9 amazing facts about newborns, about whichyou did not know!

A newborn baby is considered pending
one month. This month is a kind of transitional period.
from the intrauterine existence of the fetus to life in the human world. Kid
has not yet gotten rid of many innate reflexes, sees poorly, almost
does not blink and is not adapted to new conditions at all. He exists
only in close connection with the mother and totally dependent on her. In that
The period of the child has many interesting features
which he will lose as he grows older.



Newborns cry without tears. It is associated with a narrowing or less.
occlusion of the lacrimal glands. Instead of the usual crying baby loud
screams expressing anxiety, pain, hunger or discomfort. Scientists
proved that during crying baby copies intonation and accent
mothers, overheard them in the womb. This is indicated by the results.
scientific research, which involved 60 children with
with their parents: 30 French speakers and as many
German. French babies have been found to cry with
increasing intonation, which is typical for French, and
German children – with a descending, which is characteristic of German.


There are more than 300 bones in a baby’s skeleton, while
when the adult skeleton consists of only 206. However,
it’s enough just to explain – some bones of a newborn
grow together in the course of strengthening and growth.

Respiratory system

Kid, в отличие от взрослых, может дышать и глотать
at the same time. By this he looks like animals. This amazing
crumb’s ability uses up to about 9 months while it happens
formation and complication of articulation apparatus and omission
larynx down.


Another amazing feature of infant
breathing is that children breathe several times more often than adults. For
comparisons: adult’s respiratory rate is about 20 times per minute,
baby at the age of 33 – 36 times, baby – from 30 to 45 times
a minute

In addition, newborns do not know how to breathe through the mouth. They will learn
so necessary skill only when the first nasal congestion: during
time of cold or allergies.

Eye shape and color

The size of children’s eyes remains unchanged for life. Exactly
therefore, the eyes of the baby seem to us so huge and deep. BUT
Here the nose and ears tend to grow for life. Besides,
surprisingly, every child, with rare exceptions,
born with a gray or blue color of the iris. it
due to a temporary lack of pigment called melanin.
Already in the process of growing up, the color of the eyes acquires a permanent shade,
this happens about half a year. (Why newborns
changing eye color)


Swimming ability

All the time of its development before birth, the fetus spends in water
environment, so more than 90% of babies remain swimming
reflex. Exactly благодаря ему кроха способен плавать и нырять,
making whirling gestures. The body of the baby contributes
maintaining oxygen for the lungs and heart by slowing blood flow to
fingers of limbs and reducing the frequency of the heartbeat of a small heart
by as much as 20%. If the reflex is not fixed, it will be lost by 3 – 4
months. (Teaching baby to swim and dive: how and when to start
classes with newborns at home in the bath. Many video instructions)


The heart of the baby beats incredibly fast – with a frequency of up to 130 – 160
колебаний в a minute During crying the frequency can reach 200
beats. For сравнения, частота колебаний сердца совершеннолетнего
человека – 60 – 80 в a minute

Visual features

The vision of a newborn is still an insufficiently studied phenomenon.
Only recently scientists have refuted the theory that the kid
sees the world around him flat. In fact, he is available from birth
three-dimensional image.


The rest of science is adamant – a crumb sees not very well,
only 25 – 28 cm, which is approximately equal to the interval from
mother’s nipple to her eyes. The first couple of weeks after birth baby
perceives the surrounding reality in black and white and only to
the third week after birth begins to gradually distinguish colors.
Any baby prefers bright colors and large
drawings, they are easier to focus on.

Another interesting fact is that babies are much less likely than adults
моргают: всего 1 – 2 раза в a minute While medicine is not able to find
causes of this physiological feature.


Baby food addictions are formed at 7 – 9 months
pregnant mothers and finally fixed by the first year
baby’s life. It is proved that the baby is more pleasant to have the familiar smells and
Previously tasted in his body – with breast milk
or as part of an amniotic fluid. This physiological
the feature explains why newborns in the breast
Feeding faster get used to lure than those children whom
fed artificial mixtures.

Meteorological dependence

Blonde babies are more sensitive to change.
weather conditions than their peers, brunettes. Elevated
sensitivity differ twins and twins, premature
kids This susceptibility increases further after illness,
stresses and vaccinations.

Exactly таким маленький человечек приходит в наш мир. Not
be surprised and do not worry if he does not match yours
expectations. After a few weeks you will learn to understand your
crumbs and communicate with him in the language of views and gestures. Newborn
adapts to the world: learn to cry, charmingly
smile and joyfully whining at the sight of you.

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