9 unusual devices for the baby, whichyou did not suspect

Famous pediatrician Benjamin Spock said that as
crib, you can use a regular box, basket or
drawer from the dresser. Nowadays, diaper changing
комоды, ниблеры и радионяни. What thing is surely worth
buy, and which will be completely useless – the question


Only after the first child can moms buy only practical and
the right things. And young inexperienced parents mostly trust
рекламам, отзывам в Интернете и  раскрученным брэндам. therefore
Often they buy something that they can easily do without. Will tell
about 9 items that you definitely want to buy.

1. Machine for making infant formula


With it, in just a few seconds you can cook the perfect
temperature baby formula. One touch of a button, and a bottle of mixture
ready for the baby! Components for its preparation (dry mix and
water) are stored in a typewriter. therefore смесь для ребёнка сумеет
cook even an inexperienced daddy.

2. Translator crying baby


The device will be able to determine the cause of crying your baby.
At the top, on the translator, is a microphone that receives
�“Signals” of baby crying. Indicators are located around the microphone.
basic conditions of the child (sleep, boredom, hunger, stress, discomfort).
Below them are three buttons. The central is responsible for recording
crying. By pressing the right button, you can hear a lullaby. Left
кнопка имитирует звуки сердцебиения матери. Switch
A baby crying translator is on the side. Перед  включением
Devices hold the button of melodies (on the right) and turn it on.
All indicators will light up alternately. To work correctly
The translator needs to arrange special conditions. Attach
translator on the bed in such a way that he was in 30
centimeters from the child. Try to create in the nursery the fullest
silence Check if you have covered your microphone with your hand. Click
the center button when the baby cries. After a couple of seconds
the corresponding indicator will light up, which will tell you the reason
crying baby.

3. Envelope for sleeping


It looks like a jumpsuit, but the legs are sewn into one. In many countries
do not advise to wrap babies in a blanket for newborns,
because they can cover themselves and suffocate. But as needed
provide the baby with a favorable temperature, was invented
envelope for sleeping. It is of different types: insulated, with
sleeves, without sleeves. (Changing covers for summer infant
swaddleme (Summer Infant))

4. Slings


Mamabus is a useful decoration for mummies. They distract
baby, when he tries to remove from the mother’s chain or earrings.
A child can scratch the gums of the beads, play with them.
Slingbuses are convenient because mother can take them off and attach them to
crib. The kid will go through the beads, developing small
motor skills.

5. Bucket for disposal of children


What is unusual about this thing? In the bucket there are containers with
single use bags. Package with used
the baby diaper closes tightly and begins to spread over
The room has a pleasant aroma of fragrant violets.

6. Extension for body


The baby has grown up and the bodyk is no longer suitable for him in length (especially
if you wear a diaper)? Dont be upset! Tiny little thing with
buttons not only lengthen this thing, but also save your finances.
Удлинитель для боди пристёгивается  между ножек и совсем не
interferes with the baby. This item of clothing can be sewn
on their own.

7. Baby Timer (Baby Timer)


This device – a kind of “cheat sheet” for the newly minted
parents. The timer will be signaled when the baby needs to change the diaper,
what time to feed him, bathe him or lull him to sleep. Customizable
Baby Timer by pressing a few buttons. It turns on and off
just as easy.

8. White Noise Generator


Many mothers noticed how babies die when they hear
washing machine, kitchen hood or hair dryer. All these devices publish
white noise, thanks to which the kids very quickly subside. Benefit
white noise has long been proven. But turn on the devices specifically, for the sake of
comforting children is unsafe and uneconomical. Leave a child
sleep in the kitchen so that he often hears the noise of a hood or washing
cars – stupid and not always possible. This is taken into account
the creators of the white noise generator. Compact item resembling
mini-column, consumes very little power. Generator easy
move from one room to another. There are convenient portable
generator models that can be taken for a walk.

9. Foldable baby bath


Such a bath will help those who have a bath instead of a bath.
showers. Folding bath takes up little space. She can
take anywhere: to the country, to the beach, to travel, to visit.
There is a huge amount of a variety of baths. They
differ in color, shape, size and price. There are baths
resembling a huge flower with soft petals. They came up with
for the convenience of bathing babies in the sink. Do not be surprised, but in
North America bathe their kids in the sink. Follow them
We do not call for example, but about the purchase of a portable bath
recommend to think. Foldable bath will serve your baby
not a single year.

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