8 terrible habits of young children whoare the norm

The first smile, the first word, the first uncertain steps – each
child’s achievement causes pride in his parents. This light and
the joyful picture is darkened by the oddities in the behavior of the crumbs that
time are becoming more noticeable. Here is the baby eating pellets from the carpet, and
then suddenly it starts beating its head against a wall or studying its
intimate places in a crowded place. At such moments in the head of an adult
man’s thoughts are that maybe with a child something
not this way. Or does he just go through the natural stage of his
development and maturing?

странные привычки ребенка

Weird behavior is generally characteristic of children of age.
2-3 years (in anticipation of a crisis of 3 years). Many of them absolutely
harmless and just help the child calm down and feel
yourself more comfortable and confident in this vast world. Yet
It will be useful for adults to find out what is needed in the behavior of babies.
pay special attention and what new crumbs habits are worth
tell the doctor.

In this article we will tell you what is normal in behavior.
a small child, but what – reason to sound the alarm. let’s
let’s try to decipher the secret language of the kids and understand why they
sometimes perform such strange and incomprehensible adult actions.

Actions aimed at complacency and banging your head about

Битье головой о wall — да, это выглядит порой устрашающе.
Especially if you put in the “adult” meaning of the expression “fight
head against the wall. ” However, for children aged 1-2 years is
normal phenomenon, no matter how wild it was to hear about this.

At 1-2 years old babies sometimes make recurring
movements just to calm themselves when they fall
in a stressful situation, tired, bored. 
Baby can
swing from side to side or even rhythmically beat your head about
wall, floor, crossbar of his crib. Although it looks scary
and parents are frightened by such behavior, the child is unlikely to
причинить себе вред таким образом. Most common habit
make soothing repetitive movements passes by age
3 years. While the baby has not grown, try to protect as much as possible.
it – for example, move it to a soft carpet, on which a crumb too
definitely not hurt his forehead.

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If the baby sucks a finger or pacifier, it is likely that
also his ways of relieving stress. When babies do this, everyone
looks cute When a child grows up, affection of parents
replaced by anxiety. However, there are no obvious reasons for concern.
appears if the baby starts with this habit for 4 years.
Further sucking on a finger or dummy can already negatively
affect gums and create developmental problems

In addition to fingers, kids drag dirt, sand, and household food into their mouths.
pet All this is normal, so do many children, and, having matured,
they forget about these habits forever. Baby can быть
very picky about food, but inedible items are explored
exactly mouth.

It is necessary to reduce the child to the pediatrician, if the child is swinging,
banging your head against a wall or doing other repetitive movements
all day long. A dangerous situation can also be when
Behavior karapuz immediately many disturbing bells. For example, he does not
only chews inedible things, but also not particularly attached to parents and
братьям с сестрами, еще и страдает задержкой speech.

Performing rituals

At the age of 1-2 years, babies sometimes have their own rituals,
which they perform every day. For example, some carefully and
long arrange their toys in a straight line. If this order
is disturbed, the baby becomes so offended that he can
lose control of yourself and throw a tantrum. Similar rituals
appear due to the fact that children also need
consistency, in that everything is stable and good. Self
this behavior is absolutely normal as long as the child perceives it.
as a game – for example, trains are stacked at the station exactly on
night so they can sleep.

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If the baby puts plush friends on the backs or tummies,
so that they can sleep comfortably, it is obvious that he is playing. In this case
parents have nothing to worry about. The alarm bell is
child’s obsession with building toys in a certain order when
lack of interest in games.
Parents should be alerted
and the fact that the baby is immersed in his invented world does not want
communicate with others. Another reason to show a child to a doctor is
his desire is sure to perform his usual ritual, even if for
this will have to interrupt food or any other occupation.

Study your body

Small children often pick their noses. After all, get out of there
козявку как найти скрытое сокровище. Little by little
teach your child to use a handkerchief and napkins to
then he was able to break the habit of picking his nose.

More children study their bodies, especially intimate places, that
fine. The main problem is that baby
makes parents blush if they do it in front of their friends and
familiar Unpleasant situations can be prevented by explaining
fuck that you can explore your body at home, but with outsiders
it is better not to do it.

Experts advise not to prohibit, but to make recommendations on
behavior: it is not customary to touch yourself in the kindergarten, in the store and in
the presence of other people. And, as a rule, the baby is prone to this
habit, if you spend a lot of time, bored and not having fun.
Take care of filling the child’s leisure activities so that he is not bored.

Excessive interest in your body is abnormal,
the constant desire to touch yourself – instead of playing with
other children, listen to a fairy tale, watch a cartoon.

Imaginary and toy friends of the child

Surely, almost every adult has come across
children for whom toys are the whole universe. They stack them
sleep so that they do not leave room for themselves, or take on all exits
from home a whole arsenal of “friends.” There are babies that communicate with
invented in the head of the characters, invisible to others.
There are guys who invent that in the country they
awaits Carlson.


If we exclude some awkward situations in society, such
Habit is the natural reaction of a maturing child to the fact that
the world is constantly changing. We should not forget about the richest nursery
fantasy. It’s difficult for babies to immediately adapt to an adult and
incomprehensible to them in many ways the world, because they create for themselves
quite comfortable place – an imaginary world. If adults recognize
and in some ways encourage such a world of their children, they thereby
feed his activity to creation and creation, which is already very
OK. And situations where a beloved “friend” is lost or sent.
in the wash, can be stressful for the baby. But also from this
provisions have a way out. For parents this is a great opportunity.
explain to the child that sometimes you need to do without the usual
of things.

Most often, games with imaginary friends in small children are not
go beyond the norm, so do not require medical
interventions. However, if parents began to notice that every time
instead of meeting with real friends, the kid decides to stay at home
play with invented comrades, then you need to turn to
a specialist.

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Imaginary and toy friends of the child

Games with pot and pamper contents

A small child who was born not so long ago and
now actively exploring the world, is interested in literally everything. Sometimes
“vile” at first glance situations occur at all. Child
reneged on its need for a diaper, and after it pulled it, it pulled
content and actively sculpts, draws on the walls or tasting at all

Children a little older can perform similar manipulations and
the contents of the pot, if the mother was distracted and did not take it in time.
Adults often give way to panic, shouting and bouts of disgust by
about this, but in reality there is no cause for concern. For
Baby Feces is a new material for games. He was part of him.
therefore it does not pose a threat to the child (from the perspective of his

Parents just need to make feces not so entertaining.
subject. To discourage the child to sculpt their own
excrement, it is necessary to develop and satisfy his tactile
needs. For этого замечательно подойдет детский пластилин или
the same dough (special from the store or homemade for pies),
kinetic sand, but at least the construction of castles of mud – all this
quite saturate the tactile needs of the child. Other nuances – the case
time and technology of parents. You will need to keep an eye on the pot more often.
а подгузник застегивать крепче (можно использовать хоть скотч
:) ) or fill the inside of clothes.

Странные вкусы детей

It often happens that young children eat everything that
causes an adult feeling of surprise and misunderstanding. It may
be a ball of dust and wool, a piece of chalk, toilet filler for
cat, pebbles on the street, contact lenses, inedible plants and
other trash.

Parents need not worry. Дело в that baby
uses his mouth as an important tool for research
the world around us. Therefore, often that which cannot be eaten will be
would lick your baby. Kids often bite, lick or suck something –
for an early age is the norm. Any adult can
remember the tip of a pen or eraser from a pencil in your mouth. But
however, it is difficult for an adult to admit that eating wool
— это fine.

It is important to pay attention to the severity of the habit
crumbs and its frequency. If a child very often eats dirt or pile
from the carpet, of course, you need to see a doctor.

Nose picking

To look at this, of course, is not particularly pleasant. But придется
recognize: the nostrils are particularly interesting openings for studying
more, in childhood. The key skill in this situation is once in
keep calm and offer nasal
a handkerchief in a nursery or go to the bathroom because
�”No one here likes for watch with this. ”

Иные странные привычки

It also happens that children confuse day with night, and heat with
cold Иногда они требуют одеть на них комбинезон в жаркое
time of year, and sometimes prefer to run around the apartment naked. Other
kids love to imagine themselves a dog or a cat, fun barking or
meowing, running on all fours, demanding a bowl and licking my face.
Parents should not be frightened by the oddities of the child. It is natural
developmental stage which provides for awareness of the surrounding world
and its place in it. This category is normal until
interferes with life. It should just be explained when you can be a dog, but
when not.

Adults need only patience, this stage will soon pass.
In the meantime, you can allow your child plenty of imagination. In such
children often later develop their theater skills.
For поддержания «боевого духа» родителям можно снять небольшое
video of strange addictions “puppy”, which requires attention,
jumps and barks around the apartment. After many years, this funny movie
It will be very cool to show at the wedding of such a bully.

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