9 life hacking to find common language with anyoneas a child

Наладить контакт с любым as a child можно при помощи несложных
rules that every adult should know. These lifehacks will help
win the trust of the baby and attract his attention.

From time to time many adults have to communicate with strangers.
children. These can be friends of the classmates of their own child,
small relatives or just kids on the site. To become
a child’s friend in a short time, nine essential
life hacking. Each one has helpful advice to help
наладить контакт с as a child и показать малышу, что взрослые и дети
in many ways similar.

как-наладить-контакт-с-as a child

1. The smile will make the world brighter

Smile is a universal communication tool that helps to establish
contact with any person, both large and small. If baby
frightened or shy adult, then a smile can defuse
the setting. For this you need to be funny for the little man,
cheer him up All kids love to play Ku-Ku when grown up
covers his face with his hands, says “ku-ku”, and then removes his palms.
The child is laughing loudly.

2. Become one level

Если представить себя маленьким as a child, который перемещается
among huge adults and only sees their legs, then you can
feel the discomfort
little man To achieve location, you need to be with
baby of one height, for example, get down on your knees and look
in his eyes.

3. Adult communication

The child is the same person, only small, therefore
you need to communicate with him as you would with your adult friends and
familiar No need to lisp and use diminutive and
the mutilated words are “go, little horses,” “give yum-yum.” Baby rather
recognizes in an adult friend, if you communicate with him on an equal footing.

4. Equality of Emotions

Children feel very subtle emotions and mood swings. He is not
will trust you if emotions do not match, for example, a child
crying, and an adult laughs at this time. If baby рассказывает
something funny for him, you have to laugh. Face
adult should reflect all the emotions of the crumbs.


5. A look at the subject

This method is perfect when dealing with too shy
as a child, который не умеет общаться. In this case, you need to transfer
attention to some one thing: “Look, what a dog
beautiful “,” Your backpack is not heavy “,” Do you want a glass
lemonade? “.

6. To praise not the child, but his thing

If an adult wants to praise something, you do not need to sharpen
attention to the smallest little man: “What are your beautiful
eyes “,” How big you grew up, already taller than me. ” Such
statements are always felt false. Shy kid at
this can completely shut down. To interest small
familiar, should be praised subject belonging to him: “Cool
you have a scooter “,” What fashion sneakers. “

7. Talk about what’s interesting to the child.

Everyone wants to talk about what’s interesting to him and the child.
not an exception. If an adult starts discussing political issues
or talk about cooking soup, baby instantly
bored. But talk about cartoons, children’s games and his books
will interest. It is necessary to listen with special attention when the child
tells how he won the competition in the sports section,
or what game dad bought him.

8. Play by children’s rules

If an adult began to play with children in something, then you should not
set your own rules. Any game has several options.
therefore, the baby should be given the opportunity to act in the usual
yourself setting. For example, if a child, playing a board game,
I used to call her characters or objects in their own way, you shouldn’t
prove it wrong. Just support your
small partner and accept his rules.

9. A gift is happiness

It’s nice to get presents. It is worth making a rule for yourself
– never to come to the child with empty hands. Let it be
small machine, puzzle, soap bubbles or sweets – baby
will be pleased with this no less than an expensive present.

Подружиться даже с малознакомым as a child совсем не
complicated. The main thing is to experiment and put the soul into communication with
little man

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