8 loyal ways to punish children. howto punish a child for disobedience

how бы сильно родители ни любили своих children, иногда им
have to resort to punishment. After indulging a child, you
risk raising an irresponsible teenager who will
assume that everything is permissible to him. The main thing is not to bend the stick and not
harm the child’s psyche. how конструктивно наказывать

8 лояльных способов наказания children

10 rules for parents

  1. Be consistent. Use the same ones.
    same disciplinary effects on a child when he behaves
    wrong. Do not arbitrarily change the rules of conduct or
    punishment without a clear reason. Do not ignore misconduct
    children, even if you find it difficult to do something with them.
  2. Define clear boundaries. Give the child
    the idea of ​​how to behave, and how – it is impossible, from the very
    early age by establishing clear boundaries
  3. Relate punishment to wrongdoing. Little ones
    pranks or first-time offense deserve only
    warnings, but deliberate disrespect or aggressive
    Behavior will require a serious reaction. Keep in mind that children
    not perfect and learn from mistakes, however they must understand that their
    bad behavior is unacceptable.
  4. Do not punish for a long time. The child will lose touch
    between misconduct and the prohibition of watching TV, if that
    last two weeks. Punishment should be short term, but
  5. Keep calm. If you are constantly angry and
    raise a voice for children so often that it has become common
    phenomenon, your anger will no longer act on them. Turns out that
    you will need to shout even louder for them to notice you.
  6. Perform a united front with your spouse.
    Coordinate with the husband / wife general rules of conduct and punishment for
    children The child quickly realizes that one of the parents can
    forgive, and begins to manipulate him. Lack of consent may
    cause problems not only with the offspring, but also in your relationship with
  7. Be a positive role model.
    Never forget that children learn by looking at you. Make a
    effort to be polite, hardworking, honest, and maybe
    reasons for punishment will be less.
  8. Do not forget to encourage for good behavior.
    Disciplinary action is only part of the educational process.
    In addition to punishment for offenses, take the time to
    reward such good behavior as kindness, patience,
    accuracy, diligence.
  9. Tell about your expectations. It is important that
    the child knew what you thought was good and bad behavior, and
    understood what the consequences would be for breaking the rules. If he already
    old enough, he can choose a reward for good
    behavior, if appropriate.
  10. Consider the age and temperament of the child. Not
    двух совершенно одинаковых children Therefore it is impossible to influence
    by the same disciplinary methods for a three-year and
    seven year old child. If you grow up a little melancholic, then
    threats can harm his psychological health.

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Ways of constructive and loyal punishment

  1. Deprivation is pleasant. If the child got bad
    an assessment for not doing your homework can be limited
    video game access for the weekend. It is important to deprive of privileges, and
    not basic needs. Depriving the TV or meeting with friends
    – this is one thing, but sleep deprivation or refusal to feed is already cruel
  2. �”Correctional work.” Adults for violation
    rules are paid with fines or community service. Why
    бы вам не перенести подобную практику на baby? If he
    consciously draws on the table, let him wash it. Not only
    overdo it. Ideally, work should be perceived as a blessing, and
    not like a punishment.
  3. наказание в комнате один

    Time out (break). Child offer
    sit in a separate room or on a chair in a quiet corner and
    think about your wrongdoing. Try to find a place where
    no tv, toys or computer. Can’t lock it in
    dark room, so as not to harm the psyche. Amount of time,
    a timeout depends on the seriousness of the “wrongdoing” and
    age of the child. General rule: about one minute
    for every year.
  4. Personal apology. Ask forgiveness from having
    whom he offended, not just a constructive punishment for the child, but
    and preparing for adulthood. If the child cut the flowers on
    Neighboring flowerbed, make him apologize. For
    additional effect let the child on saturday help lead
    flower bed in order.
  5. Ignore. Children often indulge in to
    attract the attention of adults. Should not succumb to provocation.
    Explain to the child that if he continues to mischief, you will not
    will talk to him. In case of a prolonged tantrum, you can get out
    from the nursery, ceasing to communicate with the baby until the scandal ends.
    Be careful, because the long-term deprivation of parental love
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    respond to the whims of a child
  6. Check on your own experience. Let me
    make sure the child is fair your requirements on your own
    experience. Ran through the puddles – as a result of sniffing and bed rest
    mode. But you should know the measure with the consequences of negative actions,
    so that the child does not hurt himself.
  7. �”Temporary arrest.” If a teenager committed
    serious misconduct, you can limit his communication with friends: not
    start up for a birthday or party. Cannot use this view.
    constructive punishment constantly, as in adolescence
    aged are very important friendly relations with
  8. Tale instead of punishment. To master the rules
    behavior, read the child fairy tales that will allow him to understand and
    feel that others have such experiences and
    Problems. Through fabulous images, children are offered exits from
    difficult situations, ways to resolve conflicts. At the end of each
    the story of the hero (and therefore the child) understands that to do so
    can no longer be. Читаем статью: влияние сказок на
    child development

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Is physical punishment acceptable?

о наказании


Perhaps no topic in the issues of raising a child
causes so heated discussion as physical punishment. Vs
many teachers and psychologists speak with him in one voice, believing
that whipping only makes the child fear and resentment on adults. To
avoid spanking and cuffs, children get dodgy and learn

True, it is necessary to distinguish between the systematic beating of children
an officer’s belt with a buckle and the reaction of adults to a dangerous
child’s behavior. Surely you could watch how to death
frightened mom slaps her baby who ran out on
busy road and almost got hit by the wheels of the car. Such
extreme cases physical impact usually does not harm
child, because it does not carry the humiliation.

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how наказывать children, решать только их родителям.
The main thing is to do it correctly and constructively. Do not bend with
disciplining, better explain to the child without screaming and
physical punishment why he behaved wrong and then he
will understand you.

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