8 signs that the child should enterlure

По мнению российских педиатров, начинать вводить lure нужно,
when the child is six months old. In addition, he must
psychologically and physiologically mature for a new meal. So that
Carefully look at the child, and our 8 signs of readiness
ребенка к lureу помогут вам в этом.

lure ребенка

Age from 4 months

Хотя средний возраст ребенка для начала lureа – полгода,
some children need additional food earlier. Concerning
pediatricians have established a lower bound: if necessary, they allow
вводить lure малышам с 4 месяцев, но не раньше. If a child
premature, gestational age is taken into account (it is measured from
dates when the baby should have been born under normal conditions).

Sufficient weight

To get acquainted with the new food karapuzu need to double the weight, which
was with him at birth. So, if he was born weighing 3 kg,
то на момент начала lureа должен весить 6 кг.

The exception is 2 groups of babies: premature babies should
increase birth weight 2.5 times, and patients with rickets,
hypotrophy, persistently regurgitating pediatrician may recommend
введение lureа раньше, независимо от веса.

Interest in food

In order for the toddler to eat well, he must want it. First
months of life kids are not interested in any food other than milk
from my mother’s breast or bottle mix. Therefore, food interest –
один из главных signs того, что уже можно вводить lure. AT
this time the pussy begins to beg, reach for food on your
plate, grab the handle of your cup or spoon. Also the kid is looking
at mom with hungry eyes, opens her mouth wide when she
opens his own while eating, and imitates swallowing.

ATсе это означает, что психологически ребенок уже готов
start eating new food, and then it’s only for

Ability to sit

Obviously, the toddler should eat while sitting, so as not to accidentally
to choke. Exception – patients with rickets and premature babies,
которым педиатры иногда назначают lure раньше, чем те занимают
vertical position. The remaining babies can not only sit on
chairs, but also lean towards the spoon, and still turn away when
I don’t want to eat anymore.


Adjusted digestion

Еще одно условие для начала lureа – налаженная работа
digestion. This is determined by the child’s chair. ATажно, чтобы он был
regular, yellowish and mushy consistency. Have crumbs
there should be no intestinal colic and constipation.

Immature intestines can not cope with a variety of products.
Usually a lot of enzymes (digestive enzymes) appear in
intestines by the age of 5 months, and in some only by 7 months.
When introducing a new food, you may have problems with
by the chair.

If it is already possible to introduce new food in time, but the baby has appeared
запор, лучше прекратить lure на 3-7 дней, чтобы у малыша
the balance in the gastrointestinal tract was restored and the stool normalized. By the way, frequency
bowel movements for each child has its own, and it varies
2-3 times a day to 1 time in 1-2 days.

Swallowing skill

Perform a simple test: let the crumbs drink water from a spoon (with
нее дается и lure, чтобы пища обрабатывалась слюной) и
see if he swallows it or sprays it on the chin. If a
the child is already good at swallowing and does not push the spoon out with his tongue, this is one
from signs of his willingness to try new food.


For some kids it is clear that they need extra food. About
This says that the baby for one feeding sucks all the milk
of both mother’s breasts, but not full. If a child находится на
bottle-fed, it can drink up to 1 liter of mixture per day,
staying hungry. Feeding is necessary in case the interval
between meals decreases.

Absolute health and comfort

Крайне нежелательно начинать lure, когда ребенок болен –
for example, a cold or colic. Pediatricians prohibit
feed the baby new food before or immediately after vaccinations.
Food can be started only 4-5 days after vaccination. Not
It is recommended to do this in the heat, when you and adults are not very
good appetite. Better to take the time and wait – be sure
a better moment will come.

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