9 simple habits that will helplose weight

Before the holiday, birthday, New Year, women
begin to lose weight actively. You always want to lose weight
quickly, so many resort to harmful mono diets and
fasting It all ends in depletion, breakdowns and
a sharp weight gain after returning to a normal diet. TO
счастью, есть способы lose weight безопасно и без дискомфорта.
Enough to get some simple habits. Sharply throw off the extra
kilo will not work, but stable result


Habit # 1: Always eat breakfast

Breakfast activates metabolism, makes the stomach “wake up”
and start working. In the absence of breakfast, the metabolism remains
slow. The body begins to save energy, because he does not know
when will receive food.

As a result, by noon a person becomes lethargic and very
hungry. For a quick snack, high-calorie sandwiches are selected,
chocolate, bread. They are clearly not conducive to weight loss.

It is also important to take into account that the morning meal is completely digested and
converted to energy. Therefore, start the day with a cup of coffee and
cracker – wrong. A plate of porridge, cottage cheese with fruit pieces,
omelette, tea with honey – this is the perfect breakfast that will satisfy
the body calories, vitamins and nutrients.

Habit # 2: Keep Your Feet More

Scientists have calculated: if a person just stands on his feet for 25 minutes,
his body during this time burns 225 kJ. Therefore process
Weight loss can be stimulated even without exercise. Not
hurry to take a seat in the bus, if you are close to go,
get up every half hour working at the computer to
to warm up.

Habit # 3: Drink plenty of water.

Water activates metabolism, removes toxins from the body.
Therefore, you need to drink as much as possible. At first, 1.5 l per day can
seem too large. Start small and drink
in small sips. Soon the body will get used to the new regime, and
you will notice that you have become more energetic.

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Habit number 4: Eat less fast carbs

Sugar is the main enemy of a good figure. However, there is no need
forget about him forever. TOладите в чай и кофе одну ложку сахара
instead of the usual two, and already this simple measure will allow you to throw off
up to 2 kg per year.


Also, nutritionists advise to reduce consumption of carbonated
drinks and white bread. This is a “food trash” that gives fast
a feeling of fullness, but just as quickly transformed into fat

Habit number 5: Choose products to speed up the exchange

Есть ряд продуктов, которые стимулируют обмен substances. If a
metabolism is fast, all food is converted into energy, and not
deposited in the form of fat. The helpful list includes chili peppers,
ginger, cinnamon, citrus, apples and cabbage. Diluting your diet
With these products, you will start to lose weight.

Habit # 6: Move More

Hiking benefits the body and helps fight off
overweight. Perhaps not everyone has time for them, but
everyone will be able to:

  • abandon the elevator in favor of climbing stairs;
  • get off the bus for a couple of stops to the house to walk
    remaining distance on foot;
  • play active games with children while walking.

Regular walking is a simple and affordable alternative.
cardio training. This is one of the effective methods of losing weight.

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Habit number 7: Eat often, but in small portions

Fractional feeding is a good choice for those who want to be
slim. It involves 3 main meals per day and 2
snack, suitable for nuts, bread, dried fruit and fresh fruit.
Portions should be such that there is a slight hunger, because
feeling of satiety comes in 20 minutes.

When fed according to this scheme, the body will maintain reserves
energy needed for its full functioning. With
In this way he will not get the extra calories that inevitably settle
on the sides and waist.

Withвычка № 8: Ужинайте за 2-3 часа перед сном

Any nutritionist will say that a person cannot endure hunger,
because it will sooner or later lead to a breakdown. If a хочется есть
eat in the evening. Studies have long confirmed that it is permissible
take food even at 21.00. The main thing is to have dinner a couple of hours before
going to sleep, choosing light protein foods, vegetables, kefir.

Withвычка № 9: Высыпайтесь

Healthy sleep is necessary for the body to recuperate and
stimulate the production of the hormone ghrelin, which controls
hunger. If a вы будете спать меньше 8 часов в сутки, даже
Strengthened workouts in the gym and diets will not bring results.
Fats will continue to be deposited in problem areas.

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after childbirth without harm to the child

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