A child in a dream gnashing his teeth hard: a diseaseor norm?

Many parents of babies of infancy with
the emergence of the first milk teeth face such a problem
when a child begins to grit his teeth in a dream. Being in the people
delusion immediately suggests that the culprit
the appearance of worms in the large intestine. This statement is erroneous and
has long been refuted by medical research.

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  • 1 Causes of bruxism
    • 1.1 Treatment of bruxism
    • 1.2 General recommendations
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�”There is a myth among the people:” Kohl child grits his teeth, it means
worm worms. ” Do not be afraid, this myth is not under a
no reason. Children with creaking teeth have no worms
more often than others.
But find out the cause of
rattle (bruxism) still stands, because it is
immediate threat to the teeth. “

ребенок скрипит зубами во сне

Скрип зубами во сне в медицине называется
бруксизмом. The study of this disease are engaged in
Dentists, neurologists and somnologists (specialists in the field of

The causes of bruxism

The causes of bruxism доподлинно не известны и
cause scientific controversy among researchers of this phenomenon.
Most experts believe that bruxism can

  • Hereditary factors. If both parents (or one of them)
    had a habit of gnashing their teeth in childhood, then, most likely, she
    will be inherited by a scion.
  • Teething. Discomfort associated with the appearance
    new teeth, make the crumbs pull into their mouths
    scratch your gums. Sometimes the creak of the first is added to all this.
    tooth (teething).
  • Study your own body. Baby notices that mouth
    “something” appeared that was not there before. The little goat can knock,
    gritting his teeth just because he likes it.
  •  Malocclusion.
  • Violations of nasal breathing in polyps, adenoids and sinusitis.
    In this case, the child grits his teeth due to dry mouth – so
    saliva production increases.
  • Lack of calcium and amino acids in the body.
  • Stress, negative emotional experiences, various
    disorders of the nervous system.
  • Sleep disturbance In this case, bruxism can be attributed to
    a group with phenomena such as snoring, enuresis, nightmarish dreams,
    somnambulism, etc.
  • Abnormal development of the jaw and impaired dental bite.
    The child tries to grind the teeth to each other.
  • Weaning. Not extinguished sucking reflex and negative
    emotional distress sometimes causes temporary bruxism.
  • The first manifestations of epilepsy seizures (in rare

Most often, bruxism, which runs to school age,
affected kids 2-3 years. But it is also observed in children
первого года жизни
, подростков и взрослых людей.

Bruxism is not a safe phenomenon, but fortunately
completely treatable.

Constant friction leads to thinning of the tooth enamel, the appearance of
микротрещин и может происходить нарушение в формировании
normal bite Bruxism can cause muscle tension
neck, back, accompanied by headache and toothache.

If you notice that the baby started to creak hard
teeth (this can occur both day and night) is necessary
consult a neurologist and a dentist. Experts will help
find out why the child is gritting his teeth, and pick up
индивидуальное лечение

Bruxism treatment

If your child grits his teeth at night, the neurologist may
recognize the presence of neurological problems. Similar diseases
corrected by medication and only under supervision

Малышу могут назначить валериану, тенотен, глицин, Магне

As a complex therapy, soothing baths are prescribed,
aromatherapy, sedative herbal.

Sometimes dentists for bruxism are prescribed wearing
special protective caps (pads) that will protect baby teeth
from abrasion of enamel. In case of pain,
in bruxism, gargling with chamomile decoction and
applying warm compresses on the lower area of ​​the face.

If the child grits his teeth during the day and at night
sleeps quietly, should also seem specialists.

As mentioned above, teeth grinding can be caused in infants
like teething, improper bite, and just
the desire to “experiment.”

When teething, use special teethers,
which the crumb can gnaw. Use for pain relief.
anesthetic gels. Take the baby away from gnashing
toy, fun game. Beneficial effect on the nervous
system of kids exercise games and walking in the fresh
the air.

General recommendations

почему ребёнок скрипит зубами

In the treatment of bruxism (both day and night),
Doctors insist on following the recommendations:

  • Observe sleep patterns, rest, feedings.
  • Provide the baby with rational and good nutrition. Small
    Squeaks should be given to bite hard apples, carrots, cabbage.
    The active work of the chewing muscles during the day will reduce their night
  • Eliminate from the diet of sugar, food with dyes,
    flavors, fast food.
  • Feed your baby dinner 2 hours before bedtime. This rule is not
    относится к  кормлению грудью перед сном. After drinks
    dinner is recommended to use only clean water.
  • At bedtime, try to set up your child in a relaxed way: for
    This is suitable reading books, not noisy games.
  • Try to be more attentive and patient with your baby.
    parents. Perhaps your karapuzu lack caress. Children,
    unloved in early childhood, grow up with a large set
    psychological problems.
  • Create a favorable atmosphere in the family. Scandals, stress
    entail negative, sometimes irreversible, consequences for
    fragile child psyche.

Tips from the forums

Снежинка: Могут быть проблемы с
intestine, digestive tract. And maybe before bedtime a lot of impressions
gets …

Светлана Борисова: Это нервное
overvoltage, it was the same with me, you need to apply
soothing weak and at night to choose a more relaxed game,
exclude TV and outdoor games.

Лэйла -Валэйла: Если ребенок скрипит
teeth in a dream, it does not mean that the worms, it means pereboroozhazhenie and
not calm nervous system. Doctors in such cases offer
drink something sedative or put in an open room
a bottle of valerian. (not with pills, but liquid)

Ксения Тягло: я,как психолог склоняюсь к
the fact that the cause of bruxism is stress, and their small
There are a lot of children. We don’t think about it. Dad and mom
raised their voices at each other and did not notice, but the child remembers and
experiencing, but at the expense of worms, think for yourself, people would creak
cities …)))


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