8 moments familiar to every woman whobreastfeed

Breastfeeding is good for the baby and for the mother. but
in this process there are some nuances that deliver a woman
slight discomfort. Below we list the situations in which each
A young breastfeeding mom probably recognizes herself.

кормящая мама

1. I want a sharp, fat, alcohol – and all at once

Now it’s popular to eat right, everyone knows how good it is
brings During lactation, it is especially important to adjust your
diet If the baby feels good, he has no colic, bloating
and allergies, you can sometimes eat something from the category is not quite
useful, but only slightly. As luck would have it, right now
мне хочется «вредной» пищи, причем побольше и всего сразу. Here is
would eat a piece of chocolate cake, pizza with a hot sauce, a drink
all strong coffee, and better – a glass of good wine. How much can
eat boiled breast with buckwheat!

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2. Special clothes are comfortable, but they are so tired.

Да, специальное белье для кормящих матерей очень удобное и
pure cotton is pleasant for the body. Yes, he has wide straps,
that support the chest, and detachable fragment. All this
practical, logical and sometimes even cute. But so want
get rid of him and try on one that is quite impractical but very
seductive set of the new collection. And at the same time and blouse,
which has no buttons on the chest!

3. Время кормления даёт о себе знать

Though check the alarm clock. Ребенок ещё не начал хныкать, а
inside everything is already compressed and strained. The body is ready for the next
food intake. More precisely, the flow. A little more, a little bit more, and you
just burst like a balloon.

4. Stains on the jacket appear so at the wrong time.

It is worth a little late with feeding, as on clothes
two spots begin to appear. Such confusions happen often, it is necessary
would have to prepare for them. Here is только постоянно что-то мешает
run to the pharmacy for gaskets for nursing mothers. And this
we are still confused during romantic nights with her husband silent.


5. Sleeping on your stomach becomes just a dream.

Time passes, and the young mother begins to feel that sleeping on
stomach people live in some other universe. It generally
possibly? Probably, they used to do this on earth before, but that was a long time ago and
not true. During pregnancy it was impossible to sleep on the stomach – on
you can’t lie around him. During feeding, you can not do this, because you can
pass the chest and earn lactostasis. Nothing, the day will come
when again it will be possible to lie down on the stomach and fail so

6. It seems everyone around dreams to participate in the process.

People around have some unhealthy interest – as if they, too.
want to breastfeed. Otherwise, where did all these questions come from? �“Is there milk?
Enough? ”,“ How much feed are you going to feed? How long? Say more
all the way to school! ”,“ Already quit to feed? So-so early! Child need
contact with the mother! ”

The main thing – everyone around him knows exactly how much and what.
it is necessary to eat and what to eat is not necessary so that the baby feels
Naturally, they immediately report this to young

7. The eternal dilemma – feed people or run home

What should mom do if it’s time for feeding, and she and the baby
is in a public place? If you sit down in a secluded corner, even
so you can inadvertently offend someone’s eyes. If you run home,
the child will have to starve. Almost always in this situation
unconditionally wins baby. He wants to eat here and now that
so what can you do?

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8. And I want to complete the feeding, and yet it became so
familiar …

Baby grows fast. Here is уже подходит время прекращать кормить
breastfeeding For mom, this is a kind of relief – there will be more freedom,
you can sleep on your stomach again, wear beautiful lingerie. With another
side to breastfeeding and all its disadvantages woman
getting used to. You can and briefly extend lactation. Finally,
Because the baby needs contact with his mother. It was not yet another portion
buckwheat at the expense of places!

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