8 myths about the shortage of milk: typical concernsyoung mummies

ATот и подошла очередь до одной из моих любимых проблем при
грудном feeding…Недостаток молока…

About 9 out of 10 moms complaining about the lack of milk at the
think so unreasonably, focus exclusively on
own feelings and behavior of the child.  But these
indicators are biased and most often explained by others


There are moms expressions like twins resemble each other and you even
heard them from their girlfriends or spoke them themselves. With small
variations …

�”My chest is not filled as before, it is no longer bursting with
milk, it became soft and I feel that it is empty … “

Usually, such words can be heard from mommy at 2-3 months.
lactation. Чаще всего, это связано с наступлением нормальной
стадии лактации – зрелой лактации
. When milk is no longer
вырабатывается впрок, а молочная железа подстраивается под
needs of the baby and milk comes exactly as much as he
необходимо для одного кормления
. Thus nature
provided an opportunity for the mother’s body not to work on

ATажное уточнение, чем больше деток вскормила мама, тем
this moment may come sooner.
One day to me
turned the mother of the 4th child! ATсех деток она выкормила сама! AND все
offspring is well put on weight, including a newborn. She is
She said that with each baby, she has less milk and
She doubted her ability to feed the little one. ATыяснилось,
that a similar condition (the breasts were not filled, they were not bursting, they
were soft) she had come all the earlier, with the last child,
Mature lactation was established after a month of feeding.
It is great that mom was very attentive and
balanced, we discussed with her what was going on, what
the softness of the chest and the feeling of not being full, does not affect the ability
feed the crumbs. Now she continues to feed successfully

Therefore, dear mothers, if you notice a change in state
breast and the arrival of milk, do not worry and do not worry. Don’t run
Immediately to the pharmacy for a mixture and a bottle, do not drink a bunch of lactogonic
means, do not start drinking liters of tea with milk (especially since
this recipe for lactation does not help). And better relax,
посмотрите на своего довольного карапуза, оцените,
did urination, stool frequency, and increase in
If a в этом отношении, все хорошо, то и у вас нет
cause for concern.

We have considered the option if the organization of breast
feeding the baby was correct.  But quite often
There are situations when significant errors were made
in the organization of feeding:

  • The baby was fed with a mixture, without extreme
  • The kid received a pacifier and began to give her a lot of time;
  • Overnight attachments were missed (importance of night
  • Mom kept intervals between feedings or
    limited sucking time;
  • Crumbs in large volumes drank water.

AT этом случае, именно к такому возрасту малютки, ошибки начинают
make yourself known AND выработка молочка может действительно
will decrease. AND в данном случае, если не устранить промашки,
lactation will not regain full strength even despite the constant
use of lactogonic agents.

«ATсе было хорошо, а на утро я проснулась, а кормить нечем!
Milk is gone! “

I must say, mummies, if you are normally breastfed before,
then for the night the milk can not get anywhere, even for a week, it
can not disappear anywhere! Lactation is hormonal
the process and stop it is not so easy.
you are faced with this phenomenon, keep calm, not
хватайтесь за бутылочку, постарайтесь расслабиться и чаще
apply child during the day. Babe necessarily sucking
increase the production of milk and everything will be fine.

ANDдем далее…

�”I have lactostasis and the baby does not want to take the breast, probably
the milk has burned out or has become tasteless “or” I am afraid to feed the baby
because of stagnation “

First aid for any lactostasis is baby sucking and
the more often he will do it, the faster you, along with the baby,
handle it.
 If a у вас появились первые
signs of lactostasis, begin to apply the crumbs to this breast
more often. ATедь если вы меньше будете кормить больной грудью, то сосок и
the areola will swell more and the baby will be harder to well
захватить грудь и освободить ее от застоявшегося milk ANDменно
therefore, most often the baby refuses to take it.

ANDногда так бывает, что из-за застоя, молоко приобретает
salty taste and mom, having tried it, afraid to feed such
milk my baby. In fact, such milk is not at all
dangerous for the baby, just when stagnant, the level of milk increases
salts, and it gets such a taste. Feed can and should be!
 After elimination of a lactostasis, tastes completely

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�”I tried to decant, but nothing happened” or “I do not have
milk, with two breasts just 40 grams! “

The amount of expressed milk is not an indicator
недостатка молока
, и focus on it is not necessary. AND
There are explanations.

ATо-первых, даже самый крутой молокоотсос
не сравнится с естественным сосанием грудничка,
vacuum power when sucking baby and natural wavelike
movements of the tongue make it easy and simple to suck the milk out of
chest Breast readily responds to sucking native
baby, his closeness and smell, and she gives milk, turns on
milk reflex and milk is thrown into the mouth to
to kid.  And when pumping, it doesn’t matter if you do it with your hands.
or using a breast pump, this reflex may not work and
It is impossible to express a large amount.

Secondly, in any business you need skill and this skill also needs
study. Therefore, if for some reason you have failed
decant any significant amount of milk
reason to get upset, make far-reaching conclusions and plan
hike for the mixture.

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breast pump

�”My baby is hanging on the chest or sleeping for a very short time and again
asks the chest. I probably don’t have enough milk. ”


Дело в том, что для человеческого детеныша, частые
кормления оправданы биологически
. Our species of mammals, and
whatever one may say, this is the case, it refers to such species that
practically do not part with the child, carry it with them, feed them
his every desire to attach to the mammary gland.

Women’s breast milk contains easily digestible fats, which
digested pretty quickly. Record time in which
breast milk is able to digest is only 30
.  Therefore, the frequent requirement of the breast is
normal behavior of the infant in the first months of life. AND это не
indicator, shortage of milk.

Do not overlook also that for a newborn
baby’s chest is, without exaggeration – everything! This is a way to talk
mom, feel the comfort, safety, closeness, a way to empty
intestines and get rid of the discomfort, some kids pee when
suck breasts. With the help of the breast, the baby adapts to the new environment.
after birth, this is the thread that binds the child and mother as
the umbilical cord in the tummy is a natural continuation of pregnancy and
the birth of a child. Therefore, frequent feedings are important for mom.
and for the baby, especially in the first months of feeding.

�”The baby is worried under the breast, crying and it seems to me that he is crying,
because I have little milk “

In fact, the reasons for this behavior, the WHO and small
тележка и далеко не на первом месте стоит чувство голода и
lack of milk.


We mention only some of them, in fact, they may still be
great variety and deal with reasons better

  • If the baby is sometimes supplemented from the bottle, then
    at a certain stage, he purposefully begins to demand it. Also
    may touch dummy;
  • The baby is uncomfortable to suck or something hurts him;
  • Errors in feeding, for example, too frequent breast changes
    (how to breastfeed);
  • ANDзменения потока молока, некоторым малышам не нравится слишком
    strong milk flow, others slow it down. With this you can and should
  • Banal colic;
  • The baby was forced to wait too long for the chest, and he is no longer in
    able to cope with the insult and can bend and abandon
  • Breast rejection for various reasons not related to shortage

As you can see, the crumb can behave this way not because
you do not have enough milk, this is the last, not the first, what should
think in this situation.

�“The child does not sleep at all during the day! And if you give a mixture, throws
on the bottle and after the mixture falls asleep for several hours! ”

AND опять делается вывод – молока мало, оно не такое как надо, оно
not fat, not nutritious, etc.

When talking with mom, it almost always turns out that
crumb falls asleep and can sleep and an hour and a half, but with
trying to shift to the bed, instantly wakes up and everything
begins in a circle (read the article on this topic: the child sleeps only
on the hands, and put wakes up – a problem or not). ANDли ребенок
inevitably wakes up when trying to wear it with a column and further
should be a long laying, motion sickness and other delights.
It is important to understand that a little man, for feeling
safety and security need to feel the heat, smell and
mom’s proximity, and not only when he is awake. it
natural and normal for him.
 Solve the problem of
full baby sleep and mobility of the mother, as a rule, helps
sling AND он получает все большую популярность у кормящих мам.

However, many mothers, receiving a message from the older generation: “Not
get used to your hands! “and wanting to take a break from wearing hands
give a mixture and are amazed that the baby can sleep for 3 hours
waking up Some mothers take it as a boon and start
doubt the need for breastfeeding in principle. But here
you need to dig deeper and figure out why
происходит?  And the trick is that the mixture contains
foreign protein, so that the mixture is absorbed more slowly and
harder, the kid runs into deep sleep not because he feels good
and he’s full, but because all his strength goes to digestion
In addition, the baby, when sucking the bottle, often
sucks on her while the mixture continues to pour, as a result
overeat, then sleep can go into a stressful stage. I think
every mother understands that this is not good.


Another way out of their situation that moms find is to send to
hour toddler walk for 3 with dad or grandmother. AND вроде бы тоже
everything is good, the baby is sleeping on the street, the mother is resting. But on coming home,
the child clings to her chest with a stranglehold and may not let her go
for several hours, afraid to lose it again. To prevent this
occurred, in the first months of feeding, it is better if the walks are
длиться не более часа

Dear Mom, when you start complaining
that the crumb does not get away with it, does not sleep without you, hangs on your chest, that you
do not have time for homework, please remember that time
very fleeting and with this baby this will not happen again. What is your
the child will be small only once and that is so urgent to need
you, he will be just now.

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�”In the morning the breast is bursting with milk, and in the evening there is little milk and
малыш беспокоится у chest So there’s not enough milk? ”

In order to understand what is happening, you need to know the physiology
лактации. ANDменно на ночные и предутренние часы приходится
the peak of lactation hormone prolactin, and milk is produced
In addition, at night, feeding is usually less common,
than in the afternoon, milk is stored and in the morning the chest is bursting with it.  AT
during the day there are reasons for applying the baby weight, feeding
frequent, chest emptied more often. it вовсе не значит,
that there is no milk or it is not enough, it just does not accumulate and the flow
it weakens somewhat.
it может нервировать
small, especially if sometimes he gets a bottle or
dummy. These kids really do not like a weak stream, if you eliminate
foreign objects sucking

Usually, in the evening the crumbs accumulate fatigue, impressions
during the day, babies are getting ready for bedtime and therefore in the evenings you can
Often, watch moms feed non-stop. ATажно
understand what behavior is, as usual,

ANDногда, слишком беспокойное поведение по вечерам, может быть
consequence, difficult birth, labor stimulation, anesthesia.
Also, in rare cases, it makes sense to ask for help, to
experienced osteopath.

As you can see, the evening “zavisons” on the chest are explained
not a lack of milk, but completely different reasons, for example,
features of lactation and the nervous system of the baby. 

ANDтак, дорогие мамы, мы с вами прошлись по
common situations and concluded that to base their
suspicions about the lack of milk only on their own feelings and
the behavior of the crumbs is impossible. Most often, these suspicions are completely

If anxiety does not leave you, do not take it for work,
track the amount of urination in a child per day,
analyze the dynamics of weight gain, it will save you and your
infants from unreasonable introduction of supplements.
  If a
the results will not satisfy you, you can assume
действительную нехватку молока, постараться обратить
attention to proper application, frequency of feeding and
think about introducing a supplement, if necessary.

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