, excessive exercise,
playing sports.

  • Нарушение усваивания gland

It occurs in the following diseases – intestinal amyloidosis,
resection of the small intestine, malabsorption syndrome,
chronic enteritis

  • Poor nutrition due to low content of glandin food

Most often, iron deficiency anemia occurs in vegetarians,
small children, sometimes in newborns.

Daily need for iron and its intake with food for
different gender and age categories are presented in the table.

Age Содержание gland in food Daily need availability ratio to need
Pregnant women 18-36 80 0.2 – 0.4
Adult men 25-52 13 2 – 4
Adult women 18-36 21 12
Boys 30-60 21 1.5-3
Girls 30-60 20 1.5 – 3
Children 1-12 years old 48-95 22  2-4
Children up to a year 33-66 67 0.5 – 1

Содержание gland в продуктах

Содержание gland в продуктах

Сколько ни содержись gland in food, в кишечнике не может
suck in a day more than 2 mg (in a healthy person).

  • A healthy adult man with skin epithelium and hair loses in
    day 1 mg.
  • Women with normal menstruation (three days
    no clots) – 1.5 mg per average day of the month.

Thus, in the depot with good nutrition can not get
more than 1 mg for a man and half a milligram for a woman. With different
deviations in nutrition, chronic inflammation, more abundant
monthly all consumed zero to zero, i.e. how much sucked
so much lost. There is nothing in the depot if it continues.
over the years then one day the depot is empty and when
additional provoking factors and anemia occurs.

  • Therefore, when iron deficiency anemia is laboratory-proven,
    It is important to eliminate the cause first (stop the bleeding,
    cure chronic inflammation). Дальше любым препаратом gland
    for oral administration in tablets or drops or capsules
    Patient treatment is indicated until normalization of hemoglobin in the treatment
    dose. After that, another 3-4 months shows the therapeutic dose for
    восполнения депо или если пациент плохо переносит препараты gland
    – half a year by half the dose.
  • For women (of childbearing age), prevention – 7-10 days per
    month of any drug in a therapeutic dose (in terms of sorbifer – 2
    tab. per day), in terms of pure iron – 180-200 mg per

Gland drug classification

For the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, the doctor selects the drug in
according to the patient’s age, with test results,
financial capabilities of the patient, tolerability of drugs, and
также на основании своего профессионального опыта of application
препаратов gland. To calculate the dosage you need to know
количество содержание gland (2) или gland (3) в конкретной
dosage form, as well as the amount of packaging. A drug gland with anemia Мировая практика of application этих лекарственных средств
in recent years has tended to replace salt drugs
gland, с меньшей комплаиентностью, на препаратов нового поколения
Iron (3) – polymaltose complex hydroxide, such as Ferrum
Лек, Maltofer и пр.

Uncontrolled intake of gland medications without prescribing a doctor, strict compliance with the dosage and evaluation of the effectiveness of the dynamics is unacceptable. Overdose by these drugs can cause serious poisoning. Drugs for parenteral administration (in / in) apply only according to strict indications.

Intramuscular or intravenous administration of gland when anemia is shown:

  • With operations on GI, removal of part of the stomach, or extensive
    bowel resection
  • With exacerbation of gastric ulcer, with celiac disease
    (symptoms), enteritis, chronic pancreatitis, non-specific
    ulcerative colitis — as iron absorption decreases from
    digestive tract
  • In severe forms of iron deficiency anemia
  • With the need for urgent saturation of the body with iron – before
    surgery for hemorrhoids, fibroids and other pathologies
  • If you are intolerant of these drugs when taking

The table shows all the iron preparations for anemia with
indicating the names of analogs, the form of release and the approximate prices in
pharmacies. In addition to the following drugs for children
hematogen may be indicated (instruction).

Actiferrin — ЖелезаActiferrin (2) соли

  • capsules, price 220-270 rubles.
  • раствор для приема inside 260-320 руб.
  • syrup 170 -200 rub.

Аналоги: Гемофер (80-100 руб),  Гемофер пролонгатум,
Ferronal, Totem (440 rubles), Tardiferon (250 rubles), Ferrlecite,
Ferrogradumet, Ferronat, Heferol, Ferrogluconate-apo

Гемохелпер — Железа (2) соли и аскорбиновая Sorbiferкислота

  • Hemohelper (tab. 60 pcs. 240-260 rub) for children (coconut,
    nut bar 270 rub.)
  • Sorbifer Durules Tables (360 rub 30 pcs. 480 rub 50 pcs)
  • Ferroplex

 Ferlatum — Железа (3) протеин Ferlatumсукцинилат

  • Ferlatum solution (20 amp. 900-1100 rub)
  • Ferlatum foul (iron 3 and folic acid 650 rub. 10

Maltofer – iron (3) hydroxide A drugы gland при анемии

polymaltose complex:

  • Maltofer (drops, syrup, tablets 260-300 rub. Ampoules 5 pcs. 930
    rub), Maltofer Foul 30 table. 520 rub.
  • Ferrum Lek (syrup price 150 rubles, chewing platter 30pcs. 300
    rub, 50 pcs. 450 rub. injection 5 pcs. 1250 rub.), Ferry,

sucrose complex: A drug gland with anemia

  • Argeferr (solution for injection 5 amp. 2000-3700 rub.),
  • Venofer (amp. For injection 5 pcs. 2800 rub.),
  • Likferr (5 amp. 3200 rub), Fermed

dextran complex: Cosmofer (5 amp. for injection 2500 rub),

Фенюльс —  Железо + витаминный комплекс
A drug gland with anemia

  • Fenules (vitamins B1, B2, B6, B5, PP, C and iron, price 10 pcs.
    170 rubles, 30pcs. 250-340 rubles)
  • Iron (2) salts are chloride, gluconate, fumarate and sulfate

During the course of treatment, the clinical symptoms are gradually
weakening – such as dizziness, fainting, weakness, dryness
skin, fatigue, tachycardia, and also normalized
laboratory data. The presence of serine alpha amino acid in
препарате Actiferrin, повышает эффективность всасывания gland, что
allows you to reduce the dose, thereby reducing the toxicity of the tool and
improving portability.

  • Iron (2) salts and ascorbic acid

Preparations of this composition have an enhanced effect, because
the presence of ascorbic acid – an antioxidant converts iron
(3) in iron (2), due to its reducing properties,
самым улучшается всасывание gland в кишечнике.

  • Iron Protein Succinilate

This is a complex compound of semi-synthetic protein carrier.
with ferric iron, while the protein carrier is dissolved in
The duodenum releases iron, improving its absorption,
it also prevents the violation of the gastric mucosa. A drug
gland при анемии Ferlatum протеин сукцинилат выпускается в
растворе для приема inside.

  • Железа (3) гидроксид  — сахарозный, полимальтозный или
    dextran complex

Since the polymaltose complex is quite stable in the gastrointestinal tract, its
mucus absorption in 40 slower than bivalent
gland. It is most similar in structure to ferritin – naturally occurring.
соединением gland, поэтому его применение практически исключает
overdose and poisoning of the body, as opposed to salts
двухвалентного gland. The sizes of these 3 complexes are such that with
intramuscular or intravenous they are almost not displayed
through the kidneys and do not have a prooxidant effect, which is inherent
обычным солям gland. Especially effective and most preferred are preparations with iron hydroxypolymaltozate, which have many advantages:

  • Very low toxicity, high safety of use in anemia of these drugs gland, even in case of overdose —poisoning does not occur.
  • Efficiency is high, well tolerated (better than simple
    соли gland) и имеют меньше побочных эффектов.
  • При употреблении препаратов inside не происходит взаимодействия
    with food, so they are taken at any time, with any diet, you can
    add to drinks
  • Even with prolonged use, do not stain the enamel of the teeth,
    like other drugs.

Содержание gland в перечисленных drugх:

Maltofer syrup 10 mg / ml
chewable tablets 100 mg / tab
капли д/приема inside 50 mg / ml
раствор д/приема inside 100 mg / fl
solution in / m injection 100 mg / amp.
Ferrum Lek solution for i / m injection 100 mg / amp
syrup 10 mg / ml
tab. chewable 100 mg / tab
Ferlatum solution d / ext. of application 40 mg / fl
Cosmofer amp in / m and / in the introduction 100 mg / amp.
Venofer amp in / in 100 mg / amp.
Actiferrin syrup 6.87 mg / ml
capsules 34.5 mg / cap.
solution d / ext. of application 9.48 mg / ml
Totem solution d / ext. of application 50 мг/amp
Tardiferon tab. 80 мг/tab.
Sorbifer Durules tab. 100 mg / tab.

General principles for taking gland inside drugs

  • Do not take gland drugs in conjunction with drugs that reduce their absorption: Levomycetin, A drug Calcium, tetracyclines, antacids.
  • For the prevention of dyspeptic side effects according to indications
    possible use of enzyme preparations – Festal,
  • Улучшают всасывание препаратов gland янтарная кислота,
    ascorbic, citric, sorbitol. Therefore, in the medical complex can
    include substances that accelerate the synthesis of hemoglobin – vitamins C, A,
    E, B1, B6, as well as cobalt and copper.
  • Лучше принимать препараты gland для лечения анемии между
    приемами пищи, поскольку пища снижает концентрацию gland, более
    addition, alkalis, acids and salts in food can form
    insoluble compounds with iron.
  • It is necessary to consider the tolerability of the drug, in
    the occurrence of poor tolerance, side effects, is necessary
    replace the drug. Treatment of anemia should begin with a small dose, with
    increasing its time to effective and portable.
  • The daily allowance is calculated specifically for each patient.
    the need for iron, as well as the duration of the course of treatment,
    the absorption of a particular prescribed drug is taken into account and
    содержание gland в нем.
  • Usually prescribed long courses of treatment for 1.5-2
    months, therapeutic doses are taken, and in the next 2-3 months –
  • Therapeutic dosages of drugs are calculated based on the calculation
    180-200 мг gland в day. In terms of sorbifer it is on the tablet
  • The duration of therapy is determined by the period of normalization.
    hemoglobin. On average, iron deficiency anemia in three weeks
    iron therapy should be adjusted half and full
    cured after 2 months.
  • Further, the iron should not be canceled. Since the period is coming
    saturation of its reserves in the body. The therapeutic dose of the drug is given
    for 3-4 months.
  • Intolerance of one drug does not mean that its replacement by
    another will correct the situation, as an irritating effect on the digestive tract
    possesses iron itself. It is necessary to adapt with the reception
    drugs after meals. With bad intolerance, you can also
    halve the prophylactic dose by extending the period of saturation
    iron-containing depot of the body to six months.
  • Girls, women of childbearing age should not be neglected
    первичной профилактикой (прием drug gland по 7-10 дней в
    month in a therapeutic dose).

If the anemia is not corrected by the measures taken, then
Some points should be clarified:

  • Have the pills been taken by the patient
  • Whether the dose was sufficient
  • Нет ли нарушений всасывания gland
  • Is anemia non-adverse?

A drug gland during pregnancy

If a woman is diagnosed with B12-deficiency anemia or
iron deficiency anemia are prescribed listed drugs also,
like out of pregnancy. In addition, a pregnant woman may their
prophylactic prescribing, taking into account
hemoglobin indicators and when anemia was diagnosed – in
the time of pregnancy, before her or her absence.

  • In the absence of anemia in the 3rd trimester are assigned
    профилактические дозы 30–40 мг gland в день.
  • When there is a tendency to iron deficiency anemia is
    prevention at 12-15 weeks and at 21-25 weeks of pregnancy, 2-3
    once a week with a dosage of 30–40 mg.
  • If anemia developed during pregnancy, complete
    dose of 100-200 mg per day.
  • If before the pregnancy the woman had anemia, then all 9
    месяцев женщина должна принимать по 200 мг препараты gland и до
    childbirth, and while feeding the baby.


  • with aplastic and hemolytic anemia
  • for blood cancer – various types of leukemia
  • in chronic kidney and liver diseases
  • simultaneous use with antacids and tetracyclines, drugs
  • in combination with foods that contain caffeine, rich in calcium
    or a large amount of fiber

Side effects

Прием inside

Соли gland (2) очень часто дают побочные эффекты со стороны
Gastrointestinal tract, especially if the daily dose exceeds 4 mg / kg. The best
препаратом gland при анемии по переносимости и эффективности
считается gland гидроксид полимальтозат. In cases of
adverse effects reduce the dose of the drug by 2 times.

Major side effects associated with gastric irritation,
the intestines are nausea, pain and heaviness in the epigastrium, vomiting,
loss of appetite, flatulence, constipation (see all laxatives
for constipation), diarrhea (see medicines for diarrhea), and various
allergic reactions in the form of itchy skin, rash. Darkening fecal
masses does not carry clinical significance, because in this way
not absorbed iron is displayed.

When administered intravenously or intramuscularly

  • Sense organs and nervous system – general malaise, headache
    pain, dizziness, weakness
  • Gastrointestinal – metallic taste in the mouth, abdominal pain, vomiting,
  • Musculoskeletal system – pain in the back (see
    ointment for back pain), joint pain, muscle pain.
  • Rarely – fever, anaphylactic shock,
    lymphadenopathy, rash
  • Cardiovascular system – hot flashes, tachycardia, hypotension,
    facial flushing
  • Local reactions – swelling, pain, redness at the injection site

Symptoms of overdose

In case of overdose, the patient may experience most
побочных эффектов — головокружение, nausea, понос, бледность,
confusion, lowering blood pressure, 6 and
abdominal discomfort, vomiting, hyperventilation symptoms. При в/м или in / in
acute iron overload possible, therefore very important
conduct a proper assessment of the patient’s condition before prescribing
препаратов gland в инъекциях. Treatment of overdose while taking
inside заключается в промывании желудка, вызове рвоты, затем прием
raw eggs and milk, and symptomatic therapy as indicated.

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