8 topics that pregnant women like to discuss

During pregnancy, women have many
exciting new topics for conversation. Those who do not expect a baby
reluctantly join the discussions, but the future moms themselves
always happy to chat with each other. However, they have several
favorite topics that they are willing to talk for hours – with
with girlfriends, friends, and just with strangers
interlocutors in various online forums. So what interests
pregnant most?


1. Well-being

Perhaps every woman during pregnancy appears
malaise. Future mothers complain of toxemia, weakness, headache
pain and dizziness, swelling all over the body, pain in the abdomen, back,
heaviness in the legs. Sometimes, sharply stabbed in one side, shoot in
friend, and sometimes all of a sudden and all at once.

Women are not limited to sharing with each other
symptoms. Pregnant women can stay up late on the Internet in search
information about their ailments and crying over the rest of the night
severe and incurable pathologies that they themselves have
revealed. In the morning, the expectant mother will tell others about her troubles.
pregnant women who will certainly find the same

Of course, it does not do without the discussion of doctors and their opinions.
If some pregnant women tend to trust doctors, others put them under
doubt any recommendation, someone is lucky with the doctor, and someone
Not really. Even every future mother is sure that she knows the best.
a doctor or even a clinic that everyone else recommends.

2. Stages of child development

This topic might not have been discussed so often and
in detail, if not for all sorts of sites and mobile applications for
pregnant women. �”On this weight of your baby is already 1500 g, and the size is with
medium squash. Scarce learned to open eyes, suck a finger. is he
can already distinguish sounds from the outside world and reacts to your
голос», — такие описания будущая мама регулярно читает
в понедельных календарях беременности. This information
it is impossible not to immediately share with girlfriends who are also busy
thoughts of the imminent appearance of the baby.

3. Lifestyle

During pregnancy, women have many questions about nutrition,
physical activities, hobby. Do I need to give up coffee and tea,
is there caffeine? Is it possible to ski and swim in the sea,
to play sports, to press a press – all this is not dangerous for
pregnant? And drive a car? And fly by plane? Can wear
heels? And what will happen if the cat lies on the stomach?

Future mothers are looking for the answers of scientists to such questions, but no less
It is interesting to know what more experienced people can say about all this.

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4. Changes in weight and shape

These questions future mothers ask each other endlessly: “On
how much have you gotten better? What size do you have now?
Do you diet, do not eat anything in the evening? Often arrange
fasting days? Most pregnant are deeply worried
about their weight and fear that after birth will not work
return slender and taut figure. Almost everyone is sure
that they are recovering too fast and the belly is growing,
like yeast. The positive point is that the breast of the future
Mom’s increasing too. This, of course, can not but rejoice. Here is
only consolation is short-lived, because soon the belly becomes
more enlarged breasts. And the most exciting and exciting
pastime – compare your changed forms with figures
pregnant at the same time.

Rubric – lose weight after childbirth


5. Choosing a name for the baby

There are parents who consider it a bad omen to choose a name.
child before his birth. Yet most couples come up with it.
in advance or selects a couple of options. Special pleasure
for the future mother – to discuss the name for the baby with other pregnant women,
learn about statistics registry offices, ask about the meanings of names and their
influence on fate, evaluate how the name sounds in combination with
patronymic, surname.

6. Signs

Что только не приходит в голову будущей маме, пока она
is in anxious anticipation of the baby. Sometimes pregnant women start
share with each other the signs that they have learned. Special
Popular are those related to the sex of the child. While on the ultrasound is not visible
boy is expected or girl, you can try to determine it
on their own. It will help analyze what form your belly, with
what frequency of fetal heart beats, in what position are you asleep, what are you
love of food. Of course, all this just needs to be discussed with

7. Childbirth

The culmination of the conversation pregnant becomes a discussion of the upcoming
childbirth. They care how to choose a maternity hospital, how to understand what is starting.
childbirth, whether you need to go to hospital in advance or it is better to sit out
home in comfort. What is the term usually born first, second and
follow children, boys and girls? Agree on
epidural anesthesia? What is episiotomy, and to whom it threatens?
What is the indication for cesarean section? What time is it last
childbirth and what happens at this time? Should I take with me
husband? Most often, future mothers tend to tell each other
various horror stories about childbirth, but there is ground here for pleasant

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8. Shopping

All women love to go shopping, so shopping is
приятная и позитивная тема для разговоров pregnant women. Can
talk about clothes for future moms, about orthopedic
pillows and mattresses, gadgets and accessories, without which you simply can’t
do before or after the birth of the baby. Special thrill causes
discussion of the dowry for the baby, because often it is prepared to
the appearance of crumbs on the light. Future moms can lead endless
talk about the costumes on the statement, clothing size 50-56,
baby bottles, pacifiers, cots and cradles, swaddling
tables, chairs, rattles, music mobiles – difficult
think up another topic that will cause so many sighs of emotion and
gentle smiles. Discussion of these things will cheer up any

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