9 week of pregnancy

9 week of pregnancy означает, что уже целых два
month “interesting position” behind. The kid continues intensely
develop, and the future mother successfully masters the new role. These days
it is very important to monitor your condition and perform a lot

The content of the article

  • 1 What happens to the baby and mother
    • 1.1 Fetal development
    • 1.2 Feelings of the future mother
    • 1.3 External signs
      • 1.3.1 Chest
      • 1.3.2 Leather
    • 1.4 Highlights
    • 1.5 Body temperature
    • 1.6 BUT если малыш не один?
  • 2 Complications of pregnancy
  • 3 Tips and tricks
    • 3.1 Power
    • 3.2 Caring for health and beauty
    • 3.3 Other tips
  • 4 ВИДЕО ГИД: 9 week of pregnancy: что происходит,
    ощущения in the stomach, weight gain



Timing Reminder

The 9th obstetric week is equal to the 7th week from conception. Any
The doctor will use the obstetric method of calculating the term.
Подробнее о методах
читайте здесь.

What happens to the baby and mother

Tight jeans and dresses no longer fit? It should be so.
Future mother, most likely, continues to gradually recruit hundreds
grams. It happens and vice versa – the weight may be slightly reduced.
This should not be feared, if there is no severe toxicosis, and well-being

The basis of the body of the baby laid almost completely.

Fetal development

Almost all organs and systems are formed, but many have not yet
function in full force. The second week is small
�“Puzozhitel” is precisely the fetus, not the embryo.

Here is the fruit (clickable)

  • At the 9th obstetric week, the fetus acquires the cerebellum. This
    the brain section is responsible for the coordination of movements.
  • The tail gradually disappears, soon it will become the tailbone.
  • On the handles the membranes between the fingers gradually disappear,
    the formation of palms.
  • The legs are less developed yet, they are extended forward, the feet are barely
    outlined, fingers are not separated.
  • The eyelids are fully formed and now close their eyes.
  • The whole fruit straightens up a little.
  • At the base of the head is scheduled neck.
  • Some reflexes are formed, for example, swallowing.
  • The adrenal glands produce adrenaline.
  • The kidneys are already busy with something like a water exchange process. If a
    the future baby will swallow the amniotic fluid, they will stand out in the form of
    type of urine.
  • There is a bookmark lymph nodes and nerve nodes.
  • On a tiny little face both sponges are well distinguishable.


The whole baby is like a cherry. Fetal size ranges between 22 and 30
мм, а вес – около 4 г. На сроке 9 недель наступает полный
transition to placental nutrition.

What does the fetus look like if you do an ultrasound?


In this case, a lot depends on the equipment. BUT ещё – от
body position of the fetus at the time of the study. Future baby can
look like an oblong bright spot against a dark background
uterus. But you can also see the slightly blurred outlines of a tiny calf.
– head and torso.

Feelings of the future mother


If a у женщины раньше не было токсикоза беременных, то он может
to begin. If a токсикоз уже есть, то едва ли он прекратится. but
everything is very individual here. Some future moms never
learn nausea and vomiting. BUT вот пищевые пристрастия знакомы почти
all pregnant women.

What else can expect mom:

  • drowsiness, lethargy, depression;
  • the nose seems to be stuffed all the time (this is a physiological condition
    called runny nose pregnant);
  • fatigue “above average”;
  • it is difficult to concentrate;
  • emotions (both bright and negative) sometimes just go off scale;
  • hypersensitivity appears or persists
  • constant feeling of stuffiness.

A special theme now is smells. Sensitivity to them noticeably
rises. Sometimes a pregnant woman is just a phenomenon. For example,
she distinguishes by smell different varieties of apples. Or in the crowd unmistakably
recognizes several perfume compositions at once. True, more often
more sad. Any strong odors start to annoy, some
– to nausea.

External signs

Only a very attentive person “from the side” can distinguish
future mom among other women. Sometimes on the 9th week a little bit
changing gait and a little more noticeable – figure. Despite,
that the uterus reaches the size of a grapefruit, a slightly grown belly
women are almost invisible under clothing. But the woman herself sees in
yourself a lot.


A very vivid manifestation of pregnancy is breast swelling. It
may begin now or continue from the past weeks.
Perhaps a set of bras will have to be updated. If a грудь и до
pregnancy was rather big, supporting function is very important
underwear. And yet: the bra should not interfere in any way
free breath full chest. It is sometimes stuffy for expectant mothers,
and if you still pull the chest, close to fainting.


The tummy is still increasing a little. But if the expectant mother is already
grows fat, and her breasts grew up, the appearance of the first
stretch marks.

The overall condition of the skin on the 9th week may be different. Alone
moms still spot pimples in one place or another. BUT
others already feel how soft and smooth the skin becomes.
whole body. In addition, changes in metabolism can lead to
some dry hair and skin covers.



If a из влагалища выделяется небольшое количество белой или
yellowish mucus, this is normal. Brown highlights require
attention, they definitely need to tell the doctor. Such strokes can
появиться из-за эрозии шейки uterus. It is safe for the baby, but
bad for his mom. Treatment is usually carried out after

Bleeding is one of the first signs of miscarriage. With любых
bleeding should urgently consult a doctor.

In rare cases, a transparent yellowish discharge may occur.
from the chest. This is colostrum. Usually it appears on later
deadlines. If a выделения оставляют пятнышки на одежде, пора покупать
pads for bra. They need to be changed regularly. Otherwise
develop unpleasant bacterial infections of the skin of the breast.

Body temperature

Expectant mother can spend more than one week with a temperature of about
37.0-37.4 ° C. So the hormone progesterone acts on a woman’s body.
If a нет других признаков простудных и/или инфекционных
diseases, such a body temperature is quite normal. BUT вот если
thermometer showed 38 ° C and above, it is definitely a symptom of any

BUT если малыш не один?

Pregnancy двойней (или тройней) не означает более сильного
toxicosis. Other signs also do not multiply by two or three.
As a rule, with multiple pregnancies, future babies have
smaller height and weight. More significant weight gain in the future
mothers, as well as enhanced observation by a doctor, are all in the future.

Pregnancy complications

Severe toxicosis shows that not everything in the body
future mom is good.
How to understand that nausea and other
Signs Threaten Woman’s Well-Being? Here are alarming

  • nausea is felt almost constantly;
  • vomiting frequent, more than twice a day (if more than five – urgently
    to doctors);
  • the body reacts “storm” to any food;
  • weight loss causes weakness and a strong decrease in the level
    hemoglobin in the blood (anemia).

All of these symptoms require medical attention.


Many pregnant women have intestinal problems. The most
unpleasant is constipation. To strain in the toilet, of course,
categorically impossible! First, it is bad for the future baby.
Secondly, it is possible to provoke the appearance of hemorrhoids. Only one way out –
so adjust the food so that the intestines work properly and
full In acute cases, the doctor may prescribe a laxative.
local action. To pick up similar drugs
expectant mother is not recommended, even if the tool is advised
pharmacists in the pharmacy.

Stomach ache

Expectant mother needs to be careful if she hurts every now and then.
stomach. This may be flatulence, and the threat of miscarriage. In the first
case of pain can occur in any part of the abdomen, they are combined with
swelling and gas release from the intestines. In the second case, the pain is like
as if missing inside (doctors call this a cramping) and
gives back Often there is a feeling that the stomach pulls.
If a при этом появляются кровянистые выделения, угроза
miscarriage more pronounced.

Fading pregnancy

No less disturbing is the abrupt termination of all
manifestations of pregnancy. The sudden disappearance of toxemia and others
�”Pregnant” sensations can be a sign of stopping the development
fetus. Fading pregnancy на 9-й акушерской неделе – серьёзное
complication. It требует тщательного обследования и ряда врачебных

Spontaneous abortion (fading or miscarriage)
can happen for various reasons:

  • genetic abnormalities;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • bad habits;
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle;
  • injuries, falls.


but беременность может быть прервана и по желанию самой
women. Until the 12th week, each expectant mother has the right to accept
решение и отказаться от дальнейшего вынашивания fetus. Important
remember: negative emotions, separation from the father of the future baby or
the desire to “live for yourself” is bad advisers in this matter.
The decision regarding abortion must be responsible. Self
abortion is performed in medical facilities under strict
control by specialist doctors.

Tips and tricks

In the life of the future mother a lot of “no”, “can” and “need.” From
attention to yourself and to the future baby now depends literally


The diet of a pregnant woman for all nine months
stays about the same. Power correction is carried out by
circumstances. For example, если будущая мама страдает запорами,
need to exclude:

  • rice;
  • tea, jelly, cocoa;
  • fresh pastries and bread.

BUT чтобы дополнительно стимулировать кишечную деятельность, в
food must be:

  • grapes;
  • carrot;
  • fresh cucumbers;
  • figs

The list of exceptions is, alas, mandatory. But from the products
to stimulate the intestines, you can choose only those that like.

General rules of nutrition:

  • lean meats;
  • fatty fish varieties (they contain important food acids);
  • dairy and dairy products to choose from;
  • porridges;
  • sweets – only natural (not cakes and sweets);
  • on prescription – vitamins, folic acid drugs
    and / or iron.

Health and beauty care

Now the expectant mother must visit female
consultation (if it is not already done). The doctor will officially confirm
pregnancy and prescribe blood tests, urine and vaginal smear.
They will be checked:

  • general condition of the body;
  • sugar level;
  • the presence / absence of various infections, including genital infections;
  • blood group (if necessary).

In addition, the doctor will send the expectant mother to the district therapist and
several narrow specialists. Everyone will inspect a pregnant
women according to their specialty and will give

9th obstetric week may be darkened by the first signs
stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and chest. In this case, the expectant mother needs
Special cream for stretch marks. Another way to help your skin –
it is to rub olive oil into it.

Photos of tummies:

Other tips

  • Smoking and alcohol should have stayed in
    the past.
    At least since the first suspicion of
    come pregnancy.
  • Forget about the weights. If you still have to lift something,
    it must be done in a special way. Do not stoop, but sit down
    squat, take a load with two hands, and then stand up. And still
    better if such a situation does not arise at all.
  • Hot beaches, sauna and hot baths for pregnant women
  • The same can be said about the abrupt climate change. It’s not just about
    temperature drops. For the baby, everything matters absolutely:
    air, water, weather and so on.
  • Sports mom is time to change the form of active recreation. BUT
    unsportsmanlike time to think about future births and
    recovery. The best activities for future mothers are yoga and
  • It is advisable to abandon the hard country work. You can collect
    berries (if you do not need to stand on a stepladder), cut flowers
    and greens. And no struggle for the harvest.
  • If you want to watch a movie, give up
    �”Horror films”, thrillers, bloody detectives and mystics. The same
    recommendation – when reading books.
  • Do not let the will of the negative. The best mood is calm,
    bright emotions.
  • Sexual life should take into account the situation. Sexual intercourse is not
    must be rude or too stormy. In some cases it is
    can lead to uterine contractions and the threat of miscarriage. With
    multiple pregnancy doctor may recommend to limit
    sex life. In addition, due to hormonal changes, the future
    Mom can stop enjoying sex. About this need
    Be sure to tell the future father. Shortcomings in the family – the worst
    option while waiting for the baby.

If the expectant mother will be attentive to her
condition, the ninth week of pregnancy must pass

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ВИДЕО ГИД: 9 week of pregnancy: что происходит, ощущения
in the stomach, weight gain

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