8 top tips on how to weantwins

Completion of breastfeeding sometimes becomes for
moms are a serious problem. Still more complicated when children
two. Therefore, we have prepared useful recommendations for you that
help you in this difficult process.

отучуить от груди twins

Why wean off at all? It is also useful, convenient and
naturally. That’s right, but still there are compelling
причины завершить грудное вскармливание раньше, чем
the babies themselves give up their mother’s milk:

  • возраст более 2 лет – по мнению специалистов
    WHO, this is the ultimate level, then you need to complete the GW;
  • пищевая аллергия у крохи – в таком случае маме
    it is easier and more effective to control the diet of the child than for years
    follow a strict diet or condemn a child to chronic
  • беременность мамы – в этот период из-за
    hormonal adjustment of the body a woman may experience pain
    or discomfort when feeding the older baby, and the taste is also changing
    and the composition of breast milk;
  • illness and depletion of the mother’s body.

8 правил отлучения от груди twins

Weaning a child from the breast is not an easy task. Some
it turns out to pass this stage quickly and painlessly, and the other moms,
faced with the first difficulties, decide to breastfeed to
victory The rest are waiting for sleepless nights filled with
children’s tears, screams and outrage. If you have twins,
get ready for the fact that there will be twice as many problems. Everything
complicated by a chain reaction: as soon as one child begins
ask the chest and cry, the second instantly repeats it. Here is
another complication: when one baby wakes up, with his cry he
wakes up the second, but both fail at the same time.

Listen to our advice to complete breastfeeding.
twins быстро и без нервов.

1. Treat children the same way.

Clearly follow the rule: if you feed, then both children at once,
if you don’t feed it, then nobody. Let one of the babies initially
less attached to the chest, still do not wean him first and do not
feed before his eyes the second. Otherwise you will achieve only
jealousy, resentment and a sense of inequality between the crumbs.

Feed one child quietly, going to another room or
waiting for the second to fall asleep is also not worth it. �”Lucky” will start
seem like you love him more and that will ruin the relationship between

Remember: if firmly deciding that it is time to complete the chest
feeding, be unshakable, nothing should embarrass you.
Even if one of the children was offended, sick, hit, can not
заснуть — не делайте ему поблажек, а постарайтесь найти другой
way to calm him down. Otherwise, you only delay the time of weaning and
make the process painful for both babies.

2. First clean the daytime feeds.

It’s usually easier for kids to drop their daily feeds than
nightly. First try replacing one feed with any supplement.
If your twins already eat cereals, meat and vegetables, let them
mixtures or dairy products. Gradually completely stop
breastfeed by day, doing it just before bedtime and, if needed,
at night.

3. Find new ways to calm children.

Мамина грудь для ребенка – это не просто молоко и еда, но и
remedy for sedation. Here is почему малыши прикладываются к груди,
when they are sick, under stress, upset, fell, hit and
feel pain. If you decide to complete breastfeeding, look
other ways to soothe children. These may be dummies or
special stress relief rituals: take your hands, iron
head and back, kiss, blow on the sore spot and so on.

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4. Come up with a ritual for bedtime.

После прекращения дневных кормлений нужно приучать twins
fall asleep without a breast. Think of other tools that will help.
calm the children and set them up for sleep. For example, you can read
fairy tales, sing lullabies or listen to them in recordings, include
musical nightlight with a projector. Another good way to pack
babies – sit by their cots, stroking and hugging them while they
don’t fall asleep

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bedtime ritual

It is not necessary to rock the toothes. So you will develop in children
addiction, which also have to fight, and
физически очень тяжело укачивать двух малышей одновременно.
Also, being in your arms, children will only ask for stronger
milk, because they will feel its smell and closeness of mother’s breast.

If your twins start freaking out and can’t
go to sleep without milk, put them in the crib bottle with the mixture,
milk gruel or sour milk drink. By the way, wean off
karapuzov from breast will be easier, if not mother, and somebody else
will put them to bed.

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5. Stop the night feeds last

When kids can fall asleep without mother’s milk, you can
stop night feedings. We must act decisively: simply
abruptly stop giving them breasts at night. TO waking peanuts
let grandma or dad do better because at the sight of mom they
will become stronger to ask for a breast.

If a один из twins более беспокойный и часто будит второго
With your cry, try temporarily placing their cots in different ways.
rooms. Just do not put them near the parent bed.

But to leave the kids at night with relatives to wean
from feeding at night – inhumane. This will only result in a double
stress: there is no mom and her breasts, unfamiliar surroundings
around. To leave to have a rest, having left little tops for dad or grandmother, –
unfair: refusal of breastfeeding is the same thing for mom and
children, so it’s best to go through this stage together.

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6. Do not tease kids

While children are still asking for breasts, do not undress with them, do not wear
clothing with a deep neckline and always wear underwear. So you
will not provoke a desire to attach to the chest.

7. Act consistently, resolutely and patiently.

Weaning should be gently, gradually and systematically. Not
rush to extremes, running away from crying babies, then
again starting to feed them, unable to bear shouting and swallowing tears. If a
you will behave this way, the children will understand that you can beg your mother
chest – you just have to turn it up and ask for longer. TOак следствие, они
they will roll even louder and longer tantrums,
stop sleeping at night and manipulate you.

The only right decision is to act softly, but at the same time
resolutely. Children need to understand: once mom decided that now they
sleep without breastfeeding, so be it. If a малышам сказали, что
no milk before breakfast, so they don’t drink it before
breakfast more than ever, and under no circumstances.

Statistics show that it is most difficult to wean children to demand
chest at night – usually it takes from 2 to 7 nights. If a же вам
кажется, что вы не сможете так долго терпеть крики twins и
come up with different ways to calm them down if no one can help
you put karapuzov and get up to them at night, if the children themselves
excommunication is difficult – perhaps in your case it is still worth
continue to breastfeed for some time.

8. Talk to your children if they are older.

Weaning babies older than 1.5-2 years old, be sure to talk
with them about it. Be sure to tell them that you decided to stop them.
feed breast milk. To make it easier for kids to understand why
you do this, you can make up a legend – for example, that they
grown, so my mother’s milk is running out. After all the big
breastfeeding Then give the peanuts some time to
realize the essence of what is happening and prepare for change. Feed
they are still 1-2 weeks to enjoy my mother’s milk. Then
stop feeding once and for all.

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TOак отлучить ребенка от груди? Says Nina Zaichenko

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