8 main questions that most oftenappear in nursing moms

Having given birth to a baby, a woman immediately begins to worry how to feed him
breast, whether she has enough milk, whether it is enough for a long time. In this
article you will find answers to the main questions.

кормящая мама

1. When to start breastfeed?

Inexperienced mothers often worry if the schedule is strayed.
feeding This excitement can adversely affect the formation of
lactation. Even experts are now abandoning conservative
recommendations and tend to a more flexible approach, because all the kids
are individual. According to experts, every mother with a child
should themselves find the moment when it is better to start feeding.

To stimulate sucking, babies are usually attached to their breasts.
immediately after birth. This technique is called “climbing up
breast “: the baby crawls like on his mother’s belly and in a natural way
finds the nipple. Even if a woman has a cesarean section, all
you can still put a crumb on her belly. While the operation will be
continue, mom and baby will have their first tactile
contact. If a woman is given an analgesic drug in the process
natural childbirth, and the baby was born slightly sleepy, doctors will help
him to take the right position.

какабканье до chest

It is best to breast feed the first time during the first
hours after its birth. The proximity of mother and child
necessary to stimulate the synthesis of oxytocin, a hormone,
promotes milk production at the very beginning of lactation,
reduces stress in a woman and helps to connect with
as a baby

According to the observations of foreign pediatricians, mothers who are applied
babies to the chest immediately after birth, already three-month crumbs kiss
more often than those who are not allowed to do it. By the time their
children are 1 year old, they are already establishing and supporting more
close physical connection with babies and continued to feed longer

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attachment of the newborn to the breast (attachment immediately after

2. How to properly put the baby to the chest?

The newborn should be placed close to the chest. He must
touch her lower chin but still be able to
open your mouth so wide to clasp your nipple with areola. If a
the baby will touch the lower lip of the base of the nipple, carefully
take it away from the chest, tilt your head back and attach it again.
This is the best position for feeding, in which the woman does not feel
the pains.

After completion of feeding, when the baby is “removed” from the breast,
the nipple is elongated, but it should not look crushed or

If a мама все делает правильно, она не испытывает дискомфорта во
время feeding The exception is only the beginning of the first few.
feeding when the nipples adapt to the natural

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3. How to understand that milk is enough?

You will understand this by the baby’s weight gain and content.
diapers. Do not worry about how long a baby sleeps, how much
lasts intervals between feedings. Weight gain and content
diapers will tell about everything. It is also important to note that after 5 days
after the appearance of the crumbs on the light of his urine should be
mustard yellow. For 10-14 days, kids recover weight, which
was at birth.

4. How long should each feed last?

On average, a newborn eats from 10 to 40 minutes, but all kids
have their own characteristics. Some eat longer, this too
normally, others are much faster if you are sucking well, and
Mom has a lot of milk. However, evening feeds usually continue.
longer than the rest.

мама кормит грудью

If a кроха засыпает на chest спустя несколько минут, можно еще
feed him a little. There are babies who stay long
chest и сосут ее просто так, чтобы успокоиться.

5. How to understand that there is little milk and what to do in such

Only 5% of all nursing mothers suffer from breastfeeding.
milk The reasons may be violations in the thyroid and
hormonal disbalance. Sometimes milk is produced little due to
insufficient development of breast tissue.

It is important to understand that just like that the milk will not end. It will
produced in such quantities that are necessary for the baby.
Therefore, feed the crumbs as much as he asks. If a же вы
see that there is a problem, start controlling how
baby is gaining weight. Weigh it before and after feedings.

Still worth checking out how the baby takes the breast – maybe he does
it is not right. A chest consultant can also help.
breastfeeding or pediatrician.

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6. It is necessary to feed only with one breast or then give
the second?

Some mothers are comfortable in one feeding give the baby one
chest, in the other – the other. Others prefer to offer both in
течение каждого feeding

Gradually, the milk becomes fatter. If a малыш поест из одной
chest и наестся, предлагать ему вторую нет необходимости. More important
just watch out for the baby. If a малыш начинает беспокоиться и
come off, gently remove the chest and offer the second. Child himself
will let you know when he’s finished eating.

7. Can mastitis develop?

Warning signs appear before mastitis
which prevent disease. If a молоко удаляется
из chest не полностью, возможно, забились протоки. Chest in such
If it becomes severe, there will be bunches in it, to the touch it will be
much warmer than usual.

To stimulate the excretion of excess milk and set
normal lactation, massage, feed your baby regularly
breastfeed and use your breast pump.

If a мастит уже развился, заподозрить его можно по красным
пятнам на коже, опухшей и очень болезненной chest.

In severe cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics for women. but
to adjust lactation and feed the baby is still not as difficult as it can
seem at first.

8. To what age should you breastfeed?

On the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO),
breast-fed only recommends up to 6 months. You can then enter
proper lure, combining it with breastfeeding up to 2 years
or longer.

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