9 simple tips on how to teach your child to helparound the house

You can often hear from parents that children do not help
им around the house. Toys scattered all over the room, mountains unwashed
dishes and, as a result, daily scandals, punishments and tears.
How to ensure that the baby alone, without prodding
помогал around the house? When do you need to teach children to work? In our article
you will find nine simple but effective tips on how to grow
little helper.

как научить ребенка помогать around the house

Starting from early childhood

It’s best to start schooling children with household chores with
early childhood. Usually you don’t even have to force a little child
– he himself seeks to help mom wash the dishes, and dad unscrew
bolt or hammer a nail. Unfortunately, parents are starting
brush off the zealous assistant, they say, we can handle it. Is it worth
wonder if the grown-up child will respond to a request for help
refusal? Он ведь привык, что все around the house делается без его

Already at the age of two, the baby can help the mother,
performing minor tasks. What business can you trust children in
different ages?

  • 2-4 years

A two-year-old baby is able to perform any simple task:
bring mom a book, glove or wallet. At this age he is already
You can allow yourself to put on and take off your sweater and pants.
Parents should explain to the child which shelves they are on.
things so he cleaned them in his place.

  • 4-5 years

The child can already do more difficult work: decompose
toys according to their place, sort the socks by color, fold
dirty clothes in the basket. It will also help parents wipe off dust
lay the table and decompose purchases. Show the most important thing.
kid that appreciate his help.

  • 5 years and older

Now you can teach your child to regularly bring order to
own room. Give him the following duties: care
for flowers in the nursery, daily cleaning of the bed, picking up a backpack in
Kindergarten. From the age of seven let him walk his dog outside
(if it is not a large breed) and cook dinner, even if it is
will be the usual sandwiches.

If you are not able to instill a love for the labor of two years
baby, try to teach the purity of the younger student. Not
be afraid to be late. We also read: Почему ребенок должен помогать
around the house?

Tips for educating helpers

Our recommendations will help adults lead correctly.
yourself in the process of teaching a child to home

  1. Do it together. Perhaps the most
    A common phrase for a busy mom usually sounds like this:
    �”Come play, please, I’m very busy right now.” This is
    the most serious mistake in the important process of bringing up real
    assistants. Not отмахивайтесь от малыша, занимайтесь домашней
    work together. Let him stay with you not the kitchen, let him
    participate in kneading dough, making salad or
    table setting. Or put a toy ironing board next to
    present and “iron” together. Not разделяйте ваши
    household duties and communication with children. For example, getting out together
    in the nursery, tell a little fairy tale about toys that
    unsuccessfully searched for their favorite box, and found it thanks to
    little helper.
  2. Praise the kid for help. Encourage magical
    in words that are equally well perceived by both children and adults:
    �“Only you can do this job really well!”
    A child, understanding his own uniqueness and importance in the process
    collecting candy wrappers or cleaning the dust on the shelves will be happy
    assist you in what he is known to do best.
    (We also read: How to encourage a child correctly?)
  3. Consider the desires of the child. Notice
    inclination of children to any particular activity. Notкоторым
    нравится генеральная уборка around the house, другие же предпочитают убирать
    toys or rearranging books that requires concentration and
    scrupulousness. Let every kid do what he does most
    loves. For best results, make a list.
    homework appropriate to the age of the child and his
    abilities, and let him choose which ones he would like
    to execute. You may be surprised by his choice!
  4. Take away the fun. Even boring everyday
    Work can easily be turned into a fun activity. �”Taming”
    vacuum cleaner in the children’s room, washing dishes “magic bubbles” and
    the search for “treasures” in the bags of products that my mother brought from
    store. Even simple homework can be interesting.
    adventure in the life of a small child.
  5. Not ждите высокой производительности труда. Not
    expect a small child to do homework right away
    perfectly well”. So do not swear if he broke the plate during
    wash, put a fork in the spoon section or turn your floor into
    ship deck. Prepare for what you need
    многое переделывать после первых попыток little helper. If a
    he didn’t have something right away, tactfully explain how you can
    correct the error. (We also read: To punish a child for
    random misconduct?)
  6. Be patient. If a ребенку требуется много
    time to perform the order, do not customize, do not interfere, and those
    don’t scold you for slowness, otherwise he may get scared and
    will refuse to help next time. And if mom will always be
    finish the work for the children, they will not understand how important it is to bring
    started up to the end.
  7. Not наказывайте работой. You will accomplish more
    mistake if you consider homework as
    penalties for wrongdoing. The child should not consider that cleans
    toys or washing dishes for doing something today
    wrong. Cover the bed, wash the dishes, lay out
    toys in places should always, regardless of his
  8. Not платите за домашнюю работу. Never
    награждайте детей деньгами за помощь around the house. If a вы хотите
    encourage your child for a job well done, go out with the whole family
    at the weekend to the zoo, to the rink or to the circus. Remember that homemade
    duties should not be taken as a bargaining item. They are
    the same natural part of children’s life as a game, communication with
    buddies and study. (We also read: Children and pocket money. How
    to teach a child to treat money correctly)
  9. Not делите работу на девчачью и мальчишескую.
    It often happens that girls love to play with technology, and
    boys prefer to mess around in the kitchen. Therefore, it is not necessary to divide
    household duties into two large groups: for girls and
    boys Both the daughter and the son should clean the rooms, do the dishes,
    Sew on buttons, care for plants and even be able to hammer

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If a вы разбрасываете свою одежду по квартире, не убираете
dishes after dinner, do not make the bed in the morning, do not expect
that your child will grow up hardworking and neat.
Require children to clean up after themselves? Show them
positive example!

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