8 signs that you are anxious mom

After giving birth, life changes dramatically, as
the woman herself. Sometimes the new mother suddenly becomes different.
by man. Previously active and self-confident, she turns into
a hen that cannot leave a crumb for even a second
time talks about how he slept, how he ate, what progress he had.
Некоторые вдруг становятся по-настоящему «ненормальными
moms “who are ready to wipe the whole world with antibacterial
napkins, just to protect your child from invisible bacteria. If a
заметите характерные признаки тревожной мамы у себя, соберите
волю в кулак и найдите время для себя, а с ребенком пусть
sit grandmother, husband, aunt or nanny. Read about how
to distinguish a disturbing mom.

тревожная мама

№1. You live only for the sake of the child

You dedicate your child all the time, 24 hours a day, grooming and
cherish him, giving him all of yourself. If a приходится отлучиться, вы
every second you think about the baby. Are you worried about everything with him
ok, did they feed him, changed his clothes, and what if he got sick or
someone offended him … For mental comfort you need to be with your child
around the clock.

№2. You want to be the perfect mom in the eyes

You need others to appreciate how much you do for
baby, how well you care for him. Even better if approval
will be made public so that everyone can hear it. If a кто-то
says, “You’ve got a great mom out of you,” you spread to
happy smile, you flourish.

Number 3. You forgot about your feelings

You stopped paying attention to your condition and to your
the senses. You take care of the little one 24 hours a day and not at all
have a rest. You are annoyed, depressed, you have chronic
fatigue and lack of sleep, but all this is no longer important for you – the main thing
that the baby was good – “What is the difference, the main thing is that the child
it was nice”.
 Yes, in the first year of a child’s life it’s
justified, and sometimes you need to take a break to recover
strength and sleep in a simple way. When the baby is growing up, it’s time for mom
gradually return to normal life in which there are others

№4. You are afraid to do something wrong

You are afraid of the thought that you will make some kind of mistake in
care and nurture or skip the sign of an incipient disease. You
very afraid to do something wrong. Therefore you regularly
consult with doctors, specialists, study thematic
sites, chatting on forums with other moms. You constantly
Many questions concerning the education of the baby and his



№5. You чувствуете вину за покупки для себя

You literally feel ashamed when you buy something for yourself,
even if it is a necessary thing. Every time in such cases you
think it would be better to buy another hundredth one of your toys
toddler. And it does not matter that they have nowhere to put.

№6. You жертвуете всем ради ребенка

It seems to you that it is unacceptable to leave the crumb alone with his dad
or grandmother, because it is almost a betrayal. Therefore you are nowhere
Do not go, unless on walks with the kid. For your own
karapuza you forgot about their hobbies, about meeting with friends, although
no one demanded such sacrifices from you.
You уже не помните,
when you sat in a beauty salon or chose a new handbag for yourself
the store, but you are a regular customer on sales in children’s


№7. Maternal duty for you above all

Since you have a child, for you no longer
there are expressions “I don’t want,” “I am tired,” “I can no longer.”
�“Mom must!” – now this is your life motto.

№8. Children are your only topic.

You постоянно говорите о детях, поэтому подруги и близкие
start to dodge communication.
You because of this very
insulting, but not everyone is interested in listening to stories about diapers for hours
and childhood diseases.

It is not necessary to turn maternity into hard and
exhausting work. It makes no sense to forget about yourself and
devote your whole life to a child, you don’t have to try your best
look like the perfect mom in the eyes of someone. Try to find
the balance between taking care of the baby and the time you spend
to myself. Then you can truly enjoy

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