8 phrases you should not say moms inthe decree

The maternity period is not an easy time for a woman. To some
Moms have to for a while or even permanently abandon their careers.
Others are at home as luck would have.
just no choice. And, of course, there are lucky women who sit
at home, because it suits them completely.


The main thing is that the reason why they do not work is not
is a reason for discussion!

In order not to seem tactless and avoid awkward moments,
We suggest to pay attention to the phrases that when communicating with
мамочками в the decree лучше избегать.

  1. �”You do not worry that the decree can be a step back
    в твоей карьере?»
    Во-первых, согласитесь, комментарий
    pretty rude. It’s unlikely you would ask such a question to a person
    who took a year off to start writing a novel. And if
    and asked, it is not so condescending tone. Одни мамы в the decree
    really worried about the consequences of forced vacation for their
    career, and in that case you should not once again rub salt into the wound,
    others are calm about it. In any case, you are not
  2. «А чем ты весь день занята?» Было бы отлично,
    if everyone could answer: “Oh, nothing special, everything is as usual:
    шоппинг, маникюр, тренажерный зал» :) Поверьте, у мамочки в the decree зачастую нет даже свободной
    Minutes … The baby requires a lot of time, and no one does homework
    did not cancel.
  3. �”It turns out that you are fully provided by your husband?”
    To be interested in a condition of another’s financial affairs – top of tactlessness.
    Also avoid phrases like: “And you have to each
    asking for money from a husband? ” Get rid of them forever to
    do not put yourself and your interlocutor in an awkward position.
  4. �“I would also like to sleep too
    А знаете, кто еще мечтал бы высыпаться хоть иногда?
    Все родители малышей, а мамы в the decree – особенно! Colic, teeth,
    unsteady mode – almost every woman knows it
    with kids.
  5. �”It must be cool to watch TV all day
    заниматься собой.»
    Это странное, но весьма
    common idea of ​​maternity leave as summer
    holidays. Believe me, it is far from the truth
  6. «Ты планируешь опять выйти на работу?» Лучше
    ask this question unless you intend to provide
    his addressee workplace. Perhaps plans, but perhaps not.
    If you do not have to pay for mommy her expenses, then
    let the man decide for himself.
  7. �”You could not (pick up the package, meet the courier,
    walk the dog …) today for me? You don’t care anyway
    У мамочек в the decree нет времени на то, чтобы
    to run errands for you. They are busy much more important and
    responsible work.
  8. �“I wish I also had so much free
    Многие родители, независимо от того, работают
    they or not have absolutely no free time. Very difficult
    organize your day in such a way that everything is in time with a little
    a child in her arms.

При разговоре с мамой в the decree не забывайте, насколько она
now vulnerable and in need of support. If your goal is not
is to offend her, just do not say rash phrases, and then
from the communication you both have only positive

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