8 week of pregnancy

8 week of pregnancy в жизни будущей мамы мало
different from the previous, 7th week. But for the baby is still
important every day. It should be so. ATедь ребёнок буквально
repeats the evolutionary path from a single cell to a complex

The content of the article

  • 1 What happens to mom and baby
    • 1.1 Fetal development
    • 1.2 Feelings of the future mother
    • 1.3 Problems and complications
      • 1.3.1 Why do pregnancy complications occur? Main
        the reasons
    • 1.4 Visit doctor
  • 2 Recommendations
    • 2.1 Superstitions and prejudices
  • 3 ATидео гид: 8 week of pregnancy: развитие плода, что
    going on, pulls the lower abdomen, fatigue, nausea, vomiting

    • 3.1 Exercise during pregnancy

week 8


Specification of the term

How to calculate the duration of pregnancy? Details about it here. If a
shortly – the 8th obstetric week (from the first day of the last
menstruation) is equal to the 6th week from conception.

What happens to mom and baby

In the eighth week, the future child is no longer considered an embryo.
Now it is the fruit, which laid all the internal organs.
Of course, all the systems of the tiny organism are yet to come.
develop and improve.

Expectant mother outwardly may change, and may remain the same.
Everything is very individual here. Although there are common features. For example,
on week 8, the uterus of a pregnant woman reaches the size of a large
apple or grapefruit. BUT в крови идёт активная выработка трёх
hormones: estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. ATсе эти гормоны
do serious work:

  • Prepare the woman’s blood system to increase
    blood. therefore основные артерии немного увеличиваются в
  • Weaken pelvic ligaments. Otherwise, the future mother’s belly can not
    grow in size;
  • Prepare the breast for future milk production.

Fetal development

What does the future baby look like now?

Now он размером примерно с виноградину. Tiny length
calf – 14-20 mm, and weight – about 3 g.



The fruit is more like a tiny little man. itму
many processes contribute to:

  • как-развивается-плод-на-8-неделе

    It is on week 8 that the tiny heart completes its
    preliminary development. It becomes a four-chamber, like a
    all mammals;
  • On the hemispheres of the brain appear the first gyrus;
  • The legs are about three times shorter than the handles and are slightly behind them in
    development. Toes on the legs are still connected by membranes. On pens
    they are already separated;
  • The formation of the shoulder, elbow and wrist
    compositions Now the baby can bend and unbend the handles;
  • The stomach occupies its normal position in the abdominal.
  • The folds on the sides of the head suggest where they will soon form.
    outer ears;
  • ATнутреннее ухо активно продолжает своё развитие;
  • The baby has a tongue and first taste buds on
  • The face is indicated more clearly. It is becoming increasingly clear
    contours of the nose, lips and chin. The nose already has tiny nostrils
    and the beginnings of olfactory receptors;
  • The eyes still look like black grains. However the pigment
    which then determines their color, is already there;
  • Ovarian formation begins in girls and testes – in
    boys But in the perineum, only the genital tubercle is still visible.
    External genitals will appear later;
  • The development of bones and cartilage continues. itт процесс будет
    продолжаться до и после рождения baby Completely it ends
    approximately 25 years of human life;
  • The yolk bag is still involved in feeding the baby along with
    placenta. It is also developing intensively;
  • A little straightened and lengthened torso.

ATидео: 8 Неделя внутриутробной жизни:



Ultrasound on the 8th obstetric week can give very different “pictures”.
ATсё зависит от положения малыша, которое постоянно меняется, и от
the hardware itself. On a black background uterine cavity can be seen
oblong body crumbs. Or just a white almost round spot
– means, the fruit turned to the scanner head.

By the end of the 8th week, all major internal organs
fetus formed. Now their further development and

Feelings of the future mother


The delay of menstruation lasts for more than two weeks. On the eighth
obstetric week pregnancy has already been confirmed. Sometimes even
in several ways. If будущей мамы уже был токсикоз, то
for sure it will continue. Or it can start if before that woman
I did not feel anything like that. Main составляющие токсикоза:

  • nausea (more often in the morning, but it happens throughout the day);
  • heartburn and belching;
  • vomiting;
  • change in taste preferences;
  • increased or, on the contrary, loss of appetite;
  • diarrhea or constipation.

If a явного токсикоза всё ещё нет, не нужно думать о
something bad. The happiest moms may not even know what
it is!

But without any toxicosis some changes are quite

getImage (2)

  • Breast can increase greatly (by one size and even more).
    The vessels on each breast become more visible, and the skin of the nipples
    may darken.
  • Even on a short term, the uterus begins to put pressure on the urinary
    bubble, so toilet visits are becoming more frequent.
  • Enhanced mucosal activity causes an increased
    salivation. Pregnant runny nose may appear: feeling
    nasal congestion with no obvious signs of a cold.
  • Emotional instability: mood swings,
  • Constant fatigue, drowsiness.
  • Acne or acne can pop up. But it happens the other way around – skin
    It becomes tender, smooth and amazingly pleasant to the touch.
  • The grown uterus can affect the sciatic nerve, causing
    there are pains in the pelvis, thighs.

And the future mom may well begin to stand out colostrum.
If this happens, gaskets will be required. Strain out
In no case is colostrum!
One more is quite
False (training) contractions are normal. They
manifest short-term tension of the lower abdomen. If not
bleeding or pain, nothing to worry about.

Problems and complications


  • On the 8th obstetric week normal vaginal discharge
    considered mucous, clear or white.
  • Minor brown highlights are allowed, but report on
    they need a doctor.
  • Spotting or bleeding is a signal of possible
    threatened miscarriage. This condition requires immediate attention to
    to the doctor.

Fading pregnancy:


If toxicosis suddenly stops, it is possible
about the fading of pregnancy. In this case, the fetus dies, but not
rejected by the uterus. If the pregnancy really stopped,
establish the diagnosis and take action in the antenatal clinic
and in the hospital.

Severe toxicosis:

Severe toxicosis can deplete the strength of the future mother. Besides,
vomiting can lead to severe dehydration. Need to go to
doctor if:

  • vomiting is more often than two times a day;
  • food is not digested more than a day;
  • constant weakness is felt;
  • marked weight loss.

По теме: все о токсикозе

Abdominal and lower back pain:

Light pains in the abdomen and lower back are explained by hormonal and
physical restructuring. But if the loins and / or stomach ache
intensely, it can mean the threat of miscarriage.

Ectopic pregnancy:

Ectopic pregnancy manifests itself in earlier periods.
Therefore, at the 8th obstetric speech about this state is no longer going.

Why do pregnancy complications occur? Main reasons

  • genetic abnormalities;
  • radiation (for example, x-rays);
  • nicotine and / or alcohol;
  • some bacterial and viral infections;
  • a number of drugs;
  • lifting and carrying weights;
  • severe overheating (for example, when tanning or in a sauna).

In the first trimester of pregnancy, any negative
impact affects the entire fetus, all its internal organs and


If pregnancy is unwanted, it is also a complication. True not
pregnancy itself, and the whole existence of a woman. there is
the circumstances for which she has the right to say no to a little
of life. But if the baby is not destined to be born, abortion
must be carried out as early as possible. And only in medical
institution. Abortion – the procedure is simple, but difficult for the female
organism. Therefore, the decision on termination of pregnancy should be in
highly responsible and informed.

Visit doctor

If the expectant mother has not started her examination yet, then on the 8th
неделе уже пора идти к to the doctor. There are a lot of diseases in the world,
which take a long time without external manifestations. Survey
will help in time to detect possible problems and prevent


The woman will take blood tests, urine, check smear from
vagina. What will be checked?

  • general condition of the body (hemoglobin level, various
    blood cells, sugar);
  • blood group and Rh factor;
  • the presence / absence of HIV, AIDS, syphilis, genital infections.

The gynecologist will measure the future mom’s pelvis, height and weight, will give
preliminary conclusion on the state of health of the woman and the future
baby Besides, он направит пациентку к другим специалистам –
to the therapist, oculist, dentist, venereologist and ENT.

It is necessary to be examined by these doctors. Each of them
check the condition of the future mother in their parameters and point to
possible complications. For example, if a woman suffers from periodontal disease,
the disease may worsen during pregnancy and after childbirth. BUT
very low vision or high intraocular pressure may become
indications for elective caesarean section.

Especially important is the prevention of possible Rhesus conflict. If
future parents a different Rh factor, it can negatively
affect the future of the kid because of the accumulation of specific antibodies. it
Another reason not to delay the campaign to the doctors.

The expectant mother needs to be prepared for a lot of questions. Now
doctors are obliged not only to examine a woman, but also to find out in which
conditions she lives and works. For example, if the working conditions
harmful, future mom must transfer to another
position. BUT если дома у женщины есть серьёзно больные люди, это
also a cause for concern. The doctor can ask all households
future mom to undergo fluorography or bring in the latest
conducted research.

What else will the doctors ask?

  • Which account for pregnancy.
  • Which are expected to give birth.
  • Last month time.
  • What was before the menstrual cycle.
  • Have there been abortions, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy.

Mom-to-be sure to tune in to regular
visits to doctors.


  1. Proper nutrition. Must be excluded
    fried, spicy foods, canned and smoked. Baking will have
    to limit. Cooking needs to be steamed (or baked). Vegetables and
    fruits should be at least one third of the diet. Sweets only
    natural (for example, marshmallow). To improve digestion – porridge and
    dairy products.
  2. Vitamins and drugs – only for its intended purpose
    a doctor.
  3. BUTлкоголь и сигареты уже должны остаться в
    the past.
    It is very important to avoid passive smoking.
  4. What is the future mom in? All kinds of “studs”
    will have to be postponed until better times.
    Shoes should be on
    minimal and steady heels. It is very important that the soles are not
    slid. You need to be careful not only on the snowy paths, but
    and on tiled floors – they are quite slippery.
  5. Sex life can not be limited if
    brings pleasure.
    In this case there are three contraindications:
    the threat of miscarriage, multiple pregnancy and unwillingness itself
    future mother.
  6. With unilateral pain in the pelvis and lower back you need
    lie on the opposite side.
    Here we are talking about
    pinching of the sciatic nerve, in the supine position, it is faster
    freed up.
  7. Emotions – only positive. Not necessary
    watch frightening and / or dramatic films, read heavy books
    content. If something happens in life
    unfavorable, you need to think first of all about the baby. Now
    mom’s excitement makes the crumbs physically suffer.

Superstitions and prejudices

What did not have to hear the expectant mother for
nine months of pregnancy! There are so many advisers! AT
recommendations of others can literally get lost. To believe, and
whom not to listen? Let’s try to understand the main

Smoking mom can not suddenly give up
cigarettes. Ребёнок уже привык к никотину и будет feelingвать себя

To the nicotine accustomed future mother. And already caused myself this
considerable harm. BUT с наступлением беременности каждая новая сигарета
causes irreparable damage to the baby. If pregnancy is planned,
rejection of bad habits should take place long before conception. With
an unplanned but preserved pregnancy should stop smoking
right away, preferably forever.

A glass of good natural wine is not

Even natural alcoholic drinks are still alcohol. Him
harm to the fetus has long been firmly proven.

Husband can not show his weakness, bad
feeling or cooling towards sex. Wife should always be
beautiful, cheerful and friendly.

Another statement from the depths of patriarchy. Between spouses
sincerity is important. Good future father will not be squeamish
crook, if his beloved woman with him vomits. BUT страх перед
intimate life will only get stronger and turn into a problem if
keep silence about him

Pregnant women can not cut their hair – the child will
something is missing (fingers, for example).

Superstition in its purest form. ATолосы образованы клетками того же типа,
like nails. Their pregnant women are sheared at all times. therefore
if the expectant mother wants to change the image and make a haircut, no
there are no obstacles to this. BUT вот по поводу окраски волос лучше
pre-consult a doctor.

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Happiness and well-being of the future mother is health and correct.
развитие baby

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ATидео гид: 8 week of pregnancy: развитие плода, что
going on, pulls the lower abdomen, fatigue, nausea, vomiting

Exercise during pregnancy

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