8 simple rules for weight loss after giving birth without harmto kid

What worries moms recently born babies? These are thoughts about
health and comfort of the little man. And worries about how
bring your weight back to normal. Basically, mommies nursing
child, gaining about ten extra pounds for pregnancy. Them
I want to get rid of them and get back in good shape as soon as possible. Eight
основных правил похудения после childbirth помогут справиться с
this problem.

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We will determine the motivation that will guide our
activities in losing weight. And we will start the fight against superfluous

What is the motivation to lose weight after giving birth?

The motives for losing weight after childbirth can be several. Can
dominate one of the factors or their combination:

  1. Dissatisfaction with their own appearance. When to the mirror
    I no longer want to approach, so as not to see those who have added in volume
  2. Physical discomfort. Shortness of breath, fast fatigue, even with
    small load.
  3. Return to the old wardrobe. Favorite things are gathering dust in the closet.
    Waiting for the return of the hostess. Wardrobe upgrades are expensive, yes
    shopping and not happy when not to get into the desired thing.
  4. Reproaches of the fastidious spouse or fear that he will begin
    glancing “left”. Not all husbands truly appreciate the changes,
    accompanying the birth of the long-awaited child. External
    the attractiveness of the wife is what they need, and the details are not
    are important.
  5. ANDногда работа требует привлекательности внешнего
    species, including figures.

8 правил похудения

It is difficult to lose weight without strict diets, the use of medical
drugs and dietary supplements for weight loss, as well as surgical
interventions. All this can not be used the first time after
childbirth. Since it can harm the baby if you are breastfeeding. AND
fraught with the return of lost kilograms. Therefore, adhere to
following rules:

1. Movement – life

During pregnancy, especially in recent months, you
moved slowly and carefully. Now we need a new rhythm of life.
Increase motor activity.


Morning exercises, moderate exercise in the form of
exercises on different muscle groups will increase vitality.
Charged with vigor and energy. Too intense physical
exercise can hurt, however many of them are useful even for
pregnant women. For example, exercises for flexibility or stretching,
fitball exercises. On the latter, you can simultaneously rock
baby and adjust your own figure.

Daily stroller walks are good for you and yours.
child Breathe in the fresh air and lose weight. Come to the nursery
pad and sit on the bench – not our option. With a pram better
перемещаться, двигаясь в достаточно быстром темпе и ровной
back. 1 hour of intense walking burns about as much
same calories as 3 hours of exercise at the gym.
очень полезно в качестве упражнений носить ребенка в слинге
or in “kangaroo”.

2. Proper nutrition

It should always be followed. This is the ideal. And especially
important when breastfeeding. After all, all eaten “harm”
transferred to the baby with my mother’s milk.

Eat more often, in small portions, eat with the child,
about 5-6 times a day. Do not lean on sweets, even if very
I want to. Better vegetables and fruits than confectionery. We eat
porridges, soups, low-fat meat and fish dishes. Give up
sandwiches on the run, fast food, convenience foods, fried
products. Have a good breakfast and tight. As in all times,
Breakfast is considered the most important in the daily routine.


Such food will not only make you slimmer, but also positive.
will affect the development of the digestive system of the newborn. �”Mama
must eat for two ”- a myth. On the contrary, overeating contributes
child arising of increased gas formation, allergic
reactions. It is better to choose foods rich in beneficial vitamins and

Essential substances necessary for the body after childbirth and especially
if you are breastfeeding, it is iron, calcium and protein. therefore
it is necessary to consume sufficient quantity of milk, cottage cheese,
lean meat, beef liver, fish and cereals. Consume
a lot of liquid, but not coffee, tea.

If you are bottle-fed, you can add
Calorie Calculation Will help to calculate the amount allowed for you
calories per day, any counter on the relevant sites. Enough
just enter the required parameters: the original and desired weight, age,

3. Breastfeeding

It’s one thing when giving up breastfeeding is
necessity due to objective reasons. For example,
illness or disappeared milk from the mother, allergic to

If the reason for the refusal is an unwillingness to “spoil the figure”, this
wrong. Caring for the child is in priority, and the benefits of the mother
milk is obvious. In addition, uterine contraction while feeding faster
will lead giving birth to normal. Therefore, they will go faster and

4. We take into account the hormonal failure

After childbirth and childbirth, certain processes in
The body may be broken. After all, giving birth is a big shakeup for
female organism.


Restoring hormonal levels is a slow process. therefore
Do not be surprised that the weight starts to leave gradually, “with a creak.”
Allow the body to adapt, do not give up. AND
soon return to previous performance.

5. ANDзбегаем стрессовых ситуаций

After giving birth, you have not had time to recover, and worries
significantly increased. Frequent feedings of the child, night rises,
the inability to fully sleep, washing diapers. Yes and
nobody canceled household chores: eat cook, clean
in the House.

Do not charge everything to yourself. So you will come to a nervous exhaustion.
and depression. And she, by the way, increases the appetite. Call on
household help: mother, husband, grandmother, mother-in-law.

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as a child

If this is not possible, once again give up
everyday household chores in favor of sleep and rest. Even brief
a respite will give you a positive view of the world. Especially since you have
huge bonus – the presence of a small source of joy near,
вашего child

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6. Exercises with baby


You can exercise without a gym
the hall. You can put a child in a kangaroo to do homework,
you can put the baby on his chest to press the press, you can … Yes you can
come up with many different exercises with the child that will bring
a lot of fun for you and your baby. Another very important
that the load will then increase gradually, together
with how your baby grows.

7. Возвращение к радостям

Первое время, когда живы ещё болезненные ощущения после childbirth, и
думать о нём не I want to. However, come back to this a little later.
source of vitality. During the intimate process not only
calories are wasted and overweight goes, but also delivered
pleasure, psychological comfort is restored, increases
self-esteem, improving health.

Как правило, после childbirth женщина становится более чувственной.
therefore полюбите заново своего партнера, открывайте с ним новые
faces and shades in sex. And at the same time, lose weight!

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have sex?

8. Positive attitude

Back from where we started. Remember about

Do not postpone weight loss until later. Tomorrow will be late. Than
The sooner we start, the sooner the result will come.

If you stumbled, broke – start again. Did not work out
now, it will turn out a little later.

More thin girlfriends and interlocutors on a playground – a subject
not to envy, but to follow. Catch up and overtake! – such
Let it be your motto.

AND самое последнее, возможно, что одно из главных способов хорошо
to look is to set yourself up well. No one
negative words in front of the mirror to your reflection! Remember
famous Soviet film of the same name – the system of work
self-suggestion works, and since then already repeatedly
justified. How to tune, so be it! Now with you alive
positive – your baby. Once again, it’s better not to iron the diaper, but
play with him, laugh and rejoice in his existence

Every kilogram lost is the result of your work on
by myself. You are strong, you can do it! Get slimmer, more
beautiful and attractive. You are not only a wonderful mother, but also
a beautiful woman!

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