8 things that do not need to know littlefor children

Children are very observant and, like little special agents,
they notice many little things. Only there are some things
which is better to try to hide from the child.

воспитание ребенка

Of course, it is important to set an example for your child and to be honest with him.
and frank, but still every rule has its exceptions.
So, in this article we have prepared for you a selection of 8 things, o
which whenever possible you should not tell the child.

1. You are abusing junk food.

Even if you really try to control the amount of sugar in
your food, for sure it is not always possible. It can be so hard
deny yourself a nightly snack and a croissant with chocolate on
breakfast is infinitely tasty. Remember that baby takes
an example for you: the food culture in the family becomes the norm for him,
watching his parents, he understands what is possible and what
can not.
Therefore, if you yourself are not able to fully
give up sweets and fast food at least try to
maximum hide it from kids.

2. As a child, you also could not tolerate vegetables

Most parents hide from their tots that
they hated vegetables too. There is nothing
surprising, because many children at some point become
extremely picky in food: they refuse greenery, then, on the contrary,
onions are taken from the soup. If you want to teach kids to eat
healthy food remains one option – to come up with a fairy tale that
in childhood, your favorite dishes were boiled zucchini and mashed potatoes

мама с ребенком готовят овощи


3. Когда дети засыпают, у вас начинается «вечеринка»

A couple of hours between the time when the children and you go to bed yourself,
By the number of entertainment comparable to a fun Friday evening.
Finally, you can take a relaxing bubble bath, see
movies, drink wine, chew on chips, just chat with your spouse and
of course, have sex. If you even hint to the child about your
plans for the evening, they will have to say goodbye. Favorite child
try to do everything not to go to bed and spend time with
mom and dad.

4. Parents sometimes quarrel too.

Ideal relationships are only in the cinema, and in life partners
sometimes quarrel. How the conflict ends is up to you, but
Remember, it’s in your example that children learn to manage their own
emotions and resolve disputes. It only depends on you whether the child will accept
mom’s side that says their dad is
«козел«, или продолжит уважать обоих parents.
No matter how sad or angry you are after an argument, never
take out negative emotions on children and do not use them for
own consolation. Toddlers should not grow up with the conviction
that their mission is to soothe mom and dad or take someone
side during the conflict.

5. Give birth – it hurts

When a child first asks how he was born, you can
respond evasively (how to tell the child where the children come from).
Only one fine moment, your six-year-old daughter is still
will understand that someday a child will also appear in her belly, and
bring you millions of questions. You can honestly tell her about
everyone, just drop a moment about what you experienced during childbirth
the most severe pain in your life. Otherwise, the child forever
there will be a negative notion of this natural and
wonderful process.

6. Money problems in your family

In each family can come hard times. None
insured against loss of work and stress, but whatever happens
Try to keep children feeling normal.

Yes, kids will have to give up the excesses, but they are easier this
survive if parents stay calm and keep feeling

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7. Adults scare nuclear weapons.

The time in which we live is really scary and dangerous.
Although everyone has their own political views, but someone does not
interested in politics, thoughts on nuclear weapons and terrorist attacks
periodically visit all. Can you share your
experiences with friends or a spouse, go to a psychotherapist, but
just do not talk about it with the child.

Older children already receive certain information at school and
the Internet, but psychologically they are still not ready to realize
such scary things like terrorism. Even if it came to this,
speak calmly and understandable phrases without showing your

8. Secrets of other children that you learn from their

All that other parents tell you about their children is
secrets that you should not share with your children. Let be
even you have a very trusting relationship. If the children are familiar and
communicate with each other, between them can be awkward
situation, and it is not worth helping a child learn to gossip and
tell others secrets.

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