9 tips on how to help your child love healthyfood

Your child is too picky in food or you think
what does he eat a little? Then you may need our

здоровая еда для детей

During the first two years of their life, babies learn to sit,
стоять, ходить, говорить, а еще они пробуют твердую food. According to
nutritionists, it is very important to start eating food on time, in the right
volume consisting of truly beneficial to the body
products. itт навык можно и нужно тренировать, поскольку
food habits, which are formed in early childhood,
continue to affect tastes throughout life.

1. Be patient

When the baby made his first step, you didn’t expect him to
soon run a hundred meters. Follow the same principle and
when organizing his food. Do not expect that the crumb will be willing
eat healthy food as soon as you feel its taste for the first time. By
According to nutritionists, a child will love a vegetable or fruit only after
try 10 times. So do not rush to call the child

2. Enter a variety

Offer your child as many different foods and tastes as
allow age standards, your imagination and financial capabilities.
If you decide to feed him rice, cook round first,
then – “jasmine”, another day – brown.

Experiment with the original serving dishes: put the vegetables on
a plate in the form of a rainbow, cream cream stars on the soup-mash
broccoli, make a caterpillar of chicken or owl of hedgehogs with
mashed potatoes. At 2 years old, the kids have an “appetite crisis,”
when they begin to abandon previously favorite dishes, but with such
the variety of its menu will not be quite scanty.

There are children who refuse to eat anything other than cheese.
or noodles of a certain kind. At the same time, they also require that cheese
was sliced ​​exactly as they like, and all other food causes
disgust, right up to gagging. Nutritionists explain that this
not an ordinary whim, as parents might think. It happens if
2 years old the child was not introduced to different forms, consistencies,
tastes, aromas of food. So you have to catch up,
it just takes more effort.

�”I have met children who do not eat anything other than
a certain type of cheese and pasta, – says nutritionist Marina
Vlasov. — Причем сыр должен быть порезан определенным
in a way. All other food is disgusting, even vomiting. TO
Unfortunately, this is not just a whim, as many parents think. it
the result of the fact that by the age of two the child was not acquainted with the dishes
different consistency, shape, taste and smell. Now all will have to
to start again, but with great effort. ”

3. Experiment with textures.

Nutritionists advise giving meals to children
different consistency.
it может быть один продукт,
changes the structure depending on the method of preparation and
serves (whole banana, banana puree, banana slices) or different
(bread, cereals, meat, vegetables, fruits). Practice shows that
children who at the age of 6-9 months were fed not only mashed potatoes, but also
food in a different form, there are fewer problems with nutrition than those
who offered only food from a blender.

4. Allow the child to behave freely at the table.

TOогда малыш водит пальцем в тарелке с пюре или размазывает кашу
по столу, он не балуется, а исслfoodет пищу и знакомится с ней на
touch it так же важно, как пробовать ее и ощущать вкус.


5. Ignore grimaces.

Do not pay attention to the expression of the child
tries a new dish. Even if he wrinkles his nose, taking a piece in his mouth
zucchini, do not rush to conclude that the toddler nasty or
he will never eat it again. By словам специалистов,
grimacing while eating is absolutely normal. Often babies
frown, but at the same time continue to eat with gusto.

TOогда дети постарше говорят, что не любят какую-то food, иногда
This means that the dish is just unfamiliar to them. Don’t say anything –
just remove the plate and again offer similar food through
a week

6. Учите ребенка дегустировать food

Byзнакомиться с новым вкусом – значит, положить пищу на язык.
Explain to your baby that it is not necessary to chew and swallow it. TOогда вы
shift the focus from eating to tasting, allowing spit
non-liked products, there will be more chances to awaken the appetite
The child has.

TOроме того, маленькие порции по 1-2 ложки малыш воспринимает с
more enthusiastic than a huge plate filled to

7. Do not force to eat up

The norms of the amount of food for children of each age are individual.
They are influenced by various factors, including physique, body weight,
physical and mental activity, metabolic rate. If a
you make the child eat another spoon when he is no longer
wants, you only form in him a negative attitude to food. With
in time, this will lead to the development of a conditioned reflex, and, sitting down at the
table, the child will experience stress every time. Appetite so sure
will not appear.

Psychologists claim that in most cases what mothers
take for eating disorders are not:
it’s just that either mom thinks the baby is eating too little or she’s not
set the diet.

What persuasion can lead to eat another spoon for mom and
еще – за папу, наглядно демонстрирует слfoodющая история.

One psychologist said that a boy was brought to his reception
about 4 years. Byвод не был связан с питанием, но специалист заметил,
how his little client chewed an apple while waiting for a consultation –
purely mechanical, without emotion. Byзже выяснилось, что родители и
Grandma with persuasion and blackmail like “eat up the soup, otherwise the bunny
will sink ”(and the hare was painted on the bottom of the plate)
lack of understanding of the feeling of satiety, hunger, taste perception.
The boy learned to eat in any form and volume when his mother
or grandma decide it’s time to eat. it пищевое насилие
soon resulted in a nervous breakdown that had to be treated in

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8. Do not order dishes from the children’s menu in restaurants.

Contrary to expectations, in the children’s menu in restaurants you can often find
not the most healthy dishes. Byэтому лучше заказать маленькую тарелку
чего-то полезного из взрослого меню и поделиться едой с
a child. it позволит малышу почувствовать себя взрослым – вполне
he may even eat the whole portion.

9. Byдавайте пример

TOонечно, ребенок не станет уплетать шпинат за обе щеки,
watching the pleasure with which his parents eat hamburgers. Your
personal example is the most effective way to convince the child after all
taste the taste of the dish, which was not pleasant for the first time.

TOак уговорить ребенка есть овощи: 7
«Прятать» овощи в блюда, которые ребенок
loves to serve beautifully, feed under the cartoons – which only
parents can think of a baby to eat carrots. Tell how
Help your child fall in love with vegetables.

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