A child’s eyes fester – what to do, how and whatto treat?

After your child is born, he needs your
close attention to his health. As well as careful, careful
care of every part of the body and every organ. Eyes baby are not
the exception. Your day should begin with the fact that you wadded
with a swab dipped in clean water, wash the face of the child, including
including and eyes. A separate tampon is applied to each eye. Respecting
these simple rules, you thereby maintain hygiene and cleanliness
your crumbs eye. But it happens that in the maternity hospital you notice
that an infant has a festering eye. Either this unpleasant symptom
appeared in the baby at the age of up to a year. What to do and how to
treat eyes? Consider this topic in more detail.

The content of the article

  • 1 The reasons why the eyes of a newborn fester
    • 1.1 Conjunctivitis
    • 1.2 Dacryocystitis
  • 2 treatment

У грудного ребенка гноится глазик

The reasons why the eyes of a newborn fester

There can be several reasons:

  1. Conjunctivitis;
  2. Dacryocystitis.


The first reason why one or both babies fester
eyes may be conjunctivitis. You recognize him immediately: stuck together
cilia, red eyeball, increased tearfulness.
Conjunctivitis has several varieties:

  • Adenoviral
  • Allergic
  • Herpetic
  • Pneumococcal / staphylococcal
  • Gonococcal
  • Diphtheria

Depends on the correct diagnosis of conjunctivitis
further developments. The doctor may prescribe treatment
and give direction for testing for concomitant infections so
how some types of conjunctivitis are accompanied by a major source
diseases of the child – an infection.

Your task is to contact your
district pediatrician.
Haste is important here because if
one eye of the baby is infected, that is, time to prevent infection
the second. When both eyes are infected, the child’s body is weakened,
the temperature rises and the illness brings him great discomfort and
takes a lot of power.

If circumstances add up in such a way that the doctor will
have to wait a long time, you can give the child the first


There is another reason that babies fester.
eyes. This disease is called dacryocystitis. It arises
in the case when a child in the ducts of the lacrimal canal / channels
there was mucus that enveloped the child still in the womb

Under normal circumstances, she should
unhindered exit from the channel at the time of the first breath and scream
baby If this does not occur, stagnation, congestion, and
canal is clogged. The eye of the child is not washed by the tears,
since it cannot penetrate stagnation, and the path for
pathogenic bacteria open.

When dacryocystitis is most often carried out the cleaning procedure
channel, or sounding. This procedure is performed under local
anesthesia, and improvement comes almost immediately. Thereafter
either drops are assigned to fix the result, or ointment, or
other medications that suit your particular


If a у новорожденного ребенка загноился глазик,
Prepare a chamomile extract and wash his eyes and eyelids. Done
The infusion is simple:

  1. In a glass with a capacity of 200 ml pour 1.5 tablespoons of chamomile
    pharmacy and top up with boiling water. Cover or
    saucer, insist about an hour. Then dipped in cotton infusion
    tampon and rub the entire eye towards the baby’s nose. If a
    baby less than three months – do this procedure with a very large
    caution because the skin of the eyelids is too thin and you can
    inadvertently provoke hemorrhage of small vessels.
  2. Tea leaves. If a у грудного ребенка гноится глазик и это
    conjunctivitis, then rub his eyes with tea brewing. Make strong
    tea infusion, and gently wipe the child with a cotton pad

All other drugs and various drops
can only be appointed by a specialist, and only in an individual
age dosage.

If a вы заметили, что у грудного ребенка начинает гноится
eye, approach treatment seriously and in good faith, and
recovery does not take long.

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